2024 Forbes Global 2000 Companies List | Excel Spreadsheet download file

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2024 Forbes Global 2000 List | Excel spreadsheet download file

Updated June 27, 2024

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The new 2024 Forbes Global 2000 list in Excel is out and available for immediate download (.XLS)



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2024 Global 2000 List

This year is the 21st anniversary of the Global 2000, the comprehensive examination of the world's largest publicly traded companies. The 2024 Global 2000 list was released on June 6, 2024.

The compilation of the Global 2000 list follows the same methodology employed since 2003. The list leverages 3rd party data sets to identify the largest public companies based on four key metrics: sales, profits, assets, and market value. Market value calculations reflect closing prices as of May 5, 2024, encompassing all outstanding common shares.

All figures are consolidated and denominated in U.S. dollars. The financial data used for the rankings corresponds to the latest 12-month period available as of May 5, 2024. The G2000 list relies extensively on databases for data sourcing, considering the timeliness of data collection, company reporting policies, country-specific reporting guidelines, and the time lag between data release and database inclusion. The data is quality checked by cross-referencing with other data sources and also by reviewing available company financial statements.

To begin, four separate lists are generated consisting of the 2000 largest companies in each metric: sales, profits, assets, and market value. To qualify for the final Global 2000 ranking, a company must meet a minimum cutoff value on at least one of these lists: sales ($5.9 billion), profits ($423 million), assets ($13.8 billion), or market value ($6.3 billion).

This year, 3,550 companies were required to fill the four lists, with each company qualifying for at least one. Each company receives a score for each metric based on its position in the respective list. The scores are aggregated for all four metrics (equally weighted) to compile a composite score that determines a company's rank. The ranking is then established by sorting the companies in descending order based on their composite scores.

The Global 2000 list excludes publicly traded subsidiaries that are consolidated by their parent company. In most countries, consolidation occurs when the parent company's ownership (control) of the subsidiary's stock exceeds 50%. However, some accounting rules permit consolidation with less than 50% ownership.

1 JPMorgan Chase United States Jamie Dimon $252.91K $50.05K $4.09M 2000 New York, New York Banking 309,926
2 Berkshire Hathaway United States Warren Edward Buffett $368.96K $73.42K $1.07M 1839 Omaha, Nebraska Diversified Financials 396,500
3 Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) Saudi Arabia Amin bin Hasan Al-Nasser $489.08K $116.95K $661.54K 1933 Dhahran Oil & Gas Operations 70,000
4 ICBC China Wang Jingwu $223.85K $50.38K $6.59M 1984 Beijing Banking 419,252
5 Bank of America United States Brian T. Moynihan $183.28K $25.03K $3.27M 1904 Charlotte, North Carolina Banking 213,000
6 Amazon United States Andrew R. Jassy $590.74K $37.68K $530.97K 1994 Seattle, Washington Retailing 1,525,000
7 China Construction Bank China Zhang Jianguo $199.84K $47.01K $5.4M 1954 Beijing Banking 376,871
8 Microsoft United States Satya Nadella $236.58K $86.18K $484.28K 1975 Redmond, Washington IT Software & Services 221,000
9 Agricultural Bank of China China Shu Gu $193.5K $37.38K $5.83M 1951 Beijing Banking 451,003
10 Alphabet United States Sundar Pichai $317.92K $82.41K $407.35K 2015 Mountain View, California IT Software & Services 182,502
