Sales Performance Analytics

Sales Performance Analytics

Sales Performance Analytics Based on Email Data

Do you know what distinguishes your top performers from the underdogs?

databahn's E-mail Analytics Solution is crucial to understanding what separates your top performers from the pack. Instead of estimating, get hard numbers and statistics at your fingertips including:

  • Total number of email per company domain (highlight key accounts)
  • Total number of emails per customer/prospect (highlight key contacts)
  • Contrast top performer email communication patterns to under performers
  • Measure forecasted deals against number of emails between sales rep and customer
  • Analyze outbound & inbound email sentiment (customers upset or just negotiating?)

It’s not a matter of luck that some sales reps outperform the others. The answers are in the data! You can now establish sales e-mail best practices that will give your reps the tools they need to succeed.

Are your reps experiencing a high customer churn rate?

Your Problem: You’re seeing more customers running out the back door than coming in through the front door.

Your Solution: databahn's E-mail Analytics Solution will give you the following game plan to reduce customer churn and increase customer retention (meaning you can increase that e-mail list):

  • Create words and phrases associated with customer churn.
  • Mine business e-mails for any indication of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Get warning signs sent directly to you.
  • Get involved and give your reps a hand before the situation becomes irreparable.

Are your customers expressing concerns and complaints via e-mail?

Since your reps are primarily communicating with their customers via their business e-mail, you’re bound to find concerns and complaints expressed there. Instead of resolving the issue this one time for this particular customer, use it as a foundation for creating new products and services. With this strategic approach you can keep your future customers in mind!

Quickly identify red-flagged emails based on keywords, phrases, and sentiment. Put yourself in the drivers seat and understand what's happening in the sales process that could positively or negatively affect the final decision about your solution.

Quickly see who your sales reps are communicating with and how frequently. Is it possible to forecast a sale at 90% if there have been fewer than 10 email communications betweent the sales rep and the customer?

Discover the databahn difference!