Australian Government to Invest A$10m in IoT

Australian Government to Invest A$10m in IoT

The Australian government pledges more funds towards deploying a Sigfox-based network that will be used to power smart city and clean energy applications across the country.

In a statement, Australia’s ministry of the environment and energy said LPWAN technology is cheaper, produces fewer emissions and provides longer battery life for devices which only need to transmit small amounts of data and require intermittent internet connectivity.

The technology will also provide businesses with a low-cost solution to track and monitor equipment such as large volumes of pallets, waste containers, gas canisters, farm gates and livestock.

Thinxtra, which counts more than 150 Australian businesses as customers, is aiming to connect up 17 million objects by 2022 and is on track to provide a network that covers 95% of Australia’s population by the end of 2017.

“Our low cost, low power, long range IoT network is perfect for deploying simple solutions to make cities smarter, buildings more energy efficient, industry more productive, reduce congestion and improve health outcomes for Hong Kong,” said Murray Hankinson, Thinxtra’s managing director for Asia.

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Australian government to invest A$10m in IoT