11 Toyota Motor Japan Koji Sato $311.86K $34.2K $595.42K 1986 Toyota Consumer Durables 372,817
12 Apple United States Tim Cook $381.62K $100.39K $337.41K 1976 Cupertino, California Technology Hardware & Equipment 161,000
13 Bank of China China Liange LIU $173.29K $32.13K $4.66M 1912 Beijing Banking 306,931
14 ExxonMobil United States Darren W. Woods $331.92K $32.8K $377.92K 1999 Irving, Texas Oil & Gas Operations 70,000
15 HSBC Holdings United Kingdom Noel Paul Quinn $144.9K $22.18K $3M 1865 Birmingham Banking 221,000
16 Wells Fargo United States Charlie Scharf $120.14K $18.77K $1.96M 1852 San Francisco, California Banking 226,000
17 Shell United Kingdom Wael Sawan $289.74K $17.91K $402.04K 1911 London Oil & Gas Operations 106,000
18 PetroChina China Yi Lin Wang $399.1K $22.74K $388.1K 1999 Beijing Oil & Gas Operations 375,803
19 UnitedHealth Group United States Andrew Philip Witty $379.49K $15.36K $284.21K 1977 Minnetonka, Minnesota Insurance 440,000
20 Walmart United States C. Douglas McMillon $657.33K $18.94K $254.05K 1962 Bentonville, Arkansas Retailing 2,100,000
21 Samsung Electronics South Korea Jong-Hee Han $202.38K $14.92K $349.79K 1938 Suwon-Si Semiconductors 20,000
22 Chevron United States Michael K. Wirth $195.02K $20.3K $261.65K 1879 San Ramon, California Oil & Gas Operations 45,600
23 Goldman Sachs Group United States David Michael Solomon $116.71K $9.41K $1.7M 1869 New York, New York Diversified Financials 45,300
24 Meta Platforms United States Mark Elliot Zuckerberg $142.71K $45.76K $222.84K 2004 Menlo Park, California IT Software & Services 67,317
25 TotalEnergies France Patrick Pouyanné $212.61K $21.55K $283.14K 1924 Courbevoie Oil & Gas Operations 102,579
26 Morgan Stanley United States Edward N. Pick $99.83K $9.52K $1.23M 1931 New York, New York Diversified Financials 80,000
27 RBC Canada David Ian McKay $90.12K $11.28K $1.48M 1864 Toronto Banking 94,000
28 Citigroup United States Jane Nind Fraser $163.88K $7.8K $2.43M 1998 New York, New York Banking 239,000
29 Ping An Insurance Group China   $136.07K $11.78K $1.65M 1988 Shenzhen Insurance 288,751
30 China Mobile Hong Kong Biao He $142.7K $18.66K $281K 1997 Hong Kong Telecommunications Services 451,830
31 Allianz Germany Oliver Bäte $148.18K $9.74K $1.06M 1890 Munich Insurance 158,568
32 BNP Paribas France Jean-Laurent Bonnafé $157.59K $11.13K $2.86M 1990 Paris Banking 203,500
33 Verizon Communications United States Hans Erik Vestberg $134.04K $11.31K $380.16K 1983 New York, New York Telecommunications Services 105,400
34 China Merchants Bank China Liang Wang $70.61K $20.34K $1.59M 1987 Shenzhen Banking 116,529
35 UBS Switzerland Sergio P. Ermotti $81.31K $28.86K $1.61M 1998 Zurich Diversified Financials 112,842
36 Santander Spain Ángel Rivera $142.76K $12.31K $1.94M 1857 Santander Banking 212,764
37 AT&T United States John T. Stankey $122.32K $13.62K $399.43K 1876 Dallas, Texas Telecommunications Services 149,900
38 Tencent Holdings China Hua Teng Ma $86.25K $18.29K $227.84K 1998 Shenzhen IT Software & Services 105,417
39 Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Japan Hironori Kamezawa $74.02K $10.31K $2.67M 2005 Tokyo Banking 135,049
40 Comcast United States Brian L. Roberts $121.94K $15.41K $263.6K 1963 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Media 186,000
41 Alibaba Group China Yong Ming Eddie $131.25K $11.17K $244.18K 1999 Hangzhou Retailing 204,891
42 Sinopec China   $414.86K $8.53K $289.74K 2000 Beijing Oil & Gas Operations 368,009
43 Volkswagen Group Germany Oliver Ingo Blume $348.63K $16.34K $672K 1937 Wolfsburg Consumer Durables 684,025
44 TD Bank Group Canada Bharat B. Masrani $80.24K $8.91K $1.43M 1855 Toronto Banking 59,100
