eBay Org Chart & Deep Dive Account Intelligence Report

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eBay Org Chart & Deep Dive Account Intelligence Report

June 9, 2023

eBay Inc.
2025 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125
United States
Main Phone: (408) 376-7108
Website URL:
Industry Sector: Consumer - Internet Retail
Full Time Employees: 10,800

eBay CEO: Jamie Iannone, CEO, President & Director

2022 eBay Fortune 500 Rank is 301

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Can I use the eBay deep dive report to help build an eBay account plan?

Yes, this is one of the more common uses of the eBay company profile report. New account execs will use the information in the report including the org chart to build out a new strategic account plan. The eBay report will save you at least weeks and probably two months of searching and compiling information on your own.


Do you include insights from the eBay Annual Report (10-K) in the deep dive report?

Yes, there is a dedicated section in the deep dive report where the databahn research analysts have extracted key excerpts about the eBay organizational structure, executive compensation, and the eBay corporate strategies amongst other critical insights you will need to sell and market your solution to eBay execs.


Do you take the time to review the latest eBay Earnings Call?

Yes, the databahn research analyst read through and extract excerpts from the latest earnings call or sometime the past two or three earnings call depending on what's being asked of us. In a similar thread to the Annual Report review, the databahn researchers are looking for insights to the eBay strategies, the overall health of the business, where they're making investments, and perhaps where they're struggling. All of the excerpts are documented in the EARNINGS CALL INSIGHTS section in the eBay deep dive report.


What eBay technologies are being used to support their business?

databahn researchers will create a eBay Technographic profile detailing what technologies are being used internally. For example, you can see what they're doing with Amazon AWS, Google GCP,, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Broadcom, Dell, VMware, Open Source applications, Adobe, Cisco, and hundreds of other large tech companies and smaller niche players.


Do you include an executive profile on the eBay CEO and the eBay CFO in the deep dive report?

Yes, there is a dedicated EXECUTIVE PROFILE section in the deep dive report that features insights on the eBay CEO. Jamie Iannone and Steve Priest are both profiled along with their contact information and social media handles. In addition to Jamie Iannone and Steve Priest, you will find insights on the Netflix CTO, Mazen Rawashdeh, Cornelius Boone, Chief People Officer, Eddie Garcia, Chief Product Officer, Maria Oh Huber, Chief Legal Officer, Stefanie Jay, Chief Business & Strategy Officer, Julie Loeger, Chief Growth Officer, and Jordan Sweetnam, SVP Global Markets.


Is eBay contact info included in the deep dive report?

Yes, we include a separate eBay contact info spreadsheet listing the names, job titles, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact intelligence. The eBay contacts spreadsheet can be customized based on geo-location of the contact, their management level (Chief, EVP/SVP, VP, Director, and Manager), and the functional area (marketing, finance, HR, IT, legal, operations, etc.).


Are the eBay executives included in the contact info spreadsheet?

Yes, all of the eBay executives are included in the contact info spreadsheet along with their job title, email address, direct office phone number, their mailing address, and their location (city/state).


How can I find out about the latest eBay news?

databahn researchers comb through the latest eBay news looking for actionable insights, executive quotes, podcasts, video interviews, written interviews, upcoming events where a eBay executive might be a keynote speaker and other valuable eBay news that will help you sell and market into the right execs with relevant messages and questions.


How detailed is the eBay Org Chart in the deep dive report?

One of the sections in the eBay deep dive report is the Org Charts section. We typically include org charts on the eBay Board of Directors, the eBay Leadership team, and also Finance, Purchasing/Procurement, Human Resources (HR), Marketing, Communications, Operations, Information Technology (IT), and Legal. The databahn research team can custom build any part of the eBay organization that you're targeting with your marketing and sales programs.

eBay Org Chart Board of Directors


eBay Org Chart Executive Leadership Team
eBay Org Chart Corporate Structure

What are some of the reasons to purchase the eBay Org Chart & Deep Dive Account Intelligence Report?

Top 10 reasons to buy the eBay company profile report:

  1. Create a better and more informed eBay RFP Response proposal
  2. Brief your C-level executives before a sales call
  3. Eliminate the time it takes to build a eBay strategic account plan
  4. Develop more effective eBay account based marketing (ABM) programs
  5. Discover sales opportunities you're not aware of
  6. Understand the competitive landscape in the account
  7. Ramp up new sales reps faster in new accounts
  8. Need accurate eBay org charts & contact info
  9. Insights into eBay IT projects & initiatives
  10. Expand footprint in existing large enterprise accounts


What else can I expect to see in the eBay deep dive report?

  • Comprehensive NeBay Business Description
  • Latest eBay Earnings Call Highlights
  • Accurate eBay Contacts for the Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors
  • Detailed eBay Org Charts on corporate structure, board of directors, and other eBay leadership
  • Hand curated content from selected articles, interviews, case studies, and success stories (representing dozens of hours of research)
  • Technology Executive Insights to existing IT & telecom systems, projects, initiatives, and internal code names for applications, systems, and IT business units
  • eBay SWOT Report - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • eBay PESTLE Report - Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental
  • Insights gleaned from technology-related eBay job descriptions
  • Important excerpts and highlights from the eBay Annual Report (10-K)
  • Detailed insights on other eBaybusiness operations around the globe


How long does it take to update and build out the eBay Org Chart & Deep Dive Account Intelligence Report?

It typically takes 7 to 10 business days for our research team to customize and deliver the report. Depending what's being asked of us, sometimes we can turn it around in several days. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule and needs.


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