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databahn Releases Strategic Account Plan Template for Enterprise Sales Reps

Nashua, NH – (Press Release Dec. 19, 2019) – Today databahn released a comprehensive Strategic Account Plan Template for enterprise account executives that sell into large Fortune 1000 accounts. The Strategic Account Plan Template was developed to help save research time and prepare more cohesive and organized sales strategies and tactical plans in order to sell more effectively into large Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 accounts.

databahn CEO Ryan Murray explains the idea behind the template, “As a former enterprise sales rep, I understand firsthand the tremendous amount of time it takes to compile an enterprise account sales plan. We created this useful spreadsheet template to make the process easier and more organized. And, more importantly it’s easy to update on an ongoing basis throughout the year.” Mr. Murray continued “we understand the strategic account planning process is primarily for your benefit as an enterprise seller and secondarily for your management. After putting many hours of research into the account planning process, the last thing you want to do is drop this document into your desk drawer until next year. The strategic account plan template is in a spreadsheet format which makes it easy to update on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.”

The Strategic Account Plan Template includes tabs for an Executive Summary, the Account Management Team, a SWOT Analysis, Earnings Call Insights, Annual Report Insights, a Financial Summary, your Industry & Competition, your prospect's Industry & Competition, how your Product & Solution Aligns to your customer’s needs, Sales Pipeline & Forecast, Contract Decisions, Relevant Success Stories & Case Studies, Marketing Strategies & Targets, Account Based Marketing, Current & Planned Projects, Strategic Relationship Assessment, Partner Analysis, One Month Goals, Quarterly Goals, One Year Goals, Key Contacts, Organizational Reporting Structures, and Division & Subsidiary Structures.

The Strategic Account Plan Template is free to download.


About databahn

Databahn is a Nashua, NH based research company that serves the needs of high tech companies that are selling and marketing to Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, Global 2000 companies, University Systems, and State Governments.



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Databahn Releases Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Company Research Guide

Nashua, NH – (Press Release Oct. 15, 2019) – Today databahn announced the availability of a comprehensive Account Based Marketing (ABM) Company Research Guide to enable enterprise marketers to more efficiently and thoroughly research their high value strategic accounts. The ABM company research guide was created as a free resource to help improve the effectiveness of account-based marketing plans by providing guidance to conducting deep research on tier 1 target accounts.

Databahn CEO Ryan Murray explains the drivers behind the Account-Based Marketing (ABM) company research guide, “It was developed to help marketers and the entire account management team stay focused on the customer’s business issues and to create more consistent personalized messaging & value propositions that resonate with the customer’s business priorities, challenges, and personal agendas.”

The ABM Company Research Guide contains sections on how to build key contacts within buyer centers, executive profiles, SWOT report, organizational structures, buyer personas, industry facts & trends including suggestions for finding information about target accounts and executive-decision makers in the deep web.

The ABM Company Research Guide enables marketers to record details of their target account research in one place. Mr. Murray continued, “Building comprehensive ABM company profiles, executive profiles, and personas is a time consuming and laborious process. We initially created the ABM company research guide for databahn researchers because it helps them work more efficiently. However, we thought there is a tremendous amount of value for those who want to do the ABM account research on their own, which is why we’re putting it out there to download for free.”

About databahn

Databahn is a Nashua, New Hampshire based research company that serves the needs of high tech companies marketing and selling to Fortune 1000 & Global 2000 companies, University Systems and State Governments.




databahn Launches Fortune 1000 Company Research Reports

Nashua, NH --(Press Release - Oct 6, 2017) - Today databahn launched a new e-commerce website where sales and marketing executives can purchase individual Fortune 500, Fortune 1000, and Global 2000 company research reports on demand.

"We primarily deliver individual Fortune 1000 company research reports to sales reps who need to cut research time out of their busy schedules. We usually help uncover sales opportunities in the process. In addition, we help marketers build highly effective account based marketing programs focused on generating high quality leads." says Ryan Murray, Vice President for databahn. Mr. Murray continued "Recently we've had a lot of success helping sales reps and marketers who need supplemental account intelligence not found in typical online database subscriptions".

databahn expects the new Fortune 1000 company intelligence report e-commerce website will address those who just need a single deep dive report. The ability to purchase the databahn Fortune 1000 company research reports gives users instant access to the account intelligence they need to respond to RFPs, build better strategic account plans, or develop a more effective account based marketing programs.

