Oracle Org Chart in 2023

Oracle Org Chart In 2023


What is Oracle's headquarters address?
Oracle Logo
Oracle Corporation
2300 Oracle Way
Austin, TX 78741
United States

What is Oracle's main headquarters phone number?
The main phone number is (737) 867-1000

What is Oracle's website address?
Oracle's website address is

What industry sector does Oracle belong to?
Oracle's industry sector is Technology - Software and Infrastructure

How many full-time employees does Oracle have?
Oracle has 143,000 full-time employees

Is Oracle on the 2022 Fortune 500 list?
Yes, Oracle is ranked #91 on the 2022 Fortune 500 list

What is the Oracle organizational structure in 2023?

Oracle employs a distinctive organizational structure, merging functional and divisional components. It comprises functional departments (sales, marketing, engineering, finance) for core competencies and divisions (e.g., cloud, Asia Pacific) for product or regional management. Co-CEOs Larry Ellison and Safra Catz lead the company, each overseeing vital strategies. Oracle's structure balances efficiency and adaptability, vital in the fiercely competitive enterprise software solutions industry.

For a deeper understanding of Oracle's organization, consider its key levels:

  • Board of Directors: Independent directors provide comprehensive company oversight.
  • Executive Team: Co-CEOs lead day-to-day operations, collaborating with senior executives.
  • Functional Departments: Sales, marketing, engineering, finance, and human resources cultivate core competencies.
  • Divisions: Divisions oversee specific products or regions, including cloud, applications, infrastructure, and global business units.

Oracle's structure enhances its standing as a premier enterprise software solutions provider, ensuring both efficiency and flexibility in a competitive landscape.

Oracle Org Chart Board of Directors

Oracle Org Chart Executive Leadership

Oracle Org Chart Executive Leadership continued

Oracle Org Chart OCI Executive Leadership
Oracle Org Chart OCI Executive Leadership continued 2

Oracle Org Chart OCI Executive Leadership continued 3

Who is the CEO of Oracle?
Safra Catz is the Chief Executive Officer at Oracle

Who is the Chairman of Oracle?
Larry Ellison is the Chairman and Chief Technology Officer at Oracle

How many members are on the Oracle Board of Directors?
There are 15 board members at Oracle including Larry Ellison who is the Chairman.

How many executives are on the Oracle Senior Management Team?
There are over 30 senior executives on the leadership team at Oracle.

Who leads OCI at Oracle?
Clay Magouryk, EVP, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Don Johnson, CTO lead the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) teams.

Have there been any recent organizational changes at Oracle?

Oracle has 30 executives who will lead the technical and cloud businesses of Oracle once it is reorganized in June 2022. In August 2022, Oracle laid off thousands of employees worldwide, mostly from its marketing, advertising, and customer experience divisions. Oracle's cloud infrastructure division was mostly not affected by layoffs, according to sources close to the matter.

OCI is Oracle's cloud offering, which is meant to compete with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud (GCP), and is the business that is expected to see the most hope of growth from Oracle.

Matt Rynczak, the OCI technical operations and support SVP, left the position after being moved beneath Oracles Chief Information Officer, Jay Evans. Changes have been ongoing for months at the top of OCI. In March of 2022, Oracles OCI executive vice president, Don Johnson, left to depart, leaving Clay Magouyrk to take over. This was not the first time that Don Johnson had left a leading role at OCI.

In June 2020, Johnson told employees that he was moving on to work on other initiatives at Oracle, leaving Magouyrk in place. Johnson returned in December 2020 to launch the new Cloud & Artificial Intelligence organization, which he described as an "extension of OCI, rather than a separation from it". . Johnson has around 1,200 employees reporting to him, including teams focused on healthcare, engineering, and AI. Magouyrk now leads all of OCISs 10,500 employees. Greg Pavlik, the Oracle cloud infrastructure svp, leads OCIs largest team, about 3,500 employees.

Magouyrk promoted Pavlik to SVP of OCI during a recent reorganization, so now he is leading the combined infrastructure and OCI main services organizations. Oracles organizational chart is focused on employees that run the technology and cloud parts of Oracles business, and thus excludes CEO Safra Catz, who runs the financial, sales, and marketing parts of the business. The org chart shows the Oracle executives reporting to Larry Ellison, chairman and chief technology officer. Oracle's board of directors has 15 members. The Oracle Senior Management team has 30 executives.



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