45 Johnson & Johnson United States Joaquin Duato $89.66K $17.49K $171.97K 1886 New Brunswick, New Jersey Drugs & Biotechnology 131,900
45 Taiwan Semiconductor Taiwan Che Chia Wei $71.46K $27.27K $180.85K 1987 Hsinchu Semiconductors 73,090
47 BP United Kingdom Murray Auchincloss $202.84K $9.24K $275.44K 1909 London Oil & Gas Operations 87,800
48 LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton France Bernard Arnault $93.14K $16.4K $158.73K 1987 Paris Household & Personal Products 213,000
49 Reliance Industries India Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani $108.84K $8.41K $210.54K 1973 Mumbai Oil & Gas Operations 389,415
50 Nestlé Switzerland Ulf Mark Schneider $103.49K $12.47K $150.36K 1866 Vevey Food, Drink & Tobacco 270,000
51 AXA Group France Thomas Buberl $109.35K $7.57K $684.04K 1946 Paris Insurance 94,705
52 Mercedes-Benz Group Germany Ola Källenius $164.34K $14.41K $288.53K 1998 Stuttgart Consumer Durables 166,056
53 American Express United States Stephen J. Squeri $69.47K $8.93K $269.26K 1850 New York, New York Business Services & Supplies 74,600
54 Petrobras Brazil Magda Chambriard $99.42K $22.32K $213.22K 1953 Rio de Janeiro Oil & Gas Operations 46,730
55 State Bank of India India Dinesh Kumar Khara $71.82K $8.1K $807.38K 1955 Mumbai Banking 235,858
56 Bank of Communications China Ren Deqi $78.78K $13.1K $1.98M 1908 Shanghai Banking 91,823
57 Postal Savings Bank Of China (PSBC) China Jianjun Liu $80.32K $11.26K $2.26M 2007 Beijing Banking 197,146
58 Tesla United States Elon Reeve Musk $94.74K $13.65K $109.23K 2003 Austin, Texas Consumer Durables 140,473
59 Procter & Gamble United States Jon R. Moeller $84.06K $15.13K $119.6K 1837 Cincinnati, Ohio Household & Personal Products 107,000
59 Stellantis Netherlands Carlos Tavares $204.92K $20.1K $223.28K 2021 Hoofddorp Consumer Durables 258,275
61 BMW Group Germany Oliver Zipse $168.34K $11.56K $274.68K 1916 Munich Consumer Durables 154,950
62 Deutsche Telekom Germany Timotheus Höttges $121.53K $4.78K $318.85K 1995 Bonn Telecommunications Services 199,652
63 Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Japan Akihiro Fukutome $61.34K $6.66K $1.95M 2002 Tokyo Banking 101,023
64 CVS Health United States Karen S. Lynch $361.34K $7.32K $249.74K 1963 Woonsocket, Rhode Island Retailing 300,000
65 HDFC Bank India Sashidhar Jagdishan $49.28K $7.74K $483.22K 1994 Mumbai Banking 173,222
66 BBVA-Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Spain Onur Genç $75.2K $8.97K $865.84K 1857 Bilbao Banking 121,486
67 Sony Japan Kenichiro Yoshida $90.04K $6.71K $225.36K 1946 Tokyo Technology Hardware & Equipment 113,000
68 Siemens Germany Roland Emil Busch $84.41K $8.04K $156.34K 1847 Munich Capital Goods 320,000
69 Commonwealth Bank Australia Matthew Comyn $39.03K $6.46K $870.66K 1911 Sydney Banking 49,454
70 Life Insurance Corp. of India India   $97.98K $4.88K $561.41K   Mumbai Insurance 98,477
71 General Motors United States Mary Teresa Barra $174.87K $10.71K $276.59K 1908 Detroit, Michigan Consumer Durables 163,000
71 Nippon Telegraph & Tel Japan Jun Sawada $92.49K $8.85K $195.61K 1952 Tokyo Telecommunications Services 333,840
73 Credit Agricole France Philippe Brassac $105.52K $6.37K $2.42M 2000 Montrouge Banking 75,125
74 Broadcom United States Hock E. Tan $38.86K $11.63K $177.87K 1961 San Jose, California Semiconductors 20,000
75 PepsiCo United States Ramon Luis Laguarta $91.88K $9.18K $100.04K 1965 Purchase, New York Food, Drink & Tobacco 318,000
76 The Home Depot United States Ted Decker $151.83K $14.87K $79.23K 1978 Atlanta, Georgia Retailing 463,100
77 Oracle United States Safra Ada $52.51K $10.64K $137.08K 1977 Redwood Shores, California IT Software & Services 164,000
78 Mitsubishi Japan Katsuya Nakanishi $135.32K $6.67K $155.01K 1954 Tokyo Trading Companies 80,728
