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Customer Tesimonials databahn

Updated July 1, 2022

See what enterprise sales and marketing executives have to say about the databahn Deep Dive Reports and the databahn TURBO Reports.

"With over 20 years of direct sales experience calling on senior level managers, I can say with 100% certainty you simply cannot be successful at sales in any industry by simply knowing your business and promoting your company to the client. You cannot build strong relationships at the executive level without demonstrating that you not only know and understand their business but know what is happing within their organization on a daily basis. Also having the knowledge of what is happening on a daily basis with your clients helps you to target the solutions and/or services that are most relevant to the executive leaders and decision makers. What I like about databahn is it not only brings me this level of information on a daily basis but it saves me time and money. With the click of a mouse I can quickly glance through the list of articles and pull out what is most relevant. I do not have to have access and expensive memberships to multiple sources to gather this information. Success means working smarter not harder!"

"databahn reports are one of the best ways to perform research on an account. I used a databahn report to build an account strategy for a major financial company and learned about corporate objectives that related directly to the products I was selling. Then, using databahn, I was able to map the executive contacts to those objectives to build a plan for execution. The databahn report also showed the detail on competitive products that this customer already owns. 6 months later, we have a $3.3M deal in the pipeline that is expected to close shortly. Thank you databahn team!"

"I use databahn deep dive reports to generate potential leads and investigate Fortune 1000 corporation's current work environments. We provide an analytic reporting solution for thousands of companies saving each of them millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours each year. Using databahn reports I explore companies to get a greater understanding if we could benefit them and who I should reach out to. The databahn reports are on my desktop and available at all times. As one of the top Market Development Specialists at my company I am very aware that I need to try any and all avenues possible to generate interest in our products. databahn reports are one of the resources I use daily to discover those avenues and achieve a greater understanding of the customers/potential customers we service every day."

" With a recent introduction to databahn reports I have found them useful and comprehensive. I am reviewing reports and already have identified areas to focus on within my existing Fortune 500 accounts. Here's hoping I can find more..."

"databahn reports have been a very intuitive, easy to use source of timely information, to build the most important thing in sales, a pipeline of qualified opportunities. Thank you databahn team"

"If you're not using databahn deep dive reports, you'll never win against me."

"Who would like to have a pipeline of well qualified leads that amounts to revenue greater than 3x your revenue target? There are people who go make it happen, and then there's everyone else. I used databahn reports for a recent campaign that I designed and implemented. Long story short, I was able to elicit a response on a targeted cold call to a Senior Vice President of Marketing at a multi-billion dollar, publicly traded business. From there, I scheduled an initial call, and since that initial call, I have now identified and created a $1,000,000+ new business opportunity. Are you someone that makes things happen, or are you a spectator?"

"databahn reports are an invaluable aspect of the call/meeting prep process. Before I meet with a customer, I want to know what their existing systems/software/application environment looks like. Why waste time in the valuable initial meeting discussing this information? The databahn report tells you everything you need to know. You can immediately see where your own technology fits, you can anticipate important integration questions, you can develop theories about the potential ROI of your product, and you can use this information as a springboard to a much more valuable discussion with the customer. In the customer's eyes, you've now become a trusted advisor rather than a sales person. Isn't that what we all want? databahn reports also help align an internal account team, to eliminate surprises. Extremely valuable."

"I use databahn deep dive reports and org charts for valuable market research to build strategy in my targeted Fortune 500 accounts"

"databahn reports have allowed our leadership teams to understand current strategy and sales opportunities within our client base. It fills in the gaps and substantiates knowledge. It also allows us to validate organizational charts and structure of our clients."

"databahn deep dive reports provide phenomenal details and information. It comes very handy to go through and always have trusted source of details. I use them very frequently to understand customers, markets, competition etc. Keep up the great work."

"As a regional sales manager it is truly important to understand and have visibility into exactly whats happening inside and around your customer/prospects business. The databahn team has put together a tremendous sales resource which I use religiously to accomplish this objective.

