20 IoT products that will turn your home into a smart home

20 IoT products that make your smart home even smarter

  1. Google Home - Google Home provides music, news and information for users.
  2. Nest Thermostat - Nest Thermostat is compatible with 95 percent of 24V heating and cooling systems, including gas, electric, oil and solar
  3. Presence Security Entry Pack - The Presence Security Entry Pack offers homeowners motion detection technology to keep tabs on their houses.
  4. Belkin WeMo Insight Switch - This Belkin WeMo Insight Switch is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Nest thermostat, and IFTTT. It is designed only for indoor use and needs a Wi-Fi router, Android or iOS operating systems, and a power outlet.
  5. Scout Security System - Consumers can select from an array of Scout products – such as the Scout Hub, which connects sensors, an Access Sensor to secure the perimeter of their homes, a Door Panel to monitor any door or window that opens, and a Motion Sensor to detect movement from a 25-foot range.
  6. iGrill - This smart thermometer connects wirelessly to an app, allowing users to check on their steaks through smartphones and tablets. 
  7. June Intelligent Oven - This smart oven can be controlled with a complementary June app, enabling users to control their over with their iPhone or iPad and monitor their cooking with a live video stream.
  8. Lutron's Serena Remote Controlled Shades - Lutron's Serena series allow users to operate their shades using the Lutron app and the company's Smart Bridge.
  9. Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee Maker - This connected device is compatible with a free WeMo app on mobile devices so that users can schedule or adjust brew time, and even set up reminders so that coffee is fresh and hot when they're ready to drink it.
  10. Skybell Wi-Fi Doorbell - This smart video doorbell connects to mobile devices so that users can see, hear and speak with visitors at the door – even if they aren't home. 
  11. Amazon Echo - Amazon Echo is a long, rod-shaped product that enables users to control their lights, switches, and thermostats.
  12. Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit - The Philips Hue wireless dimming kit allows users to play around with their lighting system so that it can be controlled with devices and voice assistants like Amazon Alexa.
  13. Samsung SmartThings Hub - SmartThings Hub is that it lets users control and monitor their home devices from a variety of different brands – all from their smartphones.
  14. August Smart Lock - With August, homeowners can use their iOS or Android smartphones to lock and unlock their doors, create virtual keys for guests and keep track of who comes and leaves their homes.
  15. Zuli Smart Plug - Zuli's smart plug is compatible with Zuli Presence, so that the plug knows when its user enters the room and will instantly adapt to the homeowner's personal lighting and temperature preferences.
  16. Tado Cooling - Tado Cooling smart air conditioning controller. Tado Cooling uses geolocation technology to control connected air conditioners so that they automatically cool down the house before users arrive home 
  17. Samsung Family Hub - The Samsung Family Hub contains three built-in cameras that take photos every time the doors close – so users can check their phones while they are at the grocery store to see if there are any groceries they may need.
  18. ReST Smart Bed - ReST, the world's first and only smart bed, automatically adjusts to support its users' comfort. 
  19. Sony Android TV - Sony Android TV features Google Cast, which lets users play their favorite games, videos and app from their mobile devices to their TVs.
  20. Parrot Pot - Parrot Pot features four sensors that analyze light, temperature, soil moisture and fertilizer levels.

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