Hyper Targeted ABM Intelligence - MetLife sample

Hyper Targeted Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Intelligence

Building comprehensive ABM company profiles, executive profiles, and personas for Tier 1 strategic accounts is a time consuming and laborious process. Download the MetLife ABM Intelligence Report to see how we can accelerate your 1:1 ABM programs.

The MetLife ABM Intelligence report contains insights to corporate strategies, business issues & challenges, competitive threats, business & technology initiatives, and decision maker, recommender, and influencer contact information including organizational charts.

Our ABM intelligence reports will help you create more consistent personalized messaging & value propositions that resonate with the customer’s business priorities, challenges, and personal agendas.

The ABM Intelligence Reports will help you:

  • Target each account like a market
  • Build action items from valuable and relevant company insights
  • Personalize the prospect’s experience with your company
  • Communicate specific offers to your prospect
  • Design sales propositions to get meetings
  • Create content, events, and campaigns targeting personas
  • Write emails that are personalized and tailored to each specific executive
Some of the common places we visit to collect account intelligence include the company website, the annual report (10-K), SEC filings, the latest earnings call, analyst reports, press releases, blog posts, industry media, financial press, speeches (sometimes recorded on YouTube) and conference sites, product and technical literature, case studies, success stories, and documented executive interviews. We also research other deep web sources not indexed by the major search engines.

Some of the sections in the MetLife ABM Intelligence Report:
  1. Size of the company, growth trajectory, market disruptors, and competitors
  2. Company details including financials, acquisitions, mergers and history
  3. Leadership team, buying teams, culture, values, tenures in roles, attitudes, preferences, and affinities towards competitors
  4. Company’s priorities, challenges, pressing issues
  5. Organizational structure, reporting structures, power centers, and buying teams
  6. Connections of people working at your company to people working at your target account from the board of directors down to individual contributors
  7. Detailed executive bios for a few chief level execs
  8. Organizational personas for decision makers, influencers, and recommenders
  9. Competitor’s solution installed in the target account
  10. Other connections including sponsored sports teams, conference attendance, university alumni, and hometowns
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