The deep dive reports for our companies target accounts have enabled me and my team the opportunity to do the homework that our competitors fail to do. It is this homework that allows us to fundamentally understand their technology, business, and operational decisions. In addition, the report facilitates a better understanding of organizational reporting structures and leadership visions which leads to better and higher quality customer interactions. The information has allowed our teams to highly customize our customer facing power point presentations, and in many achieving a WOW reaction from the client.

Without the databahn deep dive reports insights, I would suggest that the information provided within them would be outside of the reach of a sales executive given the amount of time it would be required to gather it!"

"databahn reports have been of great help to our sales organization. The completeness and accuracy makes it one of the most preferred sources for seeking account information."

"databahn reports have been an invaluable timesaver providing assistance with monthly account planning and review meetings. It would take days to compile the comprehensive data that exists in these reports. I also find it useful when talking to partners on getting access into an account where they may have a relationship that I'm trying to leverage. It is amazing when I come into those meetings with more knowledge than they do about their own customer and adds instant creditability. I have also used them to paraphrase CIO/CEOs messaging when speaking to the VPs and directors of clients. Re-messaging the bosses words not only proves that you have done your homework it helps reiterate upper managements desires throughout the organization."

"Our sales and delivery teams have been using databahn reports to research company business initiatives and drivers so we can align our solutions to existing business problems. This has resulted in establishing immediate credibility, positioned us as the trusted advisor, and accelerated our sales cycle."

"Our company acquired new technology in the past year. I have needed to find director and VP-level people in a different part of the IT organization than I normally am engaged with. With most of my customers, getting the name and contact info has proven very difficult. I now open up the databahn report and there are all of the people that I need to reach out to make the appointment. I also have been able to find needed data that takes so long to collect, such as major applications, hardware vendors and major suppliers. The org charts are really helpful and helped fill in gaps that I was missing. Last, but not least are the technology insights. These truly help link the technology that I am selling to their initiatives. I've been selling software for over 20 years and this is by far the most useful resource I have come across!"

"Very simply, you have not only added new accounts per my request (which is a huge customer service value-add) but I have been able to use these reports to identify the right contacts for several areas of focus w/in the enterprise. This has helped me reach the proper audience and grow my sales funnel tremendously."

"databahn reports are a key part of my everyday strategy. No where else can I get a concise view of my Fortune 1000 public accounts. I have held several C level meetings by utilizing data found here. The org charts are invaluable and help me with quarterly business reviews with my management too. I would like to see more detailed org charts and have them updated more often. Thanks for providing this powerful resource!"

"In supporting Strategic Sales for Top Fortune 500 accounts for our software company, my team had recently acquired some new accounts to our specific territory...which can be daunting and challenging to say the least. However with the utilization of the databahn reports we retrieved, we were able to gain some very instrumental information that helped us to target these accounts accordingly. The detailed, target specific information provided...and most importantly the current Contact information and Org Charts were so instrumental in making our Team introductions into the accounts seamless...and most importantly, revenue generating...what else can a Sales Team ask for right!!"

"databahn reports have provided very valuable detailed account overviews and current organizational contacts across both IT and business. We have been able to leverage this data to generate multiple executive meetings to broaden contacts and position ourselves more strategically within accounts. In summary, databahn reports have been very valuable resource to initiate account planning and focus on key decision makers within complex, global accounts."

"Understanding the org structure in Fortune 500 accounts is nearly impossible. Customers are very reluctant to provide this information and when they do, it changes so quickly as to make org charts obsolete overnight. databahn reports have helped me to build and maintain org structures effectively and chart a path to success with my key accounts. thanks!"

"Fortune 500 databahn reports have quickly become my biggest ally as I work towards establishing myself within a new account set/ territory. I am genuinely impressed with the in-depth and highly accurate data it provides, such as; technology insights, org charts with contact info and business drivers. databahn reports have single handedly allowed me to truly add value to my field counterpart’s sales activities while simultaneously helping me to uncover new opportunities and contacts within existing accounts, internally. In fact, I have generated over 90% of my upcoming prospecting plans for a companywide event using the databahn reports! It is a great feeling of confidence to know that all of my sales and marketing efforts are now more efficient and effective because of databahn!"