Also available through databahn's new e-commerce website are Internet of Things Company Intelligence Reports, a free weekly IoT Scoops email newsletter, a Strategic Account Plan Template, a Fortune 1000 company list, a Smart Cities Initiatives list, and a Global 2000 company list. In addition, customers can register for a databahn account and download FREE sample reports on General Motors, Bank of America, General Electric, and IBM.

About databahn
databahn delivers the most accurate, up-to-date, and complete Fortune 1000 and Global 500 company research reports available in the marketplace. 




databahn Launches Internet of Things (IoT) Company Research Reports

NASHUA, NH (24-7 PressRelease) December 19, 2016 databahn recently announced the availability of its Internet of Things (IoT) company research reports, its free IoT email alerts, and its free Hot IoT 1000 list. The combination of all three company intelligence resources will enable a market researcher to quickly and efficiently identify companies with IoT initiatives, track their progress over time with daily alerts, and review deep dive company intelligence with databahn's IoT Company Intelligence Reports.

databahn's Company Intelligence Reports deliver a deep dive review on a company's IoT products, services and solutions, their go-to-market strategy, their competitors, the IoT market segments they're competing in, and the key executives responsible for their IoT initiatives.

The free IoT daily email alerts enables executives, researchers, marketers and business development to get alerted to new IoT startups, IoT product announcements, IoT acquisitions, and IoT partnerships.

databahn has compiled a list of 1,000 companies focused on the Internet of Things. After sifting and sorting through more than 1.5 million companies, databahn has identified the top 1,000 companies and categorized their IoT initiatives into 3 IoT Classes including Applications, Building Blocks, and Platforms & Enablement, 12 IoT Categories including 3D, Connectivity, Enterprise, Hardware, Home, Industrial Internet, Interfaces, Partners, Personal, Platforms, Software, and Vehicles, and 64 IoT Industry Segments including Agriculture, Alliances, Analytics, Augmented Reality (AR), Automation, Automobiles, Autonomous Bicycles & Motorbikes, Charging, Cloud Connectivity, Consultants & Services, Consumer Robotics, Content & Design, Developer, Elderly, Energy, Entertainment, Family, Fitness, Full Stack, Funding, Garden, Health, Healthcare, Hospitality, Hubs, Incubators, IoT Industrial Wearables, IoT Infrastructure, Kitchen, M2M, Machines, Manufacturing, Mobile OS, Open Source, Parts & Kits, Payments, Payments & Loyalty, Pets, Printing & Scanning, Processors & Chips, Protocols, Retail, Retailers, Robotics, Security, Sensing, Sensor Networks, Sensors, Smart Office, Software, Space, Sports, Supply Chain, Telecom, Toys, Tracker, Tracking, UAVs, Virtual Reality (VR), Wearables, and WiFi.

"IoT is moving at a dog years fast pace with companies announcing major billion dollar initiatives and acquisitions as well as new startups emerging and positioning themselves to disrupt well established markets. We recognize the need to track these companies and initiatives and report on them in an organized manner through our IoT 1000 company list, our daily IoT alerts, and our IoT Company Intelligence Reports."

To learn more about how databahn's IoT company intelligence and market research, visit the databahn website:

About databahn

databahn is an Internet of Things (IoT) company intelligence and market research company based out of Nashua, New Hampshire. The company's founders are sales & marketing high-tech industry veterans with deep experience in researching & profiling companies.



databahn Launches Sales Performance Analytics Solution

databahn's E-mail Mining and E-mail Analytics Solutions for sales leverage text mining, data analytics, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning technologies to extract hidden, valuable contact info and actionable business insights.

