C3 IoT, Blue Pillar, Uptake, and Carriots Take Development To The Cloud

From where IT professionals sit, these are early days for industrial IoT. Still, the software, hardware, and network ecosystem required for delivering on the promise of IoT will eventually transform the way enterprises think about running everything. Here are four cloud-based industrial IoT startups worth knowing:

  1. C3 IoT - C3 IoT, a small firm of 105 employees, generated revenues of $38 million in its last quarter -- its first of the 2017 fiscal year. The company is analyzing the grids of 20 public utilities, helping them match generation to customer demand, and realizing other diverse benefits from that instrumentation.

  2. Uptake.io - Uptake, based in Chicago, employs more than 300 software engineers, designers, and data scientists to provide custom IoT applications for its customers. Like C3 IoT, Uptake is focused on building a cross-industry platform with an emphasis on predictive analytics, and it has found an early customer in Caterpillar.

  3. Blue Pillar - Indianapolis, Ind.-based Blue Pillar takes all the data on energy delivered to a large, complex facility -- such as a modern hospital, an Army base, or telecommunications supplier -- and loads it into its Aurora Platform for analysis.

  4. Carriots - Carriots, founded in 2011 in Madrid, is a spinoff of the machine-to-machine division of Wairbut, a Spanish engineering consulting firm. While not much is known about Carriots in the US, it's working with Cisco as a partner in Europe to build out a platform and network of connected devices with some similar goals to those of C3 IoT.

  5. Lightpad - If Carriots is little known in the US, even less is known about the potential platform that could come with Lightpad, a Chicago-based startup still in stealth mode.

    "We'll be sharing our vision in the Summer of 2016," is the message that greets visitors to the Lightpad website. However, enough is known about the company to consider it a potential industrial IoT application platform provider, albeit with a different angle from the likes of C3 IoT, Blue Pillar, Uptake, or Carriots.

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C3 IoT, Blue Pillar, Uptake, or Carriots Take Development to the Cloud