"When you work at a company managing tier 1 enterprise accounts it can be a daunting prospect to try to determine every subsidiary any given company may have, not to mention what that sub's relationship to the parent company is. Sometimes they are all living in one cloud together, other times they have nothing to do with one another aside from the documentation that proclaims one the owner of the other. With databahn reports I can get a detailed view of the company hierarchy, see what is going on within the company and all its respective subsidiaries and from there I can tackle all of my account planning, call blitzing, mail merges, and truly approach my work with a complete understanding of my accounts that I cannot get anywhere else. Thanks databahn for making my job easier! :)"

"My favorite way of using databahn reports are to pull a PDF on a company and to look at the products they currently have and the initiatives they have planned or underway. Having such a detailed view of their hardware systems allows me to tailor my prospecting call blitzes towards solutions they might have a need for, (like assistance with updating desktops with Microsoft every week) or to making better use of the hardware I can see (like after using our product, they might have extra servers, which can be used to set up a proper DR site, which would require some DR software, which we offer!)"

"The databahn reports have been a great resource in our account planning and strategy sessions. The intel included within helps us craft relevant solutions surrounding key present issues/initiatives for our customers today. This information would take much longer to mine through traditional methods, so I am without a doubt a fan of databahn reports."

"databahn deep dive reports are an absolute necessity to our pre-call planning, and ongoing sales strategy. They help us elevate our business discussions to the C-level execs"

"databahn reports have been an amazing resource in helping me locate official contacts within an organization. While some sources only give information on the company without giving contacts, databahn deep dive reports give me everything I need to help the Sales team in the Northeast do a better and more efficient job. Thank you!"

"databahn reports have proven to be an invaluable tool to me. I started using this tool at a company I worked for in Fall 2019, when I moved to another company this past January, I realized databahn would be the perfect tool to use. The company I worked for now was not using databahn reports and I gave them the idea of trying it out. The other tools and websites that they were using were not providing us with reliable and useful data, necessary to provide essential feedback to the other departments within our company. I am thankful that I was introduced to this tool and will be looking forward to using it in the future."

"databahn reports are a key part of my Territory Planning each year. They provide me with current Contacts, Projects, Technology deployed in one concise report. databahn reports are the engine behind my Whitespace Analysis and prep work that goes into each customer meeting I go on."

"We have just launched databahn reports to the Enterprise and Select team. So far feedback has been great! They find the reports very helpful in their selling. These reports contains accurate and useful information on the company which preps them before their sales calls. The reports are easy to use. Reps likes the fact that they can print out any part of any reports and take it "to-go". Another thing that they find useful is the Org Chart, it is very important for them in selling and understanding the company. The databahn team have been very helpful to the team on training and providing best practices and tips."

"My Sales Team uses databahn reports to truly map to a customers' Goals and Business Objectives. By having critical databahn deep dive report information, we are able to provide a more unified solution for our customers' allowing a close business advisor relationship."

"I have used databahn reports to better understand the Prospects organization through the Org Chart. Having contact phone numbers and email addresses is a great too. The more avenues that I have to talk to the customer and the more information that I can generate makes me a better Consultant for the Business."

"I've found the databahn reports to be a very valuable source of information, both from a corporate overview and IP/app spend perspective, as well as providing great contact information. Not the typical corp overview report you see so often - definitely can help provide a competitive edge."

"I was just introduced to databahn reports and have been passing along to the sales team within my company. After reviewing the contact list for Dish Networks, I reached out to the VP of Training. Her response was sent to the Director of Training who contact me for a meeting. We are doing a full demonstration in one week to the Director of Training and her staff responsible for training 20,000 people. databahn reports were very helpful and I'll keep using them in my other accounts"

"In November, I was preparing for an Executive Briefing Center visit w/ my peer counterparts. It was the first visit for this particular customer, and imperative to make an excellent impression. My counterparts (in our organization) did not have access to the databahn reports, and I was able to share the current databahn information. It even included email addresses of IT contacts. The databahn reports were valuable for my internal preparation in knowing and understanding the account, in advance."