NASHUA, NH (24-7 PressRelease) May 12, 2015 databahn recently announced the availability of its E-mail Mining and E-mail Analytics Solutions for sales. Both solutions leverage the most advanced text mining, data analytics, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning technologies available to mine millions of unstructured corporate e-mails for valuable contact information. With these powerful technologies, databahn utilizes the unstructured data that businesses have already created and stored in their e-mail databases, and transforms it into valuable business insights. The purpose of these technologies is to provide sales managers with tools to improve the effectiveness of sales reps' e-mail communications.

The E-mail Mining Solution uses data mining technologies to tackle the all-too-common issue of sales reps not entering valuable contact information in the CRM system. This is especially beneficial when sales reps leave, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. Sales managers can quickly extract vital contact information and pinpoint the most important e-mail communications out of thousands of e-mails to quickly resume communications. databahn created its E-mail Mining Solution with the understanding that time, especially in sales, is precious. Managers can now access the E-Mail Mining Solution to ensure that sales reps' work efforts do not go wasted.

databahn's E-mail Analytics Solution provides sales managers with hard numbers and e-mail statistics surrounding their reps' e-mail communications with prospects or customers. Some of the metrics databahn tracks and measures include e-mail frequency, e-mail sentiment, and the number of e-mail communications. Sales managers can now better assess sales reps to clearly understand what separates the top performers from the under performers. This leads to the creation of best e-mail sales practices designed to train incoming sales reps to succeed from the offset.

The databahn E-mail Mining and E-mail Analytics Solutions were designed to benefit sales managers and their team. These technologies, combined with the power of data visualizations, give sales managers access to real-time data on e-mail activity levels. This helps managers effectively manage and guide their sales reps.

"75% of a company's intellectual property is buried in e-mail," says Ryan Murray, CEO of databahn. "Since the beginning of time, sales reps have despised entering data in the CRM system - including valuable contact info that's buried in e-mail. databahn is thrilled to have found a solution to the problem with our E-mail Mining and E-mail Analytics Solutions. Sales managers no longer need to worry about what's missing or buried."

To learn more about how databahn's E-mail Mining & E-mail Analytics Solutions help businesses improve sales effectiveness, please visit their blog.

About databahn:

databahn is an IoT Market Intelligence company based out of Nashua, New Hampshire. The company's founders are high-tech industry veterans with a vision of delivering the most accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive company research reports on what individual companies are doing with the Internet of Things (IoT).



databahn Launches Data Mining API Web Services

databahn announces the release of three data mining API web services that will help data scientists and software developers transform unstructured data into valuable business information.

Nashua, NH (PRWEB) March 17, 2015 databahn is pleased to announce the launch of a free trial of its API web services: the Text Mining API, the Concept Tagging API, and the Sentiment Analysis API. Businesses can access the demos and request an API Key directly on databahn's website by providing their name and e-mail address. The databahn API web services leverage cutting-edge, open source technologies, including data mining, natural language processing (NLP), machine learning, and sentiment analysis to transform unstructured data into valuable business information.

The databahn Text Mining API is capable of identifying people, organizations, places, addresses, events, and currencies from millions of files in mere seconds. With the power of the databahn Concept Tagging API, companies can customize their own keywords and phrases to extract from unstructured content typically found in emails, text files, Word docs, and PDF files. Finally, uncover the feelings and attitudes your sales reps and customer service agents express towards your customers and prospects with the databahn Sentiment Analysis API.

With their unique capabilities, the databahn API web services benefit data scientists, software developers, and application architects. The APIs are also customizable to fit companies' personalized needs for extracting specific information. All of the customer data that databahn works with is kept confidential, private, and secure.

"After months of development, we're excited to finally announce the availability of the three databahn API web services," says Ryan Murray, CEO of databahn. "There's a significant opportunity in the marketplace to structure the nearly 80% of unstructured content sitting idle in the enterprise. Companies are sitting on gold mines of data, and the databahn APIs will mine these valuable assets and optimize their businesses using their own data."

About databahn

databahn is an IoT Market Intelligence company based out of Nashua, New Hampshire. The company's founders are high-tech industry veterans with a vision of delivering the most accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive company research reports on what individual companies are doing with the Internet of Things (IoT).