Cigna Org Chart

What is the Cigna corporate headquarters address?
Cigna Corporation
900 Cottage Grove Road
Bloomfield, CT 06002
United States
Cigna Logo

What is the Cigna corporate headquarters phone number?
The Connecticut headquarters main phone number is (860) 226-6000

How many employees does Cigna have?
According to Cigna's 2021 annual report, there are 72,220 employees

What does the Cigna Corporate Structure look like?

Cigna Org Chart Corporate Structure

Have there been any recent Cigna executive changes?

On September 7, 2022, Cigna announced that David Brailer joined as the new EVP and Chief Health Officer.

On March 8, 2022 Cigna named Joseph B. “J.B.” Sobel as Chief Medical Officer for its Medicare business.

On February 18, 2022, Cigna announced that longtime CHRO John Murabito will retire in April. Cynthia Ryan was named the new Chief Human Resources Officer, she has been with Cigna for over 23 years.

Do the Cigna Org Charts have contact information?
Yes, in addition to receiving the crisp org charts in PDF, PowerPoint, and Google Slides formats, you will also receive an Excel spreadsheet with detailed contact information including each contact’s name, title, phone number, email address, and location. The contact info spreadsheet currently has 1,149 contacts with email addresses and phone numbers. The contact spreadsheet also includes the 12 C-level executives listed on the Cigna Leadership team page and the 11 Board of Directors listed on the Cigna Board of Directors page.

Cigna Org Chart Executive Leadership

What companies do the Cigna Board of Directors have affiliations with?
The 11 Cigna Board Members have affiliations with companies like General Mills, Sysco Corporation, ARAMARK Corporation, Pepsi, Charles Schwab, NetApp, Graybar Electric Company, Duke University, WeWork, and VF Corporation. To make the connection and to see all of the details, please download the Cigna Org Charts.

Cigna Org Charts Board of Directors

How do I purchase the Cigna Org Charts?

Visit this Cigna Org Chart & Deep Dive Account Intelligence web page and add it to your Cart and go through the Check Out process. BUY HERE.

How is Cigna positioning itself for future growth in a slowing economy?
Cigna is positioning itself to capture more market share in a slowing economy in three specific ways.

The Express Scripts, U.S. Commercial and their International Health business contribute 60% to the bottom line. Cigna’s mature businesses are their primary focus.

Cigna’s Specialty Pharmacy and Care Services businesses within Evernorth and their U.S. Government business in Cigna Healthcare are their secondary focus. These businesses represent about 40% of the bottom line.

Businesses working together to create more value than any of them could alone, or cross-enterprise leverage, is the third focus.

Cigna’s health services platform provides industry leading pharmacy solutions while Evernorth Care capabilities address the growing demand for behavioral services, care delivery and health coaching. Together this framework turns into a continued strong top & bottom line.

Cigna offers a portfolio of both digital and virtual solutions. The MDLIVE platform International Health, for example, focuses on health and health services offerings. In the US Government, both Medicare Advantage and Individual and Family Plans, Cigna is delivering strong value to consumers by investing in markets they see as sustained paths of long term growth.

What is Cigna's growth strategy?

Cigna’s corporate strategy is to make healthcare affordable, predictable, and simpler for the consumer.

Making it affordable: Cigna builds on their leading, differential position to lower the total cost of care.
Making it predictable: Cigna takes the surprise out of the system and helps people make informed health choices.
Making it simple: Cigna makes it easier for the people they serve to get the care they need.
Cigna Growth Strategy

What did the Cigna CEO say at the latest Q2 2022 earnings call?
Comments from David Michael Cordani - President, CEO & Chair of the Board
"Overall we delivered a strong first half of 2022, and we are positioned to deliver on our increased outlook for revenue, customer growth and EPS for this year. Our performance is a direct result of our ability to leverage our expertise, capabilities, and ongoing commitment to innovation, all focused on the most pressing needs of those we serve."

“Affordability remains first and foremost, a top need for all of our stakeholders. In response to this, we continue to drive target innovations, including,for example, a new solution launched in June that leverages our capabilities at eviCore to support post-acute care for Cigna Medicare Advantage patients.”

“We've also launched a number of programs that address the rising costs of vital medications. Cigna Healthcare and Evernorth's Patient Assurance Program is an industry-first innovation capping out-of-pocket costs for insulin. In 2021 alone, we provided more than $42 million of financial relief to approximately 220,000 patients with diabetes.” -
Cigna Values

What does the Cigna Executive Compensation Plan look like? 
For 2021, performance measures included adjusted income from operations (weighted 50%), adjusted revenues (weighted 20%) and strategic priorities (weighted 30%).