"The databahn deep dive reports have been great with our sales group. We are able to give them main contacts or upper level contacts and some strategic, top of mind items when calling into our accounts. Best of all, it is all packaged in one location."

" I am a new user of databahn reports. At first inspection it looks to be an excellent sales resource. The detail is remarkable. I can see where databahn reports will save time and effort while providing excellent returns at all stages of the sales process."

"We used a databahn report for a large beer manufacturer headquartered in St Louis - guess which one??? I will admit it was the first I had ever used, and I was quite surprised. The amount of detail blew me away, and was much more rich than anything I had used with Hoover's, etc. We used the report to dive specifically into the marketing organization of this client. Considering this client is such a large advertiser, there are numerous marketing organizations, and we needed to get to the staff that was focused on social media so as to drive our social mining products. We got to the right people, and are driving the conversation as needed with our products. The lead account manager was so impressed with the databahn report that he asked me to also get reports for his other clients. Thanks for the help!"

"I was on site at an insurance customer of mine. during the meeting he mentioned a few names of people I needed to contact. I ran a databahn report at their cafe and sent intro emails. One contact responded immediately. Turns out he was sitting in the cafe there and we had coffee and then scheduled a follow up meeting...very cool."

"making the relevant connection to a client or a prospect is the key to delivering a message that will demonstrate that you truly understand the environment and factors that affect someone. Using databahn reports allows me to get insight on what's impacting those individuals I need to connect with in a way that enables the ability to create a discriminating message, mapping my value proposition to the unique drivers affecting those people I'm talking to. databahn reports are a great source for that information and a key tool for me to develop and maintain relationships."

"The databahn report is a ready document for quick access. It has been very helpful when we need to meet deadline and do not have much time in hand. It is very reliable source of information that can be use at any given time."

"I have been using databahn for quite some time and feel its been a great tool for us and also for our sales team in providing the IT landscape and contacts which is very critical in forming sales pitch. This is something very unique of databahn reports and widely appreciated by one and all , associated with Sales which is a very vital function or rather the backbone of any organisation. MAny thanks to all in the databahn team."

"databahn reports are very useful for identifying possible longer term opportunities within target accounts. Not only can you see potential company contacts to reach out to, but you can also identify, with ease, how the organization is structured to formulate a sales strategy. Thanks for your help databahn."

"databahn reports were always helpful. I check their availablity before starting any research on any company as they give a good amount of information for initial start up on the research. Also some contents are really useful like Key People, SWOT analysis, etc. I always try to start my research with databahn reports. All thanks to you databahn team"

"databahn reports have always proved to be a great help while looking for information about company. Before i used do lot of research to understand about company but now i can get in and out about the company using their databahn Report. Specially it helps to understand their Technology Landscape a lot. These are some great piece of research work. I really appreciate the efforts. Thank you!"

"I use databahn reports to jump-start sales cycles in new accounts, expand footprints in existing customer accounts, facilitate the strategic account planning process, respond to RFPs & bids more effectively, build better content into executive level presentations, and to identify the presence of competitors & partners.These features makes us to drive new sales revenues faster."

"databahn reports were always helpful. I check their availability before starting any research on any company as they give a good amount of information for initial start up on the research. Also some contents are really useful like Key People, SWOT analysis, etc. I always try to start my research with databahn reports. All thanks to the databahn team."

"databahn reports have been a window of valuable information for my target Accounts and a great research source. It has been an integral part of my Strategic Planning activity. Most of the information provided there is very useful, relevant and factual. I'm able to find a lot of important information in one place. A good amount of this information is often either not available in the open sources or not easily accessible. My experience with their Support organization has been very good as well when I needed assistance in securing password access to some of my reports. I recommend databahn information sources to most of my Colleagues in the Field including my supervisors. I'm a very happy customer of databahn."

