Top 10 Most Innovative IoT Companies

Top 10 Most Innovative Internet of IoT Companies

1. Nest (Google) - Smart Thermostats, Smoke & CO2 Alarms, Indoor Cameras, and Outdoor Cameras.

2. Philips - IoT Healthcare and IoT Lighting.

3. Wink - Connected Home App, Smart Lighting, IoT Home Security, Smart Appliances.

4. Jawbone - Smart Watches, Smart Clothes, Smart Trackers, and Smart Gadgets for the home.

5. SmartThings (Samsung) - Smart Home Monitoring Kit

6. Withings - Smart Watches, Heart Monitoring, Smart Scales, Smart Security, Smart Camera, Smart Thermostat, Blood Pressure Monitoring, IoT Accessories.

7. Belkin - Connected Devices, Connected Home, Smart Monitoring of Electricity Consumption in Your Home.

8. Intel - Intel IoT Platform for Monitoring Connected Devices. Data & Device Management with Analytics.

9. LogMeIn (Xively) - Xively IoT Platform for Connected Appliances & Devices.

10. R/GA - R/GA IoT Venture Studio for IoT Startups.

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