What Early Users of SAP IoT Platforms Are Saying

"There are three kinds of use cases that we're typically seeing," said Nayaki Nayyar, general manager and global head of IoT and innovation go-to-market at SAP. "One is what we call industrial customers -- customers with heavy manufacturing looking to optimize operations cost, maintenance cost and turnaround time.

"The other category is the aftermarket, which is after a customer has bought a product, and it could be consumer through a retailer or even B2B. These customers are tracking how their customers are using their products, then getting that live feedback to improve design, marketing and create better engagement with customers," Nayyar explained.

"The third is simple but very prevalent. Our customers with large moving assets -- fleets, cars, trucks -- they just want to track and trace where they are at any given time in the world and better maintain those assets," she said. Read the full article on TechTarget here.

SAP Internet of Things (IoT)