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Costco Wholesale Corporation
999 Lake Drive
Issaquah, WA 98027
United States
Main Phone: (425) 313-8100

Ticker Symbol: (NYSE: COST)
Sector(s): Consumer Defensive
Industry: Discount Stores
Full Time Employees: 304,000
Costco Fortune 500 Rank: #11
Costco Forbes Global 2000 Rank: #123

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Who is the CEO of Costco?

Craig Jelinek is the CEO of Costco

The CEO of Costco is W. Craig Jelinek. He has been with the company since 1984 and has held a variety of positions including store manager, general manager, and regional vice president. In 2010, he was appointed president and chief operating officer, and in 2012 he was promoted to CEO. Jelinek has been instrumental in the company's success, overseeing its expansion to over 700 warehouses worldwide and its continued growth in sales and profits. He is known for his focus on keeping prices low for customers while also investing in the company's employees, offering them competitive wages and benefits. Under Jelinek's leadership, Costco has also been recognized for its commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. He is seen as a leader in the retail industry, and is known for his ability to balance Costco's business and social responsibility.

What do the Costco Org Charts look like?


Costco Org Chart Corporate Structure
Costco Org Chart Board of Directors
Costco Org Chart  Executive Leadership slide 1
Costco Org Chart  Executive Leadership slide 2
Costco Org Chart Executive Leadership slide 3

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How would you describe the Costco Organizational Structure?

Costco's organizational structure is a hybrid of both hierarchical and flat structures. At the top of the hierarchy is the Board of Directors and the CEO, who make strategic decisions for the company. Underneath them are the divisional managers, who are responsible for specific areas of the company such as operations, finance, and marketing. These divisional managers have a large degree of autonomy and decision-making power within their respective areas. However, Costco also has a relatively flat structure, with a relatively small number of management layers between the top level and the front-line employees. This allows for quick decision making and effective communication within the company. Additionally, Costco places a strong emphasis on teamwork and employee empowerment, with a culture that encourages employee involvement in decision making and problem solving. This structure allows Costco to maintain a high level of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Who are the decision-makers at Costco?

W. Craig Jelinek Chief Executive Officer Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Richard A. Galanti Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Patrick J. Callans Executive Vice President, Administration Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Timothy L. Rose Executive Vice President, Ancillary Businesses, Manufacturing & Business Centers Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Yoram B. Rubanenko Executive Vice President, COO - Eastern Division Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
James P. Murphy Executive Vice President, COO - International Division Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Pierre Riel Executive Vice President, COO - International Division Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Claudine Adamo Executive Vice President, COO - Merchandising Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
James Klauer Executive Vice President, COO - Northern Division Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Caton Frates Executive Vice President, COO - Southwest Division Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
John Sullivan Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Ron M. Vachris President and Chief Operating Officer Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Russ Miller Senior Executive Vice President, COO - Warehouse Operations - U.S. & Mexico Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Robert Parker Senior Vice President, Business Centers Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Terry Williams Senior Vice President, CIO - Information Technology Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Ali Moayeri Senior Vice President, Construction & Purchasing Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Daniel M. Hines Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Jeff Cole Senior Vice President, Costco Wholesale Industries & Business Development Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Gino Dorico Senior Vice President, Country Manager - Canada Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Teresa Jones Senior Vice President, Depots & Traffic Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
John D. Thelan Senior Vice President, Depots & Traffic Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Mike Parrott Senior Vice President, Ecommerce Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Richard Chang Senior Vice President, General Manager - Asia Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Jeffrey Abadir Senior Vice President, General Manager - Bay Area Region Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Marc-André Bally Senior Vice President, General Manager - Eastern Canada Region Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Louie Silveira Senior Vice President, General Manager - Europe Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Walt Shafer Senior Vice President, General Manager - Lincoln Premium Poultry Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Greg Carter II Senior Vice President, General Manager - Los Angeles Region Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
William Koza Senior Vice President, General Manager - Midwest Region Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Adam Self Senior Vice President, General Manager - Northeast Region Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Mario Omoss Senior Vice President, General Manager - Northwest Region Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
W. Richard Wilcox Senior Vice President, General Manager - San Diego Region Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Wendy Davis Senior Vice President, General Manager - Southeast Region Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Darby Greek Senior Vice President, General Manager - Texas Region Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Azmina Virani Senior Vice President, General Manager - Western Canada Region Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Brenda Weber Senior Vice President, Human Resources Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Sandy Torrey Senior Vice President, Membership, Marketing, Member Service Centers and Travel Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Pietro Nenci Senior Vice President, Merchandising - Corporate Foods, Non-Foods & Ecommerce, Canada Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Nancy Griese Senior Vice President, Merchandising - Foods & Sundries Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Sarah George Senior Vice President, Merchandising - Fresh Foods Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Yoon Kim Senior Vice President, Merchandising - Non-Foods Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Geoff Shavey Senior Vice President, Merchandising - Non-Foods Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Richard Stephens Senior Vice President, Pharmacy Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
David Messner Senior Vice President, Real Estate Development Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}
Robert E. Nelson III Senior Vice President, Treasury, Financial Planning & Investor Relations Costco (425) 313-8100 {f}{last}

