T-Mobile & NB-IoT

T-Mobile & NB-IoT

T-Mobile is beefing up its Internet of Things efforts, claiming on Thursday it is the first U.S. wireless carrier to successfully conduct tests of narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology live on its commercial network.

The Un-carrier said it conducted the tests alongside Qualcomm and Ericsson across multiple sites on its network in Las Vegas. The trial utilized only 200 KHz of the carrier’s AWS spectrum, T-Mobile reported. Qualcomm VP of Product Management Vieri Vanghi added the trials used that company’s global multi-mode LTE IoT modems.

“Narrowband IoT is no longer a thing of the distant future — T-Mobile is lighting it up this year,” Ray commented. “By investing in Narrowband IoT now, we’re ensuring our customers will be able to bring their products to market faster with better performance, vastly improved battery life, and big cost savings — all on a dedicated highway that’s purpose-built for connected devices.” - Neville Ray, CTO


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