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Eye-Popping Hidden Costs of Internal Sales Research

At least 11% of a sales rep's workday is spent researching their target accounts

How much is it costing you to have your highly paid enterprise account reps searching Google, reading the news, reviewing annual reports, and flipping through case studies, etc. ? It's costing you a lot more than you think. Visit our ROI Calculator to see for yourself.

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Technologies in Use

Gain a competitive advantage by knowing the incumbent technology vendors.

ERP. CRM. SCM. HRMS. BI. ECM. SaaS. Cloud. Data Center. Systems Integrators. Consultants. Outsourcers.

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Sales Reps Spend Less Than 36% Of Their Time Selling

What are they doing?

According to a recent Forbes article, sales reps spend less than 36% of their time selling.

CHALLENGE: Spend less time researching your customers and prospects and spend more time in front of your customers.

SOLUTION: Improve sales effectiveness with actionable sales intelligence on your target accounts.

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databahn's Fortune 1000 deep dive company profile reports help eliminate costly research time and accelerate new sales revenue.

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