7 IoT Startup Companies to Watch

1. Afero - Afero’s Bluetooth radio modules, cloud services and development tools allow makers of new or existing home and enterprise IoT devices to enable secure connectivity and collect analytical data.

2. Azeti Networks - Azeti doesn’t fit into the classic startup mold in that it’s been around for 10 years, and its remote asset management software for IoT devices can be found in gateway and other offerings sold by or in partnership with big name vendors such as Cisco, Dell and Intel.

3. Bayshore Networks - Cloud- and on-premises-based IoT cybersecurity technology for industrial enterprises.

4. FogHorn Systems - Edge analytics software for industrial and commercial IoT applications, including in the manufacturing, healthcare and retail industries. 

5. Helium - Smart sensors, wireless access points and complementary monitoring tools, for tracking physical things for businesses in fields such as healthcare, food/beverage and transportation. 

6. Qadium - The company touts its “Google Street View” for public internet-connected devices that provides data vital for tracking and protecting them. 

7. Soracom - Internet of things-oriented mobile virtual network operator, with initial presence in Asia via NTT Docomo, but expanding its reach worldwide.

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IoT Startups to Watch