What is Terry Williams, CIO, Costco focused on in 2023?

Terry Williams' priorities include ensuring the smooth operation and security of Costco's information technology systems, as well as implementing new technologies to improve the company's efficiency and competitiveness. Additionally, as CIO, he works closely with other executives and departments to develop and execute the company's overall technology strategy and ensure it aligns with the overall business objectives.


What are some of Costco's Digital Transformation initiatives in 2023?

Costco, like many retailers, has been undergoing a digital transformation in recent years in order to stay competitive in the e-commerce market and provide a seamless shopping experience for customers. One of their initiatives includes the development of a mobile app, which allows customers to easily browse and purchase products, access deals and coupons, and manage their membership. They also have been investing in improving their e-commerce platform, making it more user-friendly and efficient for customers to shop online. Another key initiative has been the implementation of advanced analytics and data mining techniques to better understand customer behavior and preferences, which can be used to improve marketing and inventory management. Additionally, Costco has been experimenting with new technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience both online and in-store.

Who serves on Costco’s Board of Directors?

Hamilton E. James Chairman of the Board Costco
W. Craig Jelinek CEO of Costco Costco
Maggie Wilderotter CEO and Chair of the Grand Reserve Inn Costco
Susan Decker CEO of Raftr, Inc. Costco
John W. Stanton Chairman of Trilogy International Partners, Inc. Costco
Jeff Raikes Co-Founder of the Raikes Foundation Costco
Richard A. Galanti EVP, CFO of Costco Costco
Sally Jewell Former CEO of The Nature Conservancy Costco
Kenneth D. Denman General Partner at Sway Ventures Costco
Ron Vachris President, COO of Costco Costco
Charles T. Munger Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Costco

Where is Costco investing in their business?


More details on T-Mobile-Costco arrangement are revealed
Jan 2023
As a follow up to last week’s report that Costco will be running a pilot program that will sell T-Mobile’s products in its stores, an update has been released. The T-Mo Report revealed that the Un-carrier will be the exclusive wireless provider in 178 Costco stores. The publication shared documents detailing this new move from the Un-carrier. The documents reveal that “managers at nearby corporate-owned T-Mobile stores will be sending some of their employees to these Costco locations.” This is because actual T-Mobile corporate employees will now be manning these stores to sell the Un-carrier’s products. As such, they no longer have to rely on a third-party vendor like Wireless Advocates. One of the good things about this arrangement is that T-Mobile will be waiving its $35 Device Connection Charge for customers who will be making a transaction in these stores. There will also be a 90-day return window on purchases made at Costco, which is two months more compared to regular purchases made at T-Mobile.

Costco sees improved sales performance in December
Jan 2023
Costco Wholesale closed out calendar 2022 on an up note as December net and comparable sales growth improved from the previous month. For the five weeks ended Jan. 1, net sales climbed 7% to $23.8 billion from $22.24 billion a year earlier, Issaquah, Washington-based Costco reported Thursday after the market close. That compared with a 5.7% year-over-year uptick in November and a 16.2% gain in December 2021. Across the company, comparable-club sales rose 5.5% for December and were up 7.3% excluding changes in fuel prices and foreign exchange (FX) rates, versus year-ago total comp-sales growth of 14.5% (11.5% excluding fuel and FX). By business unit, December comp sales grew 6.2% in the United States (6.4% excluding fuel and FX), 4.7% in Canada (10.9% excluding fuel and FX) and 2.5% internationally (9.1% excluding fuel and FX), according to Costco.

