Verizon Management Changes at the Top

Verizon Management Changes at the Top

Dec 2017

Marni Walden, EVP and president of Global Media, announces plans to leave Verizon

Marni Walden, Verizon executive vice president and president of Global Media, today announced her plans to leave the company in February 2018.

The Telematics organization will report to John Stratton, executive vice president and president of Global Operations.

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More Management Recent Changes

Hans Vestberg, former CEO of Ericsson, is executive vice president for Verizon’s new Network and Technology team. Vestberg will report to Verizon Chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam and will lead an organization responsible for further developing the architecture of Verizon’s fiber-centric networks. He was initially based in Sweden, but joined the US-based team in the Spring of 2017.

Report to McAdam, Marni Walden was the executive vice president for Media and Telematics, and John Stratton as executive vice president for Customer and Product Operations.

Media and Telematics

Marni Walden was charged with leading Verizon’s integration and expansion of its telematics (connected car and fleet management) portfolio. Through acquisitions of Hughes Telematics, Fleetmatics and Telogis, Verizon is already the world’s leading telematics provider, with customers in 30 countries around the globe.

Network and Technology

Hans Vestberg leads a U.S.-based team responsible for further developing the architecture for Verizon’s fiber-centric networks. Network and Technology will focus on delivering seamless network experiences for customers, whether on wifi, fiber, 4G, 5G or future technologies.

Customer and Product Operations

John Stratton leads the Customer and Product Operations team that focuses on operating and growing Verizon’s established businesses, which include: Verizon Wireless, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Verizon Partner Solutions, Verizon Consumer Markets and Verizon Business Markets. These businesses generate more than $120 billion in annual revenue and serve more than 120 million customers.

Stratton focuses on growing these core businesses, while accelerating Verizon’s shift toward a digital-first model. Stratton also leads operations and sales for the Internet of Things products and services, including smart communities. Read more here.

Rima Qureshi named chief strategy officer

Another former Ericsson executive is taking a leadership role at Verizon, with the operator naming Rima Qureshi as its new SVP and chief strategy officer, reporting to Verizon Chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam. Rima is replacing Roy Chestnutt.

Verizon Executive Team

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Verizon is ranked #14 on the 2017 Fortune 1000 list. Download the 2017 Fortune 1000 spreadsheet list here.