Huawei, Keppel team up on AI-powered data centers

Huawei, Keppel team up on AI-powered data centers

Huawei and Keppel Data Centres Holdings (KDCH) have teamed up to test new data center technologies at a reference site located in the latter’s Keppel DC Singapore 4 data center in the eastern part of Singapore.

Wang Shao Tong, managing director at Huawei Enterprise Business Group in Singapore, said enterprises can expect to lower operating and maintenance costs while increasing operational efficiency through cognitive intelligence for data centers.

“Enterprises are going through disruptive phases of digital transformation. They are expected to process massive volumes of data. For instance, for each autonomous vehicle, they can generate as much as 4TB per day,” Wang said.

Kenny Khow, global head of sales at KDCH, said the company’s track record as a provider of robust and reliable datacentres has paved the way for its collaboration with Huawei. “Keppel Data Centres is committed to continuously explore improvements that benefit the mission-critical IT infrastructure of our customers and set industry benchmarks,” he added. Read the full article here.

Huawei Keppel AI Powered Data Centers