79 Roche Holding Switzerland Thomas Schinecker $65.34K $12.79K $107.49K 1896 Basel Drugs & Biotechnology 1,500
80 Equinor Norway Anders Opedal $102.77K $9.59K $137.2K 1972 Stavanger Oil & Gas Operations 24,564
81 Elevance Health United States Gail Koziara Boudreaux $171.74K $6.24K $111.89K 2004 Indianapolis, Indiana Health Care Equipment & Services 104,900
82 CNOOC Hong Kong Xin Huai Zhou $57.4K $17.5K $141.79K 1999 Hong Kong Oil & Gas Operations 21,993
82 Industrial Bank  China Xin Jian Chen $58.87K $10.64K $1.42M 1988 Fuzhou Banking 66,569
84 Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura Italy Carlo Messina $42.21K $9.12K $1.01M 1931 Turin Banking and Financial Services 104,388
85 IBM United States Arvind Krishna $62.07K $8.18K $137.17K 1911 Armonk, New York IT Software & Services 305,300
86 Itaú Unibanco Holding Brazil Milton Maluhy Filho $67.82K $6.63K $525.17K 1944 São Paulo Banking 99,600
86 Chubb Switzerland Evan G. Greenberg $51.73K $9.28K $212.24K 1985 Zurich Insurance 40,000
88 Anheuser-Busch InBev Belgium Michel Dimitrios Doukeris $59.38K $5.34K $221.02K 2008 Leuven Food, Drink & Tobacco 154,540
89 AbbVie United States Richard A. Gonzalez $54.4K $5.95K $148.87K 2013 North Chicago, Illinois Drugs & Biotechnology 50,000
90 Cisco Systems United States Charles H. Robbins $55.36K $12.12K $101.17K 1984 San Jose, California IT Software & Services 84,900
91 Honda Motor Japan Toshihiro Mibe $141.28K $7.66K $196.73K 1948 Tokyo Consumer Durables 197,039
92 Bank of Nova Scotia Canada Lawren Scott Thomson $53.56K $5.82K $1.04M 1832 Toronto Banking 89,483
93 Hyundai Motor South Korea Jae Hoon Chang $125.43K $9K $219.82K 1967 Seoul Consumer Durables 73,502
94 Enel Italy Flavio Cattaneo $96.04K $4.7K $209.85K 1962 Rome Utilities 61,055
95 Cigna United States David Michael Cordani $204.14K $3.62K $148.45K 1792 Bloomfield, Connecticut Drugs & Biotechnology 72,500
96 Costco Wholesale United States Roland M. Vachris $248.83K $6.79K $66.32K 1983 Issaquah, Washington Retailing 316,000
96 Munich Re Germany Joachim Wenning $69.98K $4.98K $298.01K 1880 Munich Insurance 42,812
98 Zurich Insurance Group Switzerland Mario Greco $65.43K $4.36K $339.44K 1872 Zurich Insurance 60,000
99 Novartis Switzerland Vasant Narasimhan $48.68K $15.25K $94.34K 1996 Basel Drugs & Biotechnology 76,057
100 Coca-Cola United States James Quincey $46.14K $10.78K $99.39K 1886 Atlanta, Georgia Food, Drink & Tobacco 79,100
101 GE Aerospace United States H. Lawrence Culp $69.52K $3.5K $163.94K 1892 Boston, Massachusetts Capital Goods 125,000
102 Caterpillar United States Donald James Umpleby $67K $11.25K $83.74K 1925 Deerfield, Illinois Capital Goods 113,200
103 John Deere United States John C. May $58.62K $9.47K $105.63K 1837 Moline, Illinois Capital Goods 83,000
104 Bank of Montreal Canada Darryl White $53.94K $4.01K $991.55K 1817 Montreal Banking 55,767
105 Mizuho Financial Japan Masahiro Kihara $55.12K $4.7K $1.84M 2003 Tokyo Banking 52,420
106 AIRBUS France Guillaume Faury $72.12K $4.25K $132.58K 1969 Toulouse Aerospace & Defense 147,893
107 Intel United States Patrick P. Gelsinger $55.24K $4.07K $192.73K 1968 Santa Clara, California Semiconductors 124,800
108 Mitsui Japan Kenichi Hori $92.15K $7.36K $111.66K 1947 Tokyo Chemicals 5,449
109 ConocoPhillips United States Ryan M. Lance $55.07K $10.55K $95.35K 1875 Houston, Texas Oil & Gas Operations 9,900
110 China State Construction Engineering China   $317.4K $7.57K $410.41K 1957 Beijing Construction 382,894
110 Rio Tinto United Kingdom Jakob Stausholm $54.04K $10.06K $103.55K 1873 London Materials 57,174
110 NVIDIA United States Jensen Huang $60.92K $29.76K $65.73K 1993 Santa Clara, California Semiconductors 29,600
113 CITIC Hong Kong Zhen Ming Chang $96.11K $8.14K $1.6M 1979 Hong Kong Trading Companies 188,862