"I have been part of the sales support team, which is a very strategic and critical function of any organisation. Owe a great deal to the databahn reports that I have been sharing with the sales folks who are otherwise buried with pressures of achieving their targets, month on month. It has helped them big way making their account plans, and spending more time with prospects and customers, instead of hunting for information which the databahn reports provide so easily.Its very important that you have your stuffs up especially when things are time bound. databahn reports have proved to be a very effective and reliable tool. The org charts are very exclusive of databahn, which are not available thru the best of websearch and very much appreciated by the Sales Team.Overall, a indispensable tool for the success of the sales team that forms core of any organisation. Thank you databahn, helping us databahn the competition and market pressures. Kudos and cheers to everyone in the research team at databahn."

"I've used the databahn reports most recently to help identify organizatonal changes that have taken place in a target account. The information was pretty accurate and allowed me to access another level of the client organization. Additionally, a point made in databahn's summary enabled me to raise a topical question with an executive and move past an introductory conversation to some real "value add" for the client."

"I use databahn reports extensively. We do have access to many other paid websites, however databahn provides us with the most comprehensive data. I would also like to see the source for the respective IT landscape as for most organizations, it seems pretty generic. Such sources will certainly provide a new look and more authenticity. At the end of day, i know how difficult it is to gather this data but pretty sure that you guys can definitely do this. All the best databahn team"

"The account research has helped me with my market research needs. We have been pulling together customer fact sheets for our internal clients and the information has helped me get the job done."

"databahn reports are always the first place I start when I'm doing market research. The easy-to-read reports are a great resource, especially when I'm trying to figure out a potential market size and the databahn reports can tell me at a glance how much a company is spending on IT, capital expenditures, and more. Having all the information on a prospective customer or market in once place saves me hours of hunting through annual reports and SEC filings. Thank you databahn team!"

"It is comforting to know that the contact information that we glean is more current than most other comprehensive business online directories. It has been very helpful in landing new company accounts and contacts. Thank you."

"In today’s business world, buyers are becoming increasingly resistant to scripted sales pitches and boilerplate marketing or sales messages. I find buyers more receptive when they are treated as people, as opposed to contacts or leads. I have been using databahn reports for the past six months and the up-to-date information in the reports has helped me provide prospective and existing customers with appropriate messages at the appropriate times. The databahn reports get me all the up-to-date facts and information about any Fortune 1000 company on the fly - before I walk in. Thank you databahn!."

"databahn reports help me in my prospecting and tells me where what client is facing a challenge."

"I am a Pre Sales Consultant and Senior Architect for the Infrastructure Services wing of one of the biggest IT companies in India. Up until I unleashed the power of databahn reports and all the good jazz it brings to the table, I was spending an estimated 12-15 hours a week, just to gather elementary data like company size, revenues, org structure (especially for emerging geographies). Post my introduction to this marvel I am now able to venture way beyond such basics and understand pain areas, future plans, M&A, key executives and stakeholders, decision makers and influencers."

"I am a presales consultant for one of the leading Indian IT company and I have been using databahn reports as a part of demand generation activities which significantly reduces my research time and it also helps to identify the competitors and partners of my prospects which helps me in doing an overall SWOT analysis for them."

"I am hooked on databahn since getting into sales role to understand my customer better. databahn reports are exhaustive to understand technology landscape and for the right pitch to the customer. The segment wise account mining helps to stay focussed with the information available. With databahn you are always well-informed of your customer and stay ahead of competition."

"databahn is a one stop shop with end to end information which serves the purpose, saves time and meets our business demand."

"I was introduced to databahn around a year ago and i have been hooked since !! Every time i need info for any company, the first place i turn to is databahn. Be it company overview, technographics, financials, news, competitive landscape, business strategy or contact information - databahn has it all. I have found the detailed technologies in use, business strategy and contact information to be specially helpful, since it helps me tailor my pitch accordingly and move in on my prey! In a nutshell, databahn reports make business simpler and enables me to achieve my targets faster and accurately - thus databahning all competition."

"From a marketing perspective this was a new avenue for leadgen. We needed access to information on "who to call" for this campaign. databahn reports provide valuable and actionable information on finger tips - such as role, title, department; sales intelligence on some of the critical business issues relevant to our solution. Data was made available to sales directly from within CRM - and is used by them for account planning. Marketing is launching email campaign based on contact information available from the databahn reports."

