Caterpillar Org Chart & Sales Intelligence Report

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Caterpillar Org Chart & Sales Intelligence Report

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Last updated on June 11, 2023

Caterpillar Inc.
Ticker: (NYSE: CAT)
510 Lake Cook Road
Suite 100
Deerfield, IL 60015
United States
Phone: (224)-551-4000

Sector: Industrials
Industry: Farm & Construction Equipment
Full-Time Employees: 102,300

Who is the CEO of Caterpillar?
Jim Umpleby is the CEO of Caterpillar

Jim Umpleby is the CEO of Caterpillar

The Caterpillar Org Chart & Company Profile Report was researched and developed with the IT sales executive and the IT marketer in mind. Our goal is simple; eliminate the costly research time and help you identify new sales revenue opportunities.

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Caterpillar Org Chart Corporate Structure

Caterpillar Org Chart Brands

Caterpillar Org Chart Board of Directors

Caterpillar Org Chart Executive Office

Caterpillar Org Chart Other Executives
Caterpillar Org Chart Vice Presidents


Some of the insights & detailed information you can expect to see in the Caterpillar databahn TURBO Company Profile Report:

  • Comprehensive Caterpillar Business Description
  • Latest Earnings Call Highlights from Jim Umpleby, CEO
  • Accurate Caterpillar Contacts for the Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors
  • Detailed Caterpillar Org Charts on corporate structure, board of directors, and the executive leadership team
  • Hand curated content from selected articles, interviews, case studies, and success stories (representing dozens of hours of research)
  • Technology Executive Insights to existing IT & telecom systems, projects, initiatives, and internal code names for applications, systems, and IT business units
  • Insights gleaned from technology-related Caterpillar job descriptions
  • Important excerpts and highlights from Caterpillar Annual Report (10-K)
  • Details on Caterpillar manufacturing, Caterpillar business, Caterpillar company products
Please allow 5 to 7 business days for customization and delivery of the Caterpillar Company Profile Report.


Jim Umpleby Chairman and CEO Caterpillar Inc. {first}.{last}
William (Billy) Ainsworth Group president Energy & Transportation segment {first}.{last}
Andrew Bonfield Chief Financial Officer Caterpillar Inc. {first}.{last}
Cheryl H. Johnson Chief Human Resources Officer  Caterpillar Inc. {first}.{last}
Denise C. Johnson Group president Resource Industries Sales, Services and Technology Division {first}.{last}
Bob De Lange Group president Services, Distribution & Digital {first}.{last}
Suzette Long Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary Caterpillar Inc. {first}.{last}
Ramin Younessi Group president Caterpillar Inc. {first}.{last}
Wai Man Chang Vice President Asia Pacific, CIS, Africa & Middle East Distribution Division {first}.{last}
Oihua Chen Vice President China Operations Division {first}.{last}
Jason L. Conklin Vice President Global Construction & Infrastructure {first}.{last}
Joseph E. Creed Vice President Oil & Gas and Marine Division, Electric Power Division {first}.{last}
Kyle J. Epley Vice President Global Finance Services Division {first}.{last}
Anthony D. Fassing Vice President Building Construction Products Division {first}.{last}
Steven M. Ferguson Vice President Industrial Power Systems Division {first}.{last}
Thomas G. Frake Vice President Excavation Division {first}.{last}
Damien Giraud Vice President Global Aftermarket Services Division {first}.{last}
Martin Haycraft President and CEO Progess Rail {first}.{last}
Pam Heminger Vice President Strategic Procurement Division {first}.{last}
Rob L. Hoenes Vice President Resource Industries Operations & Products Division {first}.{last}
Frederic Istas Vice President Earthmoving Division {first}.{last}
Kathryn D. Karol Vice President Global Government and Corporate Affairs Division {first}.{last}
Philip G. Kelliher Vice President Americas Distribution, Service & Marketing {first}.{last}
Julie A. Lagacy Vice President Global Information Services (GIS) Division and CIO {first}.{last}
Nigel A. Lewis Vice President Europe Africa Middle East Eurasia {first}.{last}
Thomas A. Pellette Senior Vice President Solar Turbines Subsidiary {first}.{last}
Ogi Redzic Vice President Cat Digital and Chief Digital Officer {first}.{last}
Christopher R. Snodgrass Vice President Product Support & Logistics Division {first}.{last}
Tana L. Utley Vice President Large Power Systems Division {first}.{last}
Davids T. Walton Vice President, President and CEO Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation. {first}.{last}
Karl Weiss Vice President Caterpillar Inc. {first}.{last}