9 Costco Secrets the CEO Just Revealed
Dec. 27, 2022

  1. Costco’s average markup is about 13%
  2. People do purchase expensive items at Costco
  3. He sees signs of a recession
  4. His favorite foods
  5. He (almost) revealed the company’s future - When asked if the recent promotion of Ron Vachris to president was a step towards grooming the next CEO, he didn’t outright deny it.
  6. The company is growing its membership base
  7. The 93-inch plush teddy bear is a hot buy
  8. Consumers are buying, but they’re more value-conscious
  9. Consumers and employees matter most


Costco CFO says membership price hike is ‘a question of when, not if’
Dec 2022
Costco’s $60 annual membership fee is going up sooner or later. During the company’s earnings report last week, chief financial officer Richard Galanti said that while “there’s no rush” to raise prices, an eventual hike is “a question of when, not if.” The Seattle-based wholesaler’s last price hike in June of 2017 saw it raise the price of its Standard Gold Star membership from $55 to $60, and increase the price of its Executive membership from $110 to $120. Those prices have remained steady ever since. Rival Sam’s Club, meanwhile, recently increased its prices for the first time in nearly a decade. Galanti told analysts that on average Costco has increased its rates every five years and seven months, which would put Costco on track for another increase in January. Still, Galanti said, no decisions have been made about when the fee increase will be implemented.


Costco Doubles Down on Ecommerce With Pickup Locker and Marketplace Expansions
December 14, 2021
Costco will put a renewed emphasis on ecommerce by doubling the number of locations with pickup lockers over the coming year and expanding its Costco Next brand directory. The retailer’s net sales were up 16.7% to $49.4 billion in Q1 2022, with digital sales up 13.3% year-over-year.
Currently, 112 Costco warehouses have pickup lockers, according to CFO Richard Galanti on a call with investors. The expansion will bring them to more than 200 stores, though Galanti did not provide an exact target for the expansion.


What are Costco executives saying about business performance?

Costco Wholesale (COST) Q1 2023 Earnings Call Highlights
December 8, 2022

Executives in Attendance

  • Bob Nelson - SVP, Finance and Investor Relations
  • Richard Galanti - CFO

"This year's results included a charge of $93 million pre-tax or $0.15 per share, primarily related to downsizing our charter shipping activities, and a tax benefit of $53 million or $0.12 per diluted share related to stock-based compensation. Last year's results included an asset write-off of $118 million pre-tax or $0.20 per diluted share and a tax benefit of $91 million or $0.21 a share related to stock-based compensation. Additionally, the strength of the U.S. dollar resulted in our foreign company earnings translating into fewer U.S. dollars. With 25% to 30% of our earnings generally -- generated outside of the United States, this negatively impacted earnings by about $0.12 per share. In terms of sales, net sales for the first quarter increased 8.1% or $53.44 billion versus $49.42 billion reported last year. On a comparable sales basis during the first quarter, reported U.S. sales increased over the 12 weeks 9.3%; and excluding gas inflation and FX, 6.5%; Canada, 2.4%; reported 8.3% increase, ex gas inflation and FX. Other International reported minus 3.1%; excluding gas inflation, FX, plus 9.1%. So, you have, all told, 6.6% reported for the company and ex-gas inflation and FX of 7.1%. E-commerce, by the way, was reported of minus 3.7% and a minus 2%, excluding FX."

"In terms of first-quarter comp sales metrics, traffic or shopping frequency increased 3.9% worldwide and up 2.2% in the U.S. Our average transaction size was up 2.6% worldwide and 6.9% U.S. during the first quarter. And foreign currencies relative to the U.S. dollar negatively impacted sales by a little over 3%, while gasoline price inflation positively impacted sales by approximately 2.5%. Moving down the income statement. Membership fee income reported in the quarter, our membership fee income came in right at $1 billion. That's $54 million or 5.7% higher than last year's reported number of $946 million."

"Executive members now represent 45% of our paid membership and just under 73% of worldwide sales. Moving down the income statement to gross margin. Our reported gross margin in the first quarter was lower year over year by 45 basis points and lower by 21 basis points, excluding gas inflation. And as I'll explain in a minute, the 93% pre-tax charge, excluding that 93% -- $93 million charge we took in the quarter, gross margin ex gas inflation would have been only down three basis points."

Where can I find the Costco Annual Report for 2022?

Costco Annual Report 2022

Download the COST 10-K here

What are the key takeaways from Costco's Sustainability Report?