114 RTX United States Christopher T. Calio $71.01K $3.48K $160.19K 1922 Waltham, Massachusetts Aerospace & Defense 185,000
115 Glencore International Switzerland Gary Nagle $217.96K $4.32K $123.87K 1874 Baar Trading Companies 150,000
116 BHP Group Australia Mike Henry $55.32K $7.29K $99.99K 1885 Melbourne Materials 80,000
116 China Life Insurance China Ming Guang Li $51.64K $6.61K $818.09K 2003 Beijing Insurance 103,262
118 US Bancorp United States Andrew J. Cecere $41.15K $5.02K $683.61K 1929 Minneapolis, Minnesota Banking 75,465
119 Hon Hai Precision  Taiwan Yang Wei Liu $191.66K $4.81K $117.91K 1974 New Taipei Technology Hardware & Equipment  
120 Iberdrola Spain Armando Martínez Martínez $50.47K $6.59K $164.1K 1992 Bilbao Utilities 42,276
121 AstraZeneca United Kingdom Pascal Soriot $47.61K $6.32K $102.29K 1999 Cambridge Drugs & Biotechnology 89,900
122 Sanofi  France Paul Hudson $46.56K $5.84K $139.7K 1973 Paris Drugs & Biotechnology 87,994
122 Unilever United Kingdom Hein Schumacher $64.45K $7.02K $83.14K 1929 London Household & Personal Products 128,000
124 Ford Motor United States James Duncan Farley $177.49K $3.92K $274.34K 1903 Dearborn, Michigan Consumer Durables 177,000
125 NAB - National Australia Bank Australia Andrew Irvine $38.73K $4.56K $698.73K 1981 Melbourne Banking 38,516
125 Capital One United States Richard D. Fairbank $50.96K $5.12K $481.72K 1994 McLean, Virginia Banking 51,987
127 Apollo Global Management United States Marc Jeffrey Rowan $34.7K $5.42K $334.05K 1990 New York, New York Diversified Financials 2,903
128 Visa United States Ryan McInerney $34.14K $18.11K $92.4K 1958 Foster City, California Banking and Financial Services 28,800
129 UniCredit Italy Andrea Orcel $26.48K $10.79K $875.44K 1870 Milan Banking 72,077
130 Contemporary Amperex Technology China Yu Qun Ceng $54.34K $6.25K $101.18K 2011 Ningde Capital Goods 116,055
131 American International Group United States Peter S. Zaffino $48.96K $4.83K $475.56K 1919 New York, New York Insurance 25,200
132 ANZ Group Holdings Australia Shayne Cary Elliott $40.92K $4.57K $710.92K 1835 Melbourne Banking 40,342
133 VINCI France Xavier Huillard $75.27K $5.08K $130.96K 1899 Paris Construction 280,000
134 China Citic Bank China He Ying Fang $54.14K $9.36K $1.25M 1987 Chaoyang Banking 66,891
135 Thermo Fisher Scientific United States Marc N. Casper $42.49K $6.03K $97.1K 1983 Waltham, Massachusetts Health Care Equipment & Services 122,000
136 Charles Schwab United States Walter William Bettinger $25.61K $4.83K $468.78K 1971 San Francisco, California Diversified Financials 33,000
137 Progressive United States Susan Patricia Griffith $65.02K $5.79K $88.92K 1937 Mayfield Village, Ohio Insurance 61,432
138 DBS Singapore Piyush Gupta $26.16K $7.49K $560.66K 1968 Singapore Banking 40,000
138 Marathon Petroleum United States Michael J. Hennigan $146.51K $7.89K $85.53K 1887 Findlay, Ohio Oil & Gas Operations 18,200
140 PNC Financial Services United States William Stanton Demchak $32.43K $5.2K $566.16K 1845 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Banking 54,813
141 Generali Group Italy Philippe Donnet $74.73K $4.05K $555.27K 2013 Mogliano Veneto Insurance 81,879
142 ICICI Bank India Sandeep Bakhshi $28.51K $5.35K $283.45K 1994 Mumbai Banking 129,020
143 Itochu Japan Masahiro Okafuji $97.02K $5.54K $95.74K 1858 Tokyo Food Markets 115,124
144 Westpac Banking Group Australia Peter Francis King $35.32K $4.29K $686.76K 1817 Sydney Banking 36,146
145 United Parcel Service United States Carol B. Tomé $89.55K $5.93K $67.63K 1907 Seattle, Washington Transportation 13,000
146 Deutsche Bank Germany Christian Sewing $67.96K $4.91K $1.44M 1870 Frankfurt Diversified Financials 90,130
