Find Out How ABB Migrated 125K Users to Office 365 in 6 Months

shared by Ryan Murray, CEO & Co-founder of databahn

The CIO of Swiss power company ABB shared details with about its decision to ditch IBM Notes and move 125,000 workers to Office 365. The migration spotlighted important lessons for IT leaders about the scalability of enterprise tools and how innovation can drive staff productivity.


Andy Tidd has IT responsibilities most technology professionals will never have to tackle. As global CIO and senior vice president of ABB, a power and automation technology company based in Switzerland, Tidd regularly makes decisions that affect more than 140,000 employees in nearly 100 countries.

A little more than a year ago, Tidd completed one of the largest technology deployments of his career by moving 125,000 ABB employees from IBM Notes to Microsoft's Office 365. The IT veteran had handled massive IT projects before, but the move to Office 365 touched the largest number of users in the shortest period of time during his career, Tidd says.

The switch is also a significant win for Microsoft, according to Carlo Spetter, the company's global business manager, who calls it "one of the largest deployments of Office 365 to date." Microsoft won't say how many of Office 365 business customers have more 100,000 employees, but based on Spetter's comment, there likely aren't many. continue reading...

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