Internet of Things - The Stack

The IoT platform providers are split into the categories IoT back-end and IoT enablement. Crisp Research classifies the different providers as follows:

  • IoT back-end providers: IT infrastructure is the foundation for the deployment of IoT application and services. Cloud platforms are playing a dominant role. Popular IoT back-ends are Amazon Web Services, Cisco IoT Cloud Connect or Microsoft Azure.
  • IoT enablement and middleware providers: This group includes providers of middleware who combine and integrate data as well as providers of analytics solutions who analyze and visualize data. Relevant players in this area are not only traditional IT providers like IBM, Intel and SAP but also several startups like Splunk and Parstream and industrial companies like Bosch SI and GE Software.
  • IoT network and connectivity providers: In order to establish a secure and powerful connection between the physical and digital world and to bind sensors over several communication and network standards, network and telecommunication providers are playing an elementary role in the IoT value chain.
  • IoT integrators and consultants: This providers support companies with consulting during the conception, implementation and operation of IoT services and applications. They need to have process and industry know-how as well as experience with IoT projects.
  • IoT solution and service providers: IoT product vendors represent different kind of companies producing IoT devices (wearables, sensor systems), IoT services for end users (smart home, fitness, self tracking) up to industrial specific solutions (industrial internet).
  • IoT users: IoT users are divided into the categories industrial Internet, consumer IoT and government IoT. Industrial Internet includes e.g. smart power grids, connected mobility and smart logistic. Consumer IoT includes wearables, smart home and self-tracking solutions. Government IoT contains solutions healthcare, public security and military.

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Internet of Things The Stack