7 Facts About the SAP and GE Digital Partner IIoT Partnership

7 Facts About the SAP and GE Digital Partner Industrial IoT Partnership

SAP and GE partner to collaborate more closely on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
  1. They will develop new IIoT standards and deploy IoT technologies more rapidly.
  2. They will integrate the Predix operating system from GE Digital in the SAP HANA cloud platform.
  3. Predix is a cross-industry cloud platform designed for industrial data and analytics.
  4. The partnership will encompass asset management with the SAP Asset Intelligence Network.
  5. Industry solutions will focus on the oil and gas industry.
  6. SAP and GE are members of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). The IIC develops new standards and applications.
  7. SAP already has agreements with Bosch and Siemens which are similar to the GE/SAP partnership. Read the full article here.

SAP Industrial IoT Infographic