147 Canadian Imperial Bank Canada Victor Dodig $42.87K $4.66K $727.27K 1867 Toronto Banking 48,074
148 China Shenhua Energy China Zhi Ren Lv $47.92K $8.61K $90.84K 2004 Beijing Materials 83,439
149 Tokio Marine Holdings Japan Satoru Komiya $47.96K $4.43K $212.31K 1879 Tokyo Insurance 43,217
150 NextEra Energy United States John W. Ketchum $23.99K $7.49K $179.95K 1984 Juno Beach, Florida Utilities 16,800
151 Eni Italy Claudio Descalzi $97K $3.87K $158.26K 1953 Rome Oil & Gas Operations 33,142
152 BYD China Chuan Fu Wang $83.17K $4.24K $93.78K 1995 Shenzhen Consumer Durables 703,500
153 ING Group Netherlands Steven van Rijswijk $24.5K $7.89K $1.11M 1991 Amsterdam Banking 60,000
154 Lloyds Banking Group United Kingdom Charles Alan Nunn $33.05K $5.82K $1.12M 2009 London Banking 62,569
155 Walt Disney United States Robert A. Iger $88.86K $1.7K $195.11K 1923 Burbank, California Media 225,000
156 Phillips 66 United States Mark E. Lashier $148.93K $5.79K $76.4K 2012 Houston, Texas Oil & Gas Operations 14,000
157 MetLife United States Michel A. Khalaf $67.57K $2.36K $677.58K 1868 New York, New York Insurance 45,000
158 Salesforce United States Marc Russell Benioff $34.86K $4.14K $102.81K 1999 San Francisco, California IT Software & Services 72,682
159 Shanghai Pudong Development China Guo Fu Gao $49.68K $5.34K $1.25M 1992 Shanghai Banking 63,582
160 Banco do Brasil Brazil Tarciana Paula Gomes Medeiros $62.07K $5.98K $443.4K 1808 Brasília Banking 86,220
161 AIA Group Hong Kong Yuan Xiang Li $27.51K $3.76K $278.82K 1919 Hong Kong Insurance 23,000
162 Merck & Co. United States Robert M. Davis $61.09K $2.31K $105.85K 1891 Kenilworth, New Jersey Drugs & Biotechnology 72,000
163 Abbott Laboratories United States Robert B. Ford $40.33K $5.61K $72.47K 1888 Chicago, Illinois Health Care Equipment & Services 114,000
164 China Telecom China Rui Wen Ke $71.42K $4.3K $117.44K 2002 Beijing Telecommunications Services 278,539
165 Dell Technologies United States Michael Saul Dell $88.52K $3.21K $82.09K 1984 Round Rock, Texas Technology Hardware & Equipment 120,000
166 Barclays United Kingdom CS Venkatakrishnan $31.53K $5.08K $1.99M 1690 London Diversified Financials 92,900
167 Linde United Kingdom Sanjiv Lamba $32.76K $6.31K $80.35K 1879 Woking Chemicals 66,323
168 FedEx United States Rajesh Subramaniam $87.51K $4.39K $86.11K 1971 Memphis, Tennessee Transportation 536,000
169 Hitachi Japan Keiji Kojima $67.28K $4.08K $80.75K 1910 Tokyo Capital Goods 322,525
170 Accenture Ireland Julie Spellman Sweet $64.57K $7.03K $51.31K 1989 Dublin IT Software & Services 733,000
171 Lockheed Martin United States Jim Taiclet $69.64K $6.78K $54.96K 1912 Bethesda, Maryland Aerospace & Defense 122,000
172 Nordea Bank Finland Frank Vang-Jensen $28.47K $5.55K $653.3K 1974 Helsinki Banking 29,153
172 L'Oréal France Nicolas Hieronimus $44.52K $6.69K $57.28K 1909 Clichy Household & Personal Products 94,605
174 Eli Lilly United States David A. Ricks $35.93K $6.14K $63.94K 1876 Indianapolis, Indiana Drugs & Biotechnology 43,000
175 KKR United States   $22.72K $4.07K $339.77K 1976 New York, New York Diversified Financials 4,490
176 Philip Morris International United States Jacek Olczak $35.74K $7.94K $65.32K 1847 New York, New York Food, Drink & Tobacco 79,800
177 NatWest Group United Kingdom John Paul Thwaite $33.68K $5.07K $881.06K 1968 Edinburgh Banking 61,600
177 Valero Energy United States R. Lane Riggs $140.13K $6.99K $62.57K 1980 San Antonio, Texas Oil & Gas Operations 9,908
179 Enbridge Canada Gregory Lorne Ebel $31.51K $4.36K $140.93K 1949 Calgary Oil & Gas Operations 12,000
180 China Sandy Xu $153.72K $3.49K $83.27K 1998 Beijing Retailing 517,124
181 Bank of New York Mellon United States Robin Antony Vince $36.2K $3.43K $434.73K 2007 New York, New York Diversified Financials 53,400
