57 Government CIO Changes in 2018: Who's IN and Who's OUT

57 Government CIO Changes in 2018: Who's IN and Who's OUT

December 4, 2018

databahn track and report on the major job changes of federal, state, and city technology leaders. Whether starting in a new position or leaving an old one, these technology chiefs drove changes in enterprise applications, information security, data analytics and more.

57 Government CIO Changes in 2018

(IN - Promoted) Krista Canellakis, CIO, City of San Francisco
(IN - Replacement) David Evans, CIO, Kansas City, MO
(IN) Barney Krucoff, chief data officer, Washington, D.C.
(IN) Beth Simone Noveck, chief innovation officer, State of New Jersey
(IN) Bridget Kravchenko, Chief Information Security Officer, Oakland County, MI
(IN) Bryan Sastokas, CIO, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
(IN) Carlos Rivero, chief data officer, State of Virginia
(IN) Chris Seidt, director of information technology, Louisville, KY
(IN) Christopher Rein, CTO, State of New Jersey
(IN) Cindy Riordan, CIO, St. Louis, MO
(IN) Dessa Gypalo, chief data officer, Cook County, IL
(IN) Dorman Bazzell, CDO, State of North Dakota
(IN) Gary Brantley, CIO City of Atlanta, GA
(IN) James Weaver, CIO Washington State
(IN) Jason Schneider, innovation officer in IT office, State of Alaska
(IN) Jennifer Davis, chief privacy officer, Department of Information Systems, State of Arkansas
(IN) Kelly Jin, Chief Analytics Officer and Director of the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, New York City
(IN) Kevin Parker, CIO, Illinois Department of Innovation and Technology
(IN) Lea Eriksen, director of technology and innovation, Long Beach, CA
(IN) Mark Wheeler was named CIO of Philadelphia, PA
(IN) Michael Dietrich, CIO, State of Nevada
(IN) Mike Cheles, CIO, State of Missouri
(IN) Peter Ambs, assistant CIO, City of Phoenix, AZ
(IN) Rich Kliethermes, deputy director of Information Technologies Services Division, State of Missouri
(IN) Robert Gaskill-Clemons, CTO, City of St. Louis, MO
(IN) Rod Davenport, CIO, Lansing Board of Water and Light
(IN) Samir Saini, Commissioner, New York City Department of Information Technology
(IN) Solomon Adote, Chief Security Officer, State of Delaware
(IN) Spencer Wood, CIO, State of Ohio
(IN) Stephanie Dedmon, CIO, State of Tennessee
(IN) Tanya Hannah, CIO, King County, WA
(IN) Tim Bottenfield, CIO, State of Montana
(OUT - Removed) Charles Brennan, CIO of Philadelphia, PA
(OUT - Resigned)  Jay Nath, CIO, City of San Francisco
(OUT - Resigned) Alex Pettit, CIO, State of Oregon
(OUT - Resigned) Bill Vajda, CIO, State of Alaska
(OUT - Resigned) Darryl Ackley, CIO, New Mexico
(OUT - Resigned) Dave Weinstein, CTO, State of New Jersey
(OUT - Resigned) Jeff Stovall, CIO City of Charlotte, NC
(OUT - Resigned) Joy Bonaguro, CDO, City of San Francisco
(OUT - Resigned) Michael Mattmiller, Seattle’s CTO of four years, resigned
(OUT - Resigned) Michael Roling, CISO, State of Missouri
(OUT - Resigned) Miguel Gamiño, CTO, New York City departed for Mastercard
(OUT - Resigned) Ron Baldwin, CIO, State of Montana CIO left for a role with Deloitte
(OUT - Resigned) Shanna Rahming, CIO, State of  Nevada left the Illinois Office of Strategy and Planning
(OUT - Retired) Anne Roest, Commissioner, New York City Department of Information Technology
(OUT - Retired) Jim Smith, CIO, State of Maine
(OUT - Retired) Mary J. Miller, CIO, Kansas City, MO
(OUT - Retired) Otto Doll, CIO, City of Minneapolis
(OUT - Retired) Rob St. John, CIO, Washington State
(OUT - Retired) Stu Davis, CIO, State of Ohio
(OUT- Retired) Agnes Kirk, chief information security officer, Washington State
(OUT) Elayne Starkey, chief security officer, State of Delaware
(OUT) Mark Bengel, CIO, State of Tennessee
(OUT) Simona Rollinson, CIO, Cook County, IL
(OUT) Tom Schenk, CDO, City of Chicago, IL
(OUT) Vikki Smith, CIO Washington State

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