"databahn reports have been extremely helpful to our organization. They provide data that is not easy to find elsewhere and saves a lot of time, which is certainly key! The reports cover all industries and I am constantly checking to see the latest updates and new additions. Thank you databahn - you've allowed me to focus on strategic initiatives around our customers instead of crunching numbers and researching a number of different sites to find the information you so easily provide. Keep up the good work!"

"databahn deep dive reports have been an excellent tool for providing information around underserved target accounts. The information is accurate and to the point and seems to be a step ahead of some of the other sources that I use. "

"I've been leveraging databahn reports for the past 2 years and when I compare them to several other 3rd party research companies we currently use or have used in the past, hands down, databahn deep dives are at another level. The detail provided is exactly what we need to help us be successful."

"databahn reports provide the extra bit of detail that that many other sources lack. They've helped me several times get to the nub of the matter with specific metrics and details on companies that help sales, strategy, planning and marketing."

"Know thy customer. databahn’s TURBO Report is the most simple resource I have found to get insight into what’s happening with our key clients and prospects. And it’s not just org charts and latest news stories, but detailed information about corporate strategies, major initiatives and the competitive landscape. They’re easy to read and understand and a must have before any client meeting, RFP response or account planning session."

"databahn TURBO Reports have proven to be a valuable resource in our business development lifecycle. Gaining trusted insight into a prospect’s organization gives us the knowledge to start a meaningful conversation with a potential client. Understanding their challenges, business drivers, and strategy enables us to craft innovative solutions that truly benefit their business transformation. Hats off to the databahn research team… this is excellent research."

"Turbo Reports are an invaluable source of up to date information for me and my sales team. We use to approach new prospects in trying to determine who they are currently using and how to position our sales strategy. The updates are also helpful in hearing about new projects that we can participate in in a timely manner. When I need to know what's going on in a prospect account, the first place that I turn is to my databahn reports. Recently my team and I went into a major Pharmaceutical account where we have no products at all. They wanted to know how we knew so much about their environment and current projects and we told them it was from a service that we use. We didn't want to tell them Turbo Reports because we didn't want their vendor management organization to send out a notice forbidding IT personnel from speaking with the databahn research team. The Turbo Reports are my secret weapon to my success as being one of the top sales reps in my company. Keep up the great work databahn, so I can keep crushing the competition!"

"databahn reports allow me to validate the customer/prospect information I have, and to determine the quickest path to key decision makers and projects in an organization."

"Turbo reports are the absolute first place I go to research companies that I am targeting and genuinely disappointed if a Turbo Report does not exist for a company. By far, databahn reports are the most valuable resource I use to sell."

"TURBO reports beat any other report for consolidated company research. My sales people tell me it's the #1 tool for researching company information prior to to calling on an account."

"I began using databahn's TURBO reports a little over two months ago and I have found this to be invaluable! I target Enterprise accounts in the mid-west and I quickly found out how useful the TURBO reports were. For example, I pulled reports for my top 10 target accounts and immediately sent these to my Field Reps. They responded within minutes thanking me for the information, and we discussed how this information was much more detailed than we could hope to dig up on our own. From there, we formed a gameplan based on each company's IT Highlights and specifically their Technology Business Drivers. For one company, they were ""Responding to the economy by controlling costs and conserving cash"". We were able to successfully position our suite of solutions and schedule a meeting to discuss in more depth. Without that targeted messaging, I don't believe that meeting happens. "

"I started using TURBO reports at my position over the last two months. I had another success using databahn reports breaking into an account that we don't have an existing relationship with yet. We currently work with 2 of the big 3 auto makers in the US. We have had this 3rd automaker as a target for a long time, and we have had challenges finding contacts with reliable contact info for this particular account through other tools like InsideView, Hoovers, and Zoom. I pulled the databahn report on this company and as I was reading through their business plan through 2022 and how Social Media was going to be a vital part of their plan. Included was a quote from and SVP of Marketing about the importance of Social Media. Little bits of information like that are awesome for forming some strategy and creating the right angle to penetrate the account. I immediately scrolled down to the contact list and searched for the SVP's name. It was included in the report with correct contact info. Working with my counterpart we drafted a targeted email around the information in the report and fired it off to the contact last week. Yesterday morning I received an email back from this SVP providing me with the name and information of one of his team members, and have entered into preliminary discussions here. Our team is pumped. Thanks for the help."

