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Costco Org Charts | Costco Company Profile Report

Costco TURBO Report by databahn

Last updated: H1 2020

Costco Wholesale Corporation
999 Lake Drive
Issaquah, WA 98027
United States
Phone: (425)-313-8100
Sector: Consumer Defensive
Industry: Discount Stores
Full Time Employees: 143,000

The Costco Wholesale databahn TURBO Report was researched and developed with the IT sales executive and the IT marketer in mind. Our goal is simple; eliminate the costly research time and help you identify new sales revenue opportunities.

Top 10 reasons to buy the Costco Wholesale databahn TURBO company profile report:

  1. Create a better and more informed RFP Response proposal
  2. Brief your C-level executives before a sales call
  3. Eliminate the time it takes to build a strategic account plan
  4. Develop more effective account based marketing (ABM) programs
  5. Discover sales opportunities you're not aware of
  6. Understand the competitive landscape in the account
  7. Ramp up new sales reps faster in new accounts
  8. Need accurate contact information & org charts
  9. Insights into IT projects & initiatives
  10. Expand footprint in existing large enterprise accounts

Some of the insights & detailed information you can expect to see in the Costco Wholesale databahn TURBO Report:

  • Comprehensive Business Description
  • Latest Earnings Call Highlights from the CEO
  • Accurate Contacts for the Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors
  • Detailed Org Charts on corporate structure, board of directors, and the executive leadership team
  • Hand curated content from selected articles, interviews, case studies, and success stories (representing dozens of hours of research)
  • Technology Executive Insights to existing IT & telecom systems, projects, initiatives, and internal code names for applications, systems, and IT business units
  • Insights gleaned from technology related job descriptions
  • Important excerpts and highlights from the Annual Report (10-K)

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W. Craig Jelinek President and CEO Costco Wholesale *****
Richard A. Galanti Executive Vice President, CFO Costco Wholesale *****
Jim Klauer Executive Vice President, COO - Northern Division and Midwest Region Costco Wholesale *****
Russ Miller Executive Vice President, COO- Southwest Division and Mexico Costco Wholesale *****
John B. Gaherty Senior Vice President, General Manager- Midwest Region Costco Wholesale *****
Jaime Gonzalez Senior Vice President, General Manager- Mexico Costco Wholesale *****
Bill Hanson Senior Vice President, Foods & Sundries Merchandising Costco Wholesale *****
Joseph P. Portera Executive Vice President, COO-Eastern & Canadian Divisions Costco Wholesale *****
Ron Vachris Executive Vice President, COO - Merchandising Costco Wholesale *****
Franz Lazarus Executive Vice President, Administration & Human Resources Costco Wholesale *****
Paul G. Moulton Executive Vice President, Information Systems Costco Wholesale *****
James P. Murphy Executive Vice President, International Costco Wholesale *****
Timothy L. Rose Executive Vice President Industries Costco Wholesale *****
Jeff Abadir Senior Vice President, General Manager-Bay Area Region Costco Wholesale *****
Claudine Adamo Senior Vice President, Merchandising - Non- Foods & Ecommerce Costco Wholesale *****
Andree T. Brien Senior Vice President, National Merchandising - Canadian Region Costco Wholesale *****
Don Burdick Senior Vice President, E-Commerce and Publishing Costco Wholesale *****
Pat Callans Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Risk Management Costco Wholesale *****
Richard Chang Senior Vice President, General Manager - Asia Costco Wholesale *****
Richard C. Chavez Senior Vice President - Costco Wholesale Industries & Business Development Costco Wholesale *****
Dan Hines Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller Costco Wholesale *****
Paul W. Latham Senior Vice President, Membership, Marketing & Services Costco Wholesale *****
Jeffrey Long Senior Vice President, General Manager- Northeast Region Costco Wholesale *****
Jeffrey Lyons Senior Vice President, Merchandising - Fresh Foods Costco Wholesale *****
Ali Moayeri Senior Vice President, Construction Costco Wholesale *****
Bob Nelson Senior Vice President, Financial Planning and Investor Relations Costco Wholesale *****
Mario Omoss Senior Vice President, General Manager, Northwest Region Costco Wholesale *****
Stephen M. Pappas Senior Vice President, General Manager - Europe Costco Wholesale *****
Pierre Riel Senior Vice President, General Manager - Eastern Canada Region Costco Wholesale *****
Yoram Rubanenko Senior Vice President, General Manager- Southeast Region Costco Wholesale *****
James W Rutherford Senior Vice President, Information Systems Costco Wholesale *****
David Skinner Senior Vice President, General Manager - Western Canada Region Costco Wholesale *****
John Sullivan Senior Vice President, and General Counsel Costco Wholesale *****
John Thelan Senior Vice President, Depot Operations Costco Wholesale *****
Victor A. Curtis Senior Vice President, Pharmacy Costco Wholesale *****
Richard Delie Senior Vice President, Non-Foods & Ecommerce Costco Wholesale *****
Caton Frates Senior Vice President, General Manager- Los Angeles Region Costco Wholesale *****
Darby Greek Senior Vice President, General Manager - Texas Region Costco Wholesale *****
Rich Wilcox Senior Vice President, General Manager- San Diego Region Costco Wholesale *****