181 Vale Brazil Eduardo De Salles Bartolomeo $41.77K $7.84K $91.5K 1902 Rio de Janeiro Materials 66,807
183 GSK United Kingdom Emma N. Walmsley $38.62K $5.63K $73.91K 2000 London Drugs & Biotechnology 70,212
184 Prudential Financial United States Charles Frederick Lowrey $58.91K $2.14K $725.82K 1875 Newark, New Jersey Insurance 40,658
185 Lowe's United States Marvin R. Ellison $86.38K $7.71K $43.36K 1921 Mooresville, North Carolina Retailing 284,000
186 Charter Communications United States Christopher L. Winfrey $54.63K $4.64K $148.04K 1993 Stamford, Connecticut Media 101,100
187 Honeywell International United States Vimal M. Kapur $36.89K $5.73K $65.64K 1927 Charlotte, North Carolina Aerospace & Defense 95,000
188 McKesson United States Brian Scott Tyler $308.95K $3K $67.44K 1833 Irving, Texas Health Care Equipment & Services 51,000
189 Duke Energy United States Lynn J. Good $29.46K $3.29K $178.67K 1904 Charlotte, North Carolina Utilities 27,037
190 Qualcomm United States Cristiano R. Amon $36.41K $8.38K $53.17K 1985 San Diego, California Semiconductors 50,000
191 HCA Healthcare United States Samuel N. Hazen $66.72K $5.47K $56.96K 1968 Nashville, Tennessee Health Care Equipment & Services 310,000
191 Medtronic Ireland Geoffrey Straub Martha $32.32K $4.2K $90.84K 1949 Dublin Health Care Equipment & Services 95,000
193 Amgen United States Robert A. Bradway $29.35K $3.76K $92.98K 1980 Thousand Oaks, California Drugs & Biotechnology 26,700
194 ENGIE  France Catherine MacGregor $89.26K $2.39K $215.01K 2008 La Defense Utilities 97,297
194 Southern Company United States Christopher C. Womack $25.42K $4.24K $140.12K 1945 Atlanta, Georgia Utilities 28,100
196 CaixaBank Spain Gonzalo Gortázar Rotaeche $25.24K $5.21K $670.71K 1980 Valencia Banking 44,863
197 Manulife Canada Roy Gori $26.45K $3.38K $630.44K 1887 Toronto Insurance 38,000
198 Danaher United States Rainer M. $26.23K $4.4K $83.4K 1984 Washington, District of Columbia Health Care Equipment & Services 63,000
199 Mondelez International United States Dirk van van de Put $36.14K $4.29K $77.62K 2012 Deerfield, Illinois Food, Drink & Tobacco 91,000
200 Schneider Electric France Peter Walter Herweck $38.81K $4.33K $65.06K 1836 Rueil-Malmaison Capital Goods 153,121
201 Target United States Brian C. Cornell $107.41K $4.14K $55.36K 1902 Minneapolis, Minnesota Retailing 415,000
202 Deutsche Post Germany Tobias Meyer $87.92K $3.8K $74.18K 1995 Bonn Transportation 594,396
202 KDDI Japan Makoto Takahashi $39.79K $4.41K $93.47K 1953 Tokyo Telecommunications Services 49,659
204 National Grid United Kingdom John Mark Pettigrew $25.37K $9.4K $115.03K 1990 London Utilities 29,450
205 Midea Group China Hong Bo Fang $53.22K $4.84K $68.9K 1968 Beijiao Consumer Durables 198,613
205 Novo Nordisk Denmark Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen $35.52K $12.99K $43.28K 1923 Bagsvaerd Drugs & Biotechnology 63,370
207 Oil & Natural Gas India Arun Kumar Singh $77.53K $5.08K $80.57K 1956 New Delhi Oil & Gas Operations 26,529
208 América Móvil Mexico Daniel Hajj Aboumrad $46.77K $3.43K $96.32K 2000 Mexico City Telecommunications Services 176,083
209 BlackRock United States Larry Fink $19.15K $5.92K $123.99K 1988 New York, New York Diversified Financials 19,800
210 PDD Holdings Ireland Lei Chen $34.74K $8.42K $49.08K   Dublin Retailing 17,403
211 PICC China Ting Ke Wang $77.32K $3.21K $213.96K 1949 Beijing Insurance 175,881
212 Netflix United States Greg Peters Ted Sarandos $34.94K $6.44K $48.83K 1997 Los Gatos, California Media 13,000
213 Brookfield Corporation Canada Bruce Flatt $101.93K $1.12K $491.85K 1899 Toronto Diversified Financials 240,000
214 Qatar National Bank Qatar Abdulla Mubarak Nasser $32.01K $4.02K $339.62K 1964 Doha Banking 30,000
