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Email Search API

Email Search API

Search & Find Specific Emails. Red Flag Emails Based on Keywords. Make Email Attachments Searchable.

An enterprise email database contains 75% of a companies intellectual property yet it sits idle as a mountain of unstructured data. What if you could easily search it, analyze it, and mine it for valuable gold nuggets of actionable intelligence?

Email Search API

databahn enables you to choose your own keywords and phrases. Apply these customized concept tags to your unstructured or semi-structured email data and mine it for valuable information. Some examples of valuable information might include mentions of competitors, pricing, value propositions, positioning statements or email attachments including contracts, proposals, RFP responses, or PowerPoint presentations.

Send us your unstructured email data by submitting a JSON request to the databahn RESTful web service. The databahn Email Search API will provide a JSON return in the form of a readable and understandable collection of structured information. All of your keywords and phrases have been clearly marked in your content.

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