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Hershey's Deep Dive Sales Intelligence Report with Org Charts

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What are some of the highlights from the Hershey's report?

  • The Hershey Company is ranked #380 on the 2023 Fortune 500 list
  • Hershey's 4 strategic imperatives include 1) scaling their salty snacks business 2) expanding internationally (M&A) 3) gain competitive advantage through differentiated capabilities and 4) focus on long term sustainability of the business
  • Hershey's is spending $800M to $900 Million on CapEx. $300M to $400M on Technology Infrastructure including a major SAP ERP upgrade.
  • They are constructing a new plant in Mexico. Now there are 3 plants in Mexico including Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara.
  • Hershey's hired their first ever Chief Technology Officer in September 2023. He's joining Hershey from Amazon.
  • They're investing millions in advanced manufacturing and supply chain capabilities and technologies.


What are databahn's clients saying? 

"databahn reports are one of the best ways to perform research on an account. I used a databahn report to build an account strategy for a major financial company and learned about corporate objectives that related directly to the products I was selling. Then, using databahn, I was able to map the executive contacts to those objectives to build a plan for execution. The databahn report also showed the detail on competitive products that this customer already owns. 6 months later, we have a $3.3M deal in the pipeline that is expected to close shortly. Thank you databahn team!"

- Strategic Account Executive, Fortune 1000 Enterprise Software Company

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How can we help you?

We will help you eliminate costly research time from your sales process and uncover new sales opportunities faster. We help strategic account sellers with the account planning process.


What's in this Hershey's deep dive sales intelligence report?

The Hershey deep dive report contains business strategies, active technology projects & initiatives, IT budgets, a technographic profile, the competitive landscape, Org Charts, and hundreds of decision-maker & influencer contacts.

The have all the essential components you need to build a strategic account plan on a Fortune 1000 prospect. 


How do I contact the databahn team?

Send an email to info@databahn.com with a list of your high priority strategic accounts. Or, call +1 603.606.5624



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