The Costco Sustainability Report highlights the company's efforts to minimize its environmental impact and promote sustainability in its operations. The report states that Costco has set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its operations by 18% by 2025. To achieve this goal, Costco is implementing energy-efficient measures in its warehouses, such as LED lighting and solar panels. The company is also working to reduce waste by increasing recycling and composting efforts, and by implementing more efficient packaging practices.

In addition to these efforts, Costco is also working to promote sustainability in its supply chain. The company is working with suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of their operations and encouraging them to use sustainable materials and practices. Costco is also promoting sustainable agriculture by sourcing products from farms that use sustainable practices.

The report also states that Costco is committed to promoting social responsibility and ethical business practices. The company is working to improve working conditions for its employees and ensuring that the products it sells are ethically sourced. Costco is also actively engaged in community service and charitable giving, and it encourages its employees to volunteer in their local communities.

Overall, the Costco Sustainability Report illustrates the company's commitment to reducing its environmental impact and promoting sustainability in its operations, supply chain, and community. The report provides detailed information on the company's progress towards its sustainability goals and highlights specific initiatives and programs that are helping to drive progress.



What do the Costco financials look like?

Costco Financial Performance
Fiscal Year  
Fiscal Year Ends 27-Aug-22
Most Recent Quarter 20-Nov-22
Profit Margin 2.55%
Operating Margin 3.35%
Management Effectiveness  
Return on Assets 7.43%
Return on Equity 29.32%
Income Statement  
Revenue $231.03 Billion
Revenue Per Share 520.61
Quarterly Revenue Growth 8.10%
Gross Profit 27.57B
Net Income Avi to Common 5.88B
Diluted EPS 13.14
Quarterly Earnings Growth 3.00%
Balance Sheet  
Total Cash 11.67B
Total Cash Per Share 26.31
Total Debt 9.05B
Total Debt/Equity 42.12
Current Ratio 1.03
Book Value Per Share 48.38
Cash Flow Statement  
Operating Cash Flow 6.74B
Levered Free Cash Flow 1.85B


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Where is Costco utilizing cloud technologies?

Azure Google Cloud AWS

Cloud Networking Engineer – Cloud Technologies
Location: Issaquah (Seattle), WA
An important member of the Cloud technologies team that performs critical interfacing with other teams pushing towards our Cloud restructuring efforts. Performs Cloud network configurations through Terraform. Creates and manages Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Works with Main POC for Cloud Software Defined Networking. Acts as a liaison to existing Enterprise network and security teams. Develops tool integrations that allow for end to end traceability for application development (from requirements to code objects changed to meet the requirements). Collaborates with Operations, Development and other groups to develop solutions that are predisposed to scalability and simplified maintenance. Configures and maintains on-premises and Azure cloud infrastructure to ensure availability, performance, scalability and security of development, testing and production environments, relying on automated scripts and configuration management tools.
Technologies in use: Azure cloud networking, Azure native networking, Azure FW, Front Door, Azure Load Balancing, Ansible/Jenkins/Terraform

Cybersecurity Operations Engineer - Application Security
Location: Dallas, TX
The role of every Application Security Team member is to support the overarching values and business goals of Costco, including meeting legal, ethical and regulatory obligations; protecting member, employee, and supplier privacy; and ensuring a technologically secure operating environment. The Cybersecurity Operations Engineer works closely with stakeholders in Security, the Business and other leaders within Costco, as well as partner with suppliers and utilize vulnerability management resources. The Engineer is responsible for the successful delivery, design, and support of the vulnerability management program. This role has specifically focuses on application security, vulnerability scanning, vulnerability scan outputs, and the tools and methodologies utilized within the program. 
Technologies in use: Git, ADO, Pull, Fetch, Push, Sync, DevOps, kanban

DevOps Engineer - Enterprise Automation and Orchestration
Location: Issaquah (Seattle), WA
The DevOps Engineer’s responsibilities include the automation of software builds, test and deployment systems, in addition to infrastructure. This role manages various development, test, staging, and demo environments (code deployment, backups, data refreshes), as well as deploys and manages software in Costco’s production environment while leveraging as much automation as possible. The DevOps Engineer is responsible for continually advancing the technology in a collaborative and creative agile environment using many of the latest technologies and industry best practices and finding better and more efficient ways of delivering solutions that meet business objectives. Develops and operates end-to-end automated solutions for IT ops activities (including deployment, release management, monitoring, etc.). 
Technologies in use: Azure

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