Boeing TURBO Company Profile Report

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Boeing TURBO Company Profile Report

Boeing TURBO Report by databahn

Last updated: October 17, 2019

The Boeing Company
100 North Riverside Plaza
Chicago, IL 60606
United States
Phone: (312)-544-2000
Sector: Industrials
Industry: Aerospace & Defense
Full Time Employees: 153,000

The Boeing databahn TURBO Report was researched and developed with the IT sales executive and the IT marketer in mind. Our goal is simple; eliminate the costly research time and help you identify new sales revenue opportunities.

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Some of the insights & detailed information you can expect to see in the Boeing databahn TURBO Report:

  • Comprehensive Business Description
  • Latest Earnings Call Highlights from the CEO
  • Accurate Contacts for the Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors
  • Detailed Org Charts on corporate structure, board of directors, and the executive leadership team
  • Hand curated content from selected articles, interviews, case studies, and success stories (representing dozens of hours of research)
  • Technology Executive Insights to existing IT & telecom systems, projects, initiatives, and internal code names for applications, systems, and IT business units
  • Insights gleaned from technology related job descriptions
  • Important excerpts and highlights from the Annual Report (10-K)

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Dennis A. Muilenburg Chairman, President and CEO, The Boeing Company Boeing *****
Bertrand-Marc (Marc) Allen Senior Vice President of Boeing, President of Embraer Partnership and Group Operations Boeing *****
Michael Arthur President, Boeing International Boeing *****
Heidi B. Capozzi Senior Vice President, Human Resources, The Boeing Company Boeing *****
Timothy Keating Executive Vice President, Government Operations, The Boeing Company Boeing *****
J. Michael Luttig Executive Vice President, Counselor and Senior Advisor, The Boeing Company Boeing *****
Kevin McAllister Executive Vice President, The Boeing Company President and CEO, Commercial Airplanes Boeing *****
Leanne Caret Executive Vice President, The Boeing Company President, and CEO, Defense, Space & Security Boeing *****
Ted Colbert Chief Information Officer, The Boeing Company Senior Vice President, Information Technology & Data Analytics Boeing *****
Stanley A. Deal Executive Vice President, The Boeing Company President and CEO, Boeing Global Services Boeing *****
Brett C. Gerry General Counsel, The Boeing Company Boeing *****
Greg Hyslop Chief Technology Officer, The Boeing Company Senior Vice President, Boeing Engineering, Test & Technology Boeing *****
Jenette E. Ramos Senior Vice President, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Operations, The Boeing Company Boeing *****
Diana Sands Senior Vice President, Office of Internal Governance and Administration, The Boeing Company Boeing *****
Greg Smith CFO and Executive Vice President, Enterprise Performance & Strategy, The Boeing Company Boeing *****
Anne Toulouse Senior Vice President, Communications Boeing *****


Dennis A. Muilenburg Chairman, President and CEO, Boeing Boeing *****
Robert A. Bradway Chairman and CEO, Amgen Boeing *****
David L. Calhoun Senior Managing Director, Blackstone Group; Former Chairman and CEO, Nielsen Holdings Boeing *****
Arthur D. Collins Jr. Former Chairman and CEO, Medtronic Boeing *****
Nikki R. Haley Former U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Boeing *****
Lawrence W. Kellner President, Emerald Creek Group; Former Chairman and CEO, Continental Airlines Boeing *****
Caroline B. Kennedy Former U.S. Ambassador to Japan Boeing *****
Edward M. Liddy Former Chairman and CEO, Allstate Boeing *****
Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani Jr. Seventh Vice Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff; Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation; Former Commander, U.S. Joint Forces Command Boeing *****
Lynn J. Good Chairman, President and CEO, Duke Energy Corporation Boeing *****
Susan C. Schwab Professor, University of Maryland School of Public Policy; Former U.S. Trade Representative Boeing *****
Ronald A. Williams Former Chairman and CEO, Aetna Boeing *****
Mike S. Zafirovski Executive Advisor, The Blackstone Group; Former President and CEO, Nortel Boeing *****




Older Boeing jets are now in hot demand because of the 737 Max grounding

  • As the worldwide grounding of the Boeing 737 Max enters its sixth month, airlines are turning to older jets to help meet growing demand, prompting a surge in rental rates.
  • Lease rates for 24 months or less, for some older 737 planes have gone up 40% to about $300,000 since regulators grounded the planes in March.

A Boeing Code Leak Exposes Security Flaws Deep in a 787

  • Security researcher Ruben Santamarta discovered a fully unprotected server on Boeing's network, seemingly full of code designed to run on the company's giant 737 and 787 passenger jets, left publicly accessible and open to anyone who found it.
  • He and other avionics cybersecurity researchers who have reviewed his findings argue that while a full-on cyberattack on a plane's most sensitive systems remains far from a material threat, the flaws uncovered in the 787's code nonetheless represent a troubling lack of attention to cybersecurity from Boeing.

Boeing’s Dropping Bid for Next-Generation ICBM Represents Shrinking Industrial Base

  • When Boeing dropped out of the competition, it impacted the U.S.’ ability to obtain this missile system at a reasonable price.
  • Because Lockheed Martin was earlier eliminated from the competition, Northrop Grumman is now the only company in the running to win the contract.

Boeing’s 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers at HCL Technologies Ltd.

  • Boeing has won several orders for Indian military and commercial aircraft, such as a $22 billion one in January 2017 to supply SpiceJet Ltd.
  • HCL engineers helped develop and test the Max’s flight-display software, while employees from another Indian company, Cyient Ltd., handled software for flight-test equipment.

Embattled Boeing plans to replace human inspectors with technology

  • Boeing plans to reassign 900 human inspectors and replace them with “technology improvements” at its Seattle manufacturing plants.
  • 451 inspectors will be transferred to other jobs this year, followed by a similar number next year, replaced by automation and technological improvements.

Defense Department Awards Boeing $14.3B Bomber Maintenance Contract

  • Boeing Co. has won a $14.3 billion contract to service and maintain all B-1 Lancer and B-52 Stratofortress bombers at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City.
  • The contract includes hardware and software development and integration, ground and flight testing, configuration management, studies and analyses and modernization.

Boeing goes bionic to roll out more Dreamliners

  • Boeing is equipping mechanics with exoskeletons to increase their strength and speed.
  • At twin Dreamliner factories in South Carolina and Washington state, Boeing also plans to soon deploy Bluetooth-enabled ‘smart’ wrenches.
  • Boeing rolls out a new 787 with a minimum list price of $239 million every 1.75 days.




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