215 International Holding Company United Arab Emirates Syed Basar Shueb $17.33K $8.08K $92.17K 1998 Abu Dhabi Health Care Equipment & Services  
215 Travelers United States Alan D. Schnitzer $42.89K $3.12K $117.78K 1864 New York, New York Insurance 33,300
217 Volvo Group Sweden Martin Lundstedt $52.1K $4.81K $67.32K 1927 Goteborg Capital Goods 104,147
218 Union Pacific United States V. James Vena $24.09K $6.39K $67.27K 1862 Omaha, Nebraska Transportation 31,490
219 Oversea-Chinese Banking Singapore Pik Kuen Wong $18.64K $5.23K $440.77K 1912 Singapore Banking 33,330
220 Swiss Re  Switzerland Christian Mumenthaler PhD $49.42K $3.21K $173.47K 1863 Zurich Insurance 14,719
221 China Pacific Insurance China Candy Yuen $46.6K $3.82K $332.12K 1991 Shanghai Insurance 107,000
222 McDonald's United States Christopher J. Kempczinski $25.76K $8.6K $53.51K 1995 Chicago, Illinois Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure 150,000
223 Banco Bradesco Brazil Marcelo de Araújo Noronha $61.25K $2.63K $390.78K 1943 Osasco Banking 86,222
224 Centene United States Sarah McGinty London $155.52K $2.74K $82.62K 1984 St. Louis, Missouri Drugs & Biotechnology 76,000
225 PayPal United States James Alexander Chriss $30.44K $4.34K $83.35K 1998 San Jose, California Business Services & Supplies 27,200
226 Japan Post Holdings Japan Hiroya Masuda $81.48K $1.86K $1.97M 1871 Tokyo Insurance 232,112
227 Standard Chartered United Kingdom Bill Winters $40.15K $3.31K $812.52K 1853 London Banking 84,954
228 China Everbright Bank China Zhi Heng Wang $40.5K $5.7K $954.35K 1992 Beijing Banking 47,582
228 Suncor Energy Canada Rich Kruger $36.75K $5.82K $65.94K 1967 Calgary Oil & Gas Operations 14,906
230 SAP Germany Christian Klein $34.49K $2.05K $78.75K 1972 Walldorf IT Software & Services 107,602
231 Mastercard United States Michael E. Miebach $25.72K $11.84K $42.6K 1966 Purchase, New York Business Services & Supplies 33,400
231 The Saudi National Bank Saudi Arabia Talal Ahmed Al-Khereiji $16.34K $5.34K $285.86K 1953 Riyadh Banking 16,084
233 China Resources Land Hong Kong Yong Tang $35.25K $4.42K $167.96K 1994 Hong Kong Construction 61,658
234 KIA South Korea Ho-Sung Song $77.53K $7.17K $62.12K 1944 Seoul Consumer Durables 35,737
234 Delta Air Lines United States Edward Herman Bastian $59.04K $5.01K $74.97K 1924 Atlanta, Georgia Transportation 100,000
236 ASML Holding Netherlands Christophe D. Fouquet $28.3K $7.71K $42.17K 1984 Veldhoven Semiconductors 42,416
237 General Dynamics United States Phebe N. Novakovic $43.12K $3.38K $55.25K 1952 Reston, Virginia Aerospace & Defense 111,600
238 Daimler Truck Holding Germany Martin Daum $60.66K $4.16K $79.53K   Leinfelden-Echterdingen Consumer Durables 104,416
239 Nike United States John J. Donahoe $51.57K $5.23K $37.36K 1964 Beaverton, Oregon Household & Personal Products 83,700
240 United Overseas Bank Singapore Yi Zong Huang $20.18K $4.25K $396.88K 1935 Singapore Banking 32,340
241 KBC Group Belgium Johan Thijs $29.79K $3.2K $388.24K 1935 Brussels Banking 37,960
242 First Abu Dhabi Bank United Arab Emirates Hana Al-Rostamani $20.83K $4.33K $336.31K 2017 Abu Dhabi Diversified Financials 6,765
243 PTT  Thailand Kongkrapan Intarajang $89.98K $3.21K $99.82K 1978 Bangkok Oil & Gas Operations  
244 Canadian Natural Resources Canada   $26.38K $5.5K $56.15K 1973 Calgary Oil & Gas Operations 10,272
245 Dai-ichi Life Insurance Japan Seiji Inagaki $66.12K $2.22K $446.27K 1902 Tokyo Insurance 62,260
245 Aflac United States Daniel P. Amos $19.34K $5.35K $124.56K 1955 Columbus, Georgia Insurance 12,785
247 Occidental Petroleum United States Vicki A. Hollub $27.43K $4.3K $74.28K 1920 Houston, Texas Oil & Gas Operations 12,570
248 China Minsheng Bank China Yingxin Gao $43.87K $4.48K $1.07M 1996 Beijing Banking 63,742