"I was recently waiting for my meeting host in the Lobby of a large Pharma company. My host was running late and it gave me time to catch with my Turbo Report. One of the articles referred to a negative patent ruling by the FDA that could impact any technology spend this year. I brought it up during our presentation and the Pharma Co.'s VP led a very spirited conversation that led to other opportunities for us. Great stuff! Keep up the great work."

"databahn reports save me time and headache as I search for customer background, pointing me in the right direction on who I need to contact."

"databahn reports enable my team to work smarter. We've been using Turbo reports to quickly identify key initiatives, stakeholders and relevant news allowing us to target more companies at the right level with the right message. A must have."

"I've used Turbo Reports for years and find no better resource to gain access and get dialogue's going across virtually every functional area of large corporations."

"I'm an enterprise sales rep and I leverage the turbo reports as my starting point for sales and marketing initiatives into strategic accounts. They provide the needed insight of applications and contacts in an account to enable quick execution of sales plans and actionable activities to drive successful sales campaigns."

"databahn reports are an essential component to any sales person looking to get into a "new" company with whom they don't already have traction. The ability provided through Turbo reports to garner insight at-a-glance about a company, some of the goals/needs, as well as budgetary situations etc., allow for any sales person to go into a "cold" call with some ready-loaded ammo that prove to be invaluable in a sales call."

"I really appreciate how TURBO reports have so much consolidated information. You would have to go to so many different sources to get all the info contained in one TURBO report!"

"I am going to keep this short and to the point. These reports have in many times helped me before having my initial conversation with a prospect. They first helped me to identify who that contacts are that I need to talk with and then allowed me to speak relevantly to the contact because of what I already knew about the company. They have so many sales guys/girls talking to them all the time so by actually knowing something about the company it has helped to make me stick out."

"We had targeted a large Michigan company. I pulled the TURBO report and analyzed the current solutions in place and saw that they use a tool of ours that is run out of a different division. I viewed further down the report and got to the the marketing report. After reviewing the info with my field rep there was some specific goals that the prospect had stated in the report that we identified that we could align with very effectively. We proceeded to the org chart and looked at several people that we thought would be ideal for targeting. We then leveraged the existing relationship in our other division to help get introductions. We have since had two people from this company out to our annual conference last week and we are in discussions surrounding the goals identified in the TURBO report. It helped us quickly identify some very helpful information as well as enter into a promising opportunity with a new logo. Very happy to have this as a resource."

"TURBO Reports are an important part of my sales process that I rely on each and every day to be successful. The ability to quickly understand the architecture that is currently in place, as well as the key stakeholders with accurate contact information is invaluable and makes my job much easier."

"I would not be able to do my job without TURBO Reports! The detailed information about a target company's infrastructure included in the reports is invaluable, and the contact info is always correct and up-to-date. I use many different databases in my prospecting, and I always start with TURBO Reports because I know the info is reliable. I can usually find the person I need and save myself the time of digging through 3-4 other sites."

"Turbo reports give you a competitive advantage when you're entering into a pitch situation with a new prospect. It really helps to have great intel on the company you're going in to see."

"Times are getting tougher and available time is diminishing with everyone, everywhere doing more with less. Therefore, having TURBO Reports' Org charts is critical to finding whom is in the role that needs our technology. I use it as a 'go to' document for focusing sales efforts and referring back to as my corporate contacts increase and I can create my organizational contacts and hierarchical chain of command. TURBO reports are my daily 'Business Section' skimmed specifically on my accounts nationally. This would take me countless hours each week. Its a great time saver and knowledge bank."

"I work for a software company, and TURBO reports not only help me with which companies to target, but also gives me great insight into current projects, so I have a good idea before we even speak whether or not we can provide value with the initiatives they are working on. In addition, the contacts are great and really help to enhance our existing database"