Bill To Strengthen Cybersecurity For The Internet Of Things

Bill To Strengthen Cyber-security For The Internet Of Things

Intelligent indoor lighting that follows you where you go, smart refrigerators that send pictures of their contents to grocers, sentient thermostats that adjust temperature based on activity, free and unhindered access to an unlimited library of information has transformed an entire generation.

However, what nightmares lie concealed in the shadows of your intelligence life while you go by each day under the simulated delusion of safety? Gone is the era of firewalls, antiviruses and cyber-security suites guiding every access point in your home. With the gadgets in your household no longer limited to just computers and mobile phones, when every big tech company from Amazon to IBM to Microsoft is investing billions in smaller smart devices, every new smart device that you add to your home presents as a potential vulnerability, open for exploitation by some kid in his basement who just so happens to be planning the next worldwide cyber-attack. A few senators are working hard to fix that.

“With the rapid adoption of smart devices, regulations needs to be put in place to deal with the explosion in the usage of IOT devices in both business and residential settings. The federal government’s latest initiative to implement specific standards with regards to smart devices shows their deep concern for the new threat that is cyber-warfare. While the bill itself will affect only government contractors, the administration’s huge purchasing power could mean better security for consumer devices as well”  - Ryan Tabibian, CEO of Daxima


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Bill To Strengthen Cybersecurity For The Internet Of Things