Email Signature Extraction for CRM

Email Signature Extraction for CRM

E-mail Signature Extraction for CRM automatically extracts contact information from email signatures and pushes the contacts directly to your CRM.

There are valuable customer and prospect contacts missing from your CRM. You lose sales revenue opportunities when sales leads get lost, when a sales rep turns over, when there's territory realignment, or when there's named account reasignment. Valuable contact info stays buried in thousands of emails.

databahn automatically mines the emails for contacts and delivers them back to you in your CRM and in the databahn customer portal. Quickly download them to an .XLS spreadsheet if you need to analyze the results.

Do your sales reps enter all of their contacts in the CRM?

Even in the year 2015, e-mail remains the most commonly used and preferred form of B2B communications for the vast majority of companies. Sales reps spend a significant portion of their work day communicating with prospects and customers via their corporate e-mail account. While they may be excellent salespeople, they’re not interested in tedious data entry tasks, meaning that precious contact information is being neglected and not entered in the CRM System.

What happens to those contacts when sales reps turnover?

Have you ever had a sales rep leave and wonder who they were communicating with, how frequently, and about what topics? databahn will help ensure that precious sales opportunities and key contacts don't go missing. At the point when the sales rep leaves, it's critical to communicate with these prospects and customers as soon as possible so that sales revenue opportunities don't get missed.

What do the results of Email Signature Extraction look like?

databahn's E-mail Mining Solution is a form of text mining that mines unstructured data (in the form of e-mails) for valuable contact information. Some of the information in the email signature patterns will include:

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Email address
  • Organization name
  • Office phone number
  • Cell phone number
  • URLs or web links
  • Twitter handles & hashtags
What was once unstructured data buried in the company email database will be extracted and transformed into highly valuable, structured contact information. databahn delivers the results in your CRM or our customer portal. You can login, search and find specific contacts, or export the complete file to an .XLS Excel spreadsheet.