10 Game Changer IoT Products

1) Logitech POP Home Switch - Logitech's POP Home Switch, which became available this month, is a small device that helps users keep up with increasingly connected homes by enabling them to control multiple devices in their houses.

2) NightEye - IoT platform provider Electric Imp worked with manufacturer Liberty Pumps to launch NightEye – an intelligent liquid pump monitoring and alarm system that works without subscription or service fees. Building owners can install and monitor locations where NightEye is deployed from a single dashboard on a free app.

3) Samsung Exynos 7 Quad 7570 Chip - Samsung added a new model to its Exynos 7 processor lineup in August – the Exynos 7 Quad 7570, which is designed for low-power Internet of Things products.

4) Intel Joule Module - This month, Intel introduced its Joule platform, a module built for IoT applications by packing a high-performance system-on-module into a low-power package. The maker board enables users to take a concept from prototype into production at a "fraction of the time and development cost," according to Intel.

5) Intel New SSD Series For IoT - Intel in August launched two new solid state drive models that are targeted at solution providers implementing Internet of Things applications, such as point-of-sale devices and digital signage.

6) Philips Health Watch - Philips introduced a new health watch as part of a larger connected health product lineup. The Philips Health Watch targets users with chronic conditions, such as hypertension.

7) Philips Connected Scale - Philips launched a larger suite of connected health products in addition to its Health Watch – including wrist and arm blood pressure monitors, a smart thermometer – and a connected scale.

8) Telit's Cat 4 Smart Module - Internet of Things company Telit this week announced its new LTE Cat 4 smart module for automobiles. Telit said this product addresses automakers' growing demand for high-speed mobile data connectivity to support applications such as advanced diagnostics, remote software updates and emergency call systems.

9) Xiaomi's Amazfit - Xioami partnered with ecosystem partner Huami to manufacture the Amazfit, a low-cost wearable device launched this week.

10) Omron Internet of Things Image-Sensing Unit - Omron debuted its new image sensing unit in August, called a "human vision components" system. This built-in human condition recognition unit can detect expression, gender, age, gaze and blink in a camera module. Omron's technology consists of a camera and separate main board connected through a cable, and it can be installed on the edge of a flat display unit.

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