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Archer-Daniels-Midland Company
77 West Wacker Drive
Suite 4600
Chicago, IL 60601
United States
Main Phone: (312) 634-8100
Industry Sector: Consumer - Farm Products
Full-Time Employees: 40,360
CEO: Juan Ricardo Luciano, Chairman, CEO & President

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Archer Daniels Midland Corporate Structure

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Archer Daniels Midland, also known as ADM, is a global agribusiness company that specializes in the processing and distribution of agricultural products. The company's roots date back to 1902 when it was founded as a linseed crushing business. Today, ADM operates in more than 160 countries and has a diverse product portfolio that includes corn, wheat, soybeans, cocoa, and other commodities.

ADM is divided into several business segments, including origination, oilseeds, carbohydrate solutions, nutrition, and other businesses. The origination segment focuses on sourcing, transporting, and processing agricultural commodities, while the oilseeds segment produces and distributes vegetable oils and meal products. The carbohydrate solutions segment produces corn-based products for food, beverage, and industrial applications, and the nutrition segment produces specialty ingredients for food, beverage, and animal nutrition industries.

In addition to its core businesses, ADM has also invested heavily in research and development to develop new technologies and products. For example, the company has developed a process for producing bio-based propylene glycol, a key ingredient in many consumer products, from renewable sources like corn.

ADM has a strong focus on sustainability and works to reduce its environmental impact throughout its supply chain. The company has committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving water conservation, and increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

Overall, ADM is a global leader in agribusiness, with a diverse product portfolio, a focus on innovation, and a commitment to sustainability.

 ADM Financial Highlights FY 2022


Fiscal Year Ends December 31, 2022
Most Recent Quarter December 31, 2022


Profit Margin 4.27%
Operating Margin 4.17%

Management Effectiveness

Return on Assets 4.57%
Return on Equity 18.42%

Income Statement

Revenue $101.56 Billion (USD)
Revenue Per Share 180.71
Quarterly Revenue Growth 12.30%
Gross Profit 7.57B
Net Income Avi to Common 4.34B
Diluted EPS 7.71
Quarterly Earnings Growth 30.30%

Balance Sheet

Total Cash 1.15B
Total Cash Per Share 2.09
Total Debt 10.29B
Total Debt/Equity 41.79
Current Ratio 1.46
Book Value Per Share 44.39

Cash Flow Statement

Operating Cash Flow 3.48B
Levered Free Cash Flow 1.22B



Archer Daniels Midland Board of Directors

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Juan R. Luciano Chairman of the Board of Directors, President and Chief Executive Officer (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Theodore Colbert III President and CEO, Global Services, Boeing (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Kelvin R. Westbrook President and Chief Executive Officer, KRW Advisors, LLC (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Patrick J. Moore President and Chief Executive Officer, PJM Advisors, LLC (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Debra A. Sandler President and Founder, LaGrenade Group LLC (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Lei Zhang Schlitz President of Global Products and Building Solutions, Johnson Controls (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
James C. Collins Jr. Retired CEO and member of the Board, Corteva Agriscience (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Michael S. Burke Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, AECOM (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Donald E. Felsinger Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sempra Energy (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Terrell K. Crews Retired Chief Financial Officer, Monsanto (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Suzan F. Harrison Retired President, Global Oral Care, Colgate-Palmolive Company (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Francisco J. Sanchez Senior Managing Director, Pt Capital; Chairman and CEO, CNS Global Consulting (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]



Archer Daniels Midland Executive Leadership Team p1

Archer Daniels Midland Executive leadership team p2

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Juan R. Luciano Chairman of the Board of Directors, President, Chief Executive Officer (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Thuy Vo Chief Counsel, Corporate, Securities and M&A, Assistant Secretary (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Jennifer Weber Chief Human Resources Officer, Chief Diversity Officer (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
John P. Stott President, ADM Investor Services, Inc. (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Pierre-Christophe Duprat President, BioSolutions and International Corn (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Ismael Roig President, Europe, Middle East and Africa, President, Animal Nutrition (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Leticia Gonçalves President, Global Foods (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Domingo Lastra President, Latin America (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Vikram Luthar Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Kristy Folkwein Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Todd A. Werpy Senior Vice President, Chief Science Officer (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
D. Cameron Findlay Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Veronica L. Braker Senior Vice President, Global Operations (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Camille Batiste Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain and Procurement  (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Greg A. Morris Senior Vice President, President, Agricultural Services and Oilseeds (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Joseph Taets Senior Vice President, President, Asia Pacific (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Christopher M. Cuddy Senior Vice President, President, Carbohydrate Solutions (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Vincent F. Macciocchi Senior Vice President, President, Nutrition, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Ian Pinner Senior Vice President, Strategy and Innovation (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Molly Strader Fruit Vice President, Corporate Controller (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Ben Bard Vice President, Global Chief Compliance Officer, Chief Audit Executive (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]
Ron Bandler Vice President, Treasurer (312) 634 8100 [first].[last]



Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis of Archer Daniels Midland:


  • Diverse product portfolio: ADM's extensive product portfolio of agricultural commodities, food ingredients, and other products helps the company to manage market fluctuations and reduce risks.
  • Global presence: ADM operates in more than 160 countries, giving the company access to diverse markets and customer bases.
  • Strong research and development capabilities: ADM invests heavily in research and development to develop new technologies and products that provide a competitive advantage.
  • Strong brand recognition: ADM is a well-known brand in the agricultural and food industries, which helps to attract and retain customers.


  • Dependence on commodity markets: As a commodity-based business, ADM is vulnerable to fluctuations in commodity prices, which can affect the company's profitability.
  • High competition: ADM operates in a highly competitive industry, facing competition from both large and small businesses.
  • Limited pricing power: The company may not be able to pass on cost increases to customers due to the competitive nature of the industry, leading to reduced margins.


  • Expansion into new markets: ADM could expand into new markets to diversify its revenue streams and reduce dependence on existing markets.
  • Growing demand for plant-based products: The increasing demand for plant-based products presents an opportunity for ADM to expand its product portfolio and meet changing consumer preferences.
  • Renewable energy: ADM could further develop its renewable energy capabilities, such as its bio-based propylene glycol production, to capitalize on the growing demand for sustainable solutions.


  • Global economic conditions: The global economic environment can impact commodity prices, which may affect ADM's revenue and profitability.
  • Climate change and natural disasters: Climate change and natural disasters can disrupt agricultural supply chains, affecting ADM's operations and revenue.
  • Government regulations: ADM is subject to a range of government regulations related to food safety, environmental protection, and other areas, which could increase costs and affect operations.



Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (ADM) Q4 2022 Earnings Call Transcript
January 26, 2023

  • Juan Luciano - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Vikram Luthar - Chief Financial Officer
  • Megan Britt - Vice President, Investor Relations

ADM Earnings highlights FY 2022
Comments from Juan Luciano - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
"we reported very strong fourth quarter adjusted earnings per share of $1.93. Adjusted segment operating profit was $1.7 billion. Our full year adjusted EPS of $7.85, adjusted segment operating profit of $6.6 billion, and trailing fourth quarter average adjusted ROIC of 13.6% demonstrate once again the great work of our global team of dedicated colleagues who manage unprecedented market disruptions to deliver an outstanding year."

"In order to meet growing customer demand and drive efficiencies, we delivered multiple projects to enhance our operational footprint, from modernization to improving and scheduled downtime to capacity expansions. We completed our Marshall, Minnesota modernization, opened a new mill house in Clinton, completed our Quincy refinery expansion and improved output and yields at our Rondonopolis diesel plant in Brazil."

"We also continued to optimize our North American milling footprint. As you know, we also introduced a new $1 billion challenge in 2022. There is no clearer demonstration of how our colleagues and culture are driving returns than the fact that thousands of ADM team members from around the globe took the initiative, step up and identified opportunities that unlocked more than $1.6 billion in cash in 2022."

"On innovation, our accomplishments include a focus on capturing the benefits of organic growth investments and M&A as we continue to get closer to our customers and extend our capabilities to meet growing global demand for our products. Our Nutrition business continued to outpace the industry, with 18% constant currency revenue growth for the full year. We delivered an impressive 26% in year-over-year revenue growth in BioSolutions."

"We have now approved the scope for the first 2 years of the program, encompassing 18 manufacturing facilities. We continue to expect double-digit returns from this important initiative. And we are continuing to advance 1ADM, which is enabling us to improve our processes and expand capabilities across the value chain. 2022 was an important year for our 1ADM business transformation."



Forecasted IT spending in FY 2023 is predicted to be more than $2.9 Billion (USD)

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) $ Millions USD
IT budget – 2023 $2,908.8
IT budget – 2022 $2,882.0
External budget  $1,941.0
Cost to run existing systems and applications $1,527.8
Total IT budget spend by IT department  $1,457.0
Expenses on new IT projects $1,381.3
Internal development and maintenance (IT staff)  $967.8



Archer Daniels Midland Technographic ProfileThere are 1,041 IT Vendors & Products listed in the ADM Technographic Profile. Download the report to see more.