Jim Umpleby Chairman and CEO Caterpillar
Kelly A. Ayotte Former U.S. NH State Senator   
David Calhoun President and Chief Executive Officer Boeing
Daniel M. Dickinson Managing Partner HCI Equity Partners 
Juan Gallardo Chairman Organización CULTIBA, S.A.B. 
William A. Osborn Retired Chairman and CEO  Northern Trust Corporation
Debra L. Reed Retired Chairman and CEO  Sempra Energy
Edward B. Rust, Jr. Retired Chairman and CEO State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance
Susan C. Schwab Strategic Advisor Mayer Brown LLP
Miles D. White Executive Chairman Abbott Laboratories
Rayford Wilkins, Jr. Retired CEO of Diversified Businesses AT&T Inc


Rio Tinto signs agreement with Caterpillar

  • Mining giant Rio Tinto recently signed an agreement with Caterpillar to supply and support mining machines, automation, and enterprise technology systems for the new Koodaideri iron ore mine in Western Australia.
  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore Chief Executive Chris Salisbury said, “We’re pleased to be partnering with Caterpillar and WesTrac, the regional Cat dealer, to help make Koodaideri the most technology-enabled and innovative mine in our Pilbara iron ore network.”

AVID Technology’s project with Caterpillar

  • A project developed by Cramlington-based electric vehicle component manufacturer AVID Technology with construction machinery giant Caterpillar has secured a share of £33m from the government to help advance the UK’s low-carbon automotive capability.
  • The companies are to develop a fully electrified construction machine which emits zero tailpipe emissions and provides a low noise solution for off-highway applications. The fully-electric powertrain will fulfil demanding environmental conditions and duty cycles required by the off-highway machinery market.

Caterpillar Announces Officer Changes

  • Tom Bluth, current Vice President of Caterpillar’s Innovation & Technology Development Division, will transition to Vice President of Legal Aftermarket Support. This new role leads the legal teams responsible for intellectual property protection and enforcement as well as the legal purchasing center of excellence.
  • Karl Weiss, current Vice President of Caterpillar’s Material Handling & Underground Division, will now lead the company’s Innovation & Technology Development Division and will serve as CTO.
  • Rob Hoenes, current product manager within Caterpillar’s Earthmoving Division, has been appointed Vice President of the Material Handling & Underground Division, succeeding Weiss.

Caterpillar expanding Chicago office to stay nimble, lure tech talent

  • Caterpillar is growing its digital team as the company works to embed technology deeper into its operations and earth-moving equipment, and it opened a new Chicago office to accommodate the expansion.
  • That first office, which fit about 45 employees and opened as an innovation-focused space, was meant to attract tech talent. The tactic worked and now, as Caterpillar focuses more on tech, it’s critical to keep attracting that talent, said Ogi Redzic, Vice President of Caterpillar’s roughly 600-person Cat Digital division. Roughly 90 employees work out of the new office, the majority of whom are digital team members.

Caterpillar has introduced a new suite of Cat Connect technology

  • Cat Remote Services includes Remote Troubleshoot and Remote Flash, which leverage telematics data to allow Cat dealers to remotely keep up to date on equipment in the field.
  • “A machine or engine not at work isn’t making money for the customer, which cuts into the company’s profitability for the job. Remote Services provide a solution to more effectively and efficiently maintain equipment,” said Herwig Peschl, Caterpillar’s global marketing manager.

A key piece of Caterpillar's strategy

  • Caterpillar’s VP responsible for Cat Digital says that a key piece of Caterpillar's strategy is enticing tech talent into the earthmoving world.
  • “We need to get the best and brightest people…that are eager and willing to help bring digital into the physical world,” says Ogi Redzic, who joined Caterpillar in August 2018 and set up the company’s digital headquarters in downtown Chicago. “You won’t get better implementation of the physical world than Caterpillar and the digital enablement that goes on top of it.”

Rio Tinto to buy autonomous mining truck fleet from Caterpillar

  • Caterpillar will supply a fleet of 20 autonomous 793F trucks as well as four autonomous blast drills for the mine, which Rio is developing for $2.6 billion with first production expected to start by the end of 2021.
  • The mine is expected to underpin Rio’s production of its flagship Pilbara Blend iron ore, sustaining its current output of more than 330 million tonnes a year which it draws from 16 mines in the region.

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