2017 Smart Cities List of Initiatives

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Smart Cities List of Initiatives in 2017-18

databahn defines a Smart City as an urban area that has or is in the process of implementing connected technology to improve the efficiency of the area.

Through extensive research, databahn IoT researchers have compiled a list of 239 active Smart City initiatives around the globe in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific area including Australia and New Zealand.

The Smart Cities Excel spreadsheet has the following column headers; Region, Country, State, City, Smart City Headline, Smart City URL, Mayor's Name, CTO/CIO Responsible, Other Key Contacts, Specified Budget, Project Start Date, Named IT Vendor, IT Vendor Contact. The databahn IoT research team have completed the information when found, not all cells are completed.

We are updating the Smart Cities List daily and publishing monthly updates. If you purchase the Smart Cities List of Initiatives, we will email you monthly updates for 12 months (subscription).

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Smart Cities List