The chemical industry’s path from modernization to digitalization
Chemical manufacturers need to update aging technology while also meeting ESG goals.
November 2022

ADM's path from modernization to digitalization

Modernization campaigns within chemical-industry companies can be met with some common criticisms. Too costly! Too time-consuming! Too complicated!

The underlying infrastructure is essential to modernization.” Helen Dotson of Archer-Daniels-Midland during the Chemical Industry Forum at Automation Fair 2022.

A company can be very interested in evolving to Industry 4.0, Dotson added, but if they are trying to perform data analytics on systems that are 40 years old and don’t have the required horsepower, it ain’t gonna happen. “The underlying infrastructure is essential to modernization,” she concurred.

Heads on the dais nodded in agreement. Abril added that the chemical industry is booming, particularly in North America, and leaders are having a hard time accepting the idea of taking their plants (no matter how antiquated) offline for a few weeks to make modernization upgrades. “Lack of labor is also really hitting these decision-makers,” she added. “They just don’t have the bandwidth to consider these changes.”

Technology, Digital Transformation and the Future of Quality and Food Safety
September 2022

Interview with Lee Perry, VP Global Quality & Food Safety, Archer Daniels Midland

Interview with Lee Perry, VP Global Quality & Food Safety, Archer Daniels Midland

How is technology changing the way we think about the manufacture of food and beverages?
Illustrating the make-or-break power of data to let you see where to focus your efforts in real-time
Making the business case that driving food safety, quality and compliance as well as meeting the needs of the customer necessitates an investment into digital quality, and that a failure to keep ahead of the curve will see our competitors pass us by
Walking through real-world examples of how the digital transformation is making a lasting impact on day-to-day operations, our strategic capabilities, and the culture

ADM gains insight into its Oracle deployments
March 2021

Oracle Case Study on Archer Daniels Midland

Oracle Software Investment Advisory (SIA) helps Archer Daniels Midland understand its Oracle investments for better-informed decision-making.

Oracle SIA was able to give us a deeper understanding of our deployments and licensing agreements. This process improved our knowledge significantly and helped us determine where to focus our future investments.” - Ashley Allen, Director, Ecosystem Management Global Technology, Archer Daniels Midland

Why ADM Chose Oracle
Oracle SIA offered ADM clear and actionable insights to help the company make better decisions about its future plans with Oracle. By understanding the full picture, ADM is able to optimize current workloads and accelerate its business objectives by increasing the adoption of its Oracle products.

The company wanted to know if it was on course to achieve the financial value it expected when it signed an unlimited license agreement (ULA) with Oracle. SIA conducted a midterm ULA assessment, which provided key information on how ADM was progressing against its forecast, highlighting areas that needed the most attention so it could readjust and deploy additional products where necessary.

ADM takes process-oriented approach to IT modernization
September 2021

Kristy Folkwein CIO at ADM

Food ingredients supplier Archer Daniels Midland is consolidating IT systems as part of a transformation that includes standardizing many of its business processes worldwide.

We’re not just an ag company; we’re also a human and animal nutrition company now,” says CIO Kristy Folkwein, who joined ADM in 2016.

That move into specialty products called for a similar updating of the company’s IT systems — and a standardization of its business processes around the world. “We had a lot of different ways of doing commodity trading and invoicing. We had all this fragmentation,” she says.

After a century of growth, from its origins as a miller of linseed in Minneapolis to a multinational operating in more than 50 countries on six continents, ADM’s IT systems were in need of an overhaul. Prior to the wave of acquisitions, IT had not been an investment priority. “There was a lot of pen and paper and things built over time; very old systems: You name it, I probably had one,” says Folkwein. Among those treasures were a 1950s mainframe and a VAX.

Technical transformation
One of the first software projects to go through this process was the rollout of a new indirect procurement tool, Coupa, as part of a program called 1ADM to bring together the company’s disparate IT systems.

As we were going through global design, there was a recognition that standard SAP wasn’t going to meet what the procurement organization needed,” Folkwein says. To address this, ADM launched a rigorous selection process examining the business case for various options before selecting Coupa. Executive approval for the spend then enabled it to be added to the global software template. Folkwein describes the Coupa project as a partnership between the accountable executive — in this case the head of procurement — and the technology organization.

There are now a couple thousand staff using Coupa, which ADM CEO Juan Luciano described in a July 2021 earnings call as a best-in-breed technology, and a great example of the kind of productivity work that, collectively, will help ADM save $200 million 2021.

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