The strategic priorities measure emphasizes the importance of incentivizing and recognizing progress in areas beyond financial results that support our mission, values and business strategy, are designed to position us for long-term growth and advance the interests of our various stakeholders. For 2021, the areas of focus for the strategic priorities measure included greater affordability for our customers and clients, customer experience and diversity, equity and inclusion. In determining performance relative to the strategic priorities measure, the Committee considers year-over-year improvements, based upon quantifiable data.

What can I expect to see in the Cigna org chart?

The Cigna Corporation Org Chart is a virtual display of over 15 detailed pages of the company’s corporate structure, key departments, top executives grouped by divisions such as Human Resources (HR), Information Technology (IT) and Finance.

The Corporate Structure Chart shows how Cigna is made up of 3 different operating segments: Cigna Healthcare, Evernorth and Other Operations formerly Group Disability & Other.

The Evernorth segment provides a range of coordinated and point solution health services, including pharmacy, benefits management, care delivery and management, and intelligence solutions to health plans, employers, government organizations, and health care providers. The Cigna Healthcare segment offers medical, pharmacy, behavioral health, dental, vision, health advocacy programs, and other products and services for insured and self-insured customers like Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Part D plans for seniors, as well as individual health insurance plans to on and off the public exchanges; and health care coverage in its international markets, as well as health care benefits for mobile individuals and employees of multinational organizations. The company also offers permanent insurance contracts sold to corporations to provide coverage on the lives of certain employees for financing employer-paid future benefit obligations. It distributes its products and services through insurance brokers and consultants; directly to employers, unions and other groups, or individuals; and private and public exchanges.

Key departments, business units and decision makers are identified, including the team responsible for strategic technology partnerships, such as Noelle Eder, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Information Officer.

Featured on the org chart are executives such as David Cordani, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Noelle and Dr. David Brailer, Chief Health Officer.

If I purchase the org charts, do I get updates?

Databahn updates the Cigna Org Charts on demand. There is a fee to update the org charts at future points in time. The Corporate Structure chart shows how Cigna Corporation is comprised of 3 different reporting segments: Evernorth, Cigna Healthcare and Other Operations, previously named Group Disability & Other(Corporate Owned Life Insurance, Group Disability & Life Insurance, International Life, Accidental, Supplemental Benefits Businesses, Reinsurance, Settlement Annuity, Individual Life Insurance & Annuity & Retirement Benefits Business.)

Do you cover all of the subsidiaries in the org charts?

The report includes a breakdown of all the subsidiaries under the Cigna umbrella including Accredo Health Group, Express Scripts Pharmacy, Sterling Life Insurance, and many more.

What format will they be delivered in?
The org charts are in PDF, Powerpoint and Google Slides formats, clients will also receive detailed Excel spreadsheets including each contact name, title, phone number, email address and location.

Can the org charts be customized?
Clients can request specific charts to be created that are specific to their target areas such as Information Technology or Supply Chain. They identify key people from Chief level down to Director level contacts and include their location. Each contact is also linked to their LinkedIn profile page.

What type of Cigna account intelligence does databahn deliver to its clients?
From how Cigna Corporation is positioned in the market to how they are doing financially or what recent changes have been made to the executive leadership team, Databahn researchers will deliver each client with the most current, up to date information.

Is databahn a known entity in the world of sales intelligence?
Yes, databahn’s services are utilized by the biggest names in the tech industry. Many clients are based in Silicon Valley and routinely sell to C-suite executives. Our clients sell multi-million dollar software and cloud services to all different lines of business including human resources, IT, supply chain, engineering, finance, accounting and operations. Also, The CEO of databahn was the creator of Fortune 500 CRUSH Reports at SalesQuest for more than 15 years.

Can’t I just get the contact information on my own?
Have you ever tried to reach a live person at Cigna? Unless you have a direct dial phone number, you could spend hours navigating their automated phone system and talking to call center agents (who can’t transfer you). You can certainly give it a try, but organizing the contact information takes a very long time, especially for first timers. Instead of taking two to three weeks to build out your contact database, let the databahn experts do it for you.

What is the turnaround time for a customized Chart?
The turnaround time from order to delivery is typically 7 to 10 business days.


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