Hamilton E. James Chairman of the Board Costco Wholesale *****
W. Craig Jelinek President, CEO Costco Wholesale *****
Richard A. Galanti Executive Vice President, CFO Costco Wholesale *****
Susan Decker Former President of Yahoo! Inc. Costco Wholesale *****
Kenneth D. Denman A director of Mitek and Motorola Solutions, Inc. Costco Wholesale *****
Richard M. Libenson Director Emeritus Costco Wholesale *****
John W. Meisenbach A director of Expeditors International and M Financial Holdings and a trustee of the Elite Fund Costco Wholesale *****
Charles T. Munger Vice Chairman of the Board of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Chairman of Daily Journal Corporation and Wesco Financial Corporation Costco Wholesale *****
Jeff Raikes Co-founder of the Raikes Foundation and former CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Costco Wholesale *****
John W. Stanton Chairman of Trilogy International Partners, Inc. and Trilogy Equity Partners Costco Wholesale *****
Maggie Wilderotter A director of Cadence Design Systems, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and DocuSign Costco Wholesale *****




Paul Moulton's (Executive VP & CIO, Costco) 2 Key Tech Questions

  • Mr. Moulton stated that he preferred vendors that are not too technical and that he likes to see a PowerPoint presentation that uses business terms.
  • If the presentation is in all technical terms Mr. Moulton immediately thinks the presenter is a gear head and wants to end the meeting quickly because “… he just makes me feel stupid.”
  • His two key tech questions are:
  • 1. Can we use what we have to accomplish the new technology plan?
  • 2. Can we buy or do we need to build?


Costco is investing heavily in infrastructure

  • Costco improved the back end of its digital operation while also making its website more user-friendly and spending heavily on improving its shipping logistics.
  • That investment paid off strongly as the company reported a 43.5% gain in comparable e-commerce sales in Q1 2018.

Costco Bakes Machine Learning into a Tasty Customer Experience

  • Costco’s Jeff Lyons, SVP and Head of Fresh Foods, outlined the need for a strategy to modernize its bakery department using machine learning to increase productivity while reducing waste.
  • Working with the SAP Leonardo team on a prototype study, the resulting project helped Costco save nearly $100 million dollars across the 30 pilot stores that have adopted the new strategy.

Costco Applies IoT For Water Savings

  • Costco was one of the earliest adopters of Semtech’s IoT as a water management system, and they’ve seen some pretty incredible results.
  • Not only did they have access to a minute-by-minute report on the water usage at their various locations, but, using this new LoRa technology, they were able to drastically decrease their water waste.
  • Since implementing the system, they’ve reported a 20% reduction in water waste along with a 22% savings in water bills.

Costco has been doubling down on e-commerce efforts by offering same-day delivery

  • Costco reported membership renewal rates were a steady 90.7% in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Member households were up 400,000 since its last quarter, resulting in 53.1 million member households.
  • Total cardholders grew to 97.2 million.

As brick-and-mortar retail is crumbling at the feet of e-commerce, Costco has experienced steady growth.

  • Costco's end goal is to cut the “fat” out of traditional retail and pass on the savings to loyal customers and employees.


Costco Raises Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

  • Executives at Costco announced the increase, from $14 an hour, for U.S. and Canadian workers.
  • The announcement came after the company reported higher than anticipated second quarter financial earnings. Net sales for the quarter increased 7.3 percent to $34.63 billion, earning $889 million in net income.
  • Richard Galanti, Costco's CFO, said that the company will also increase wages for supervisors and has implemented paid parental leave for hourly workers.


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