How About an Internet of Tomatoes?

How About an Internet of Tomatoes?

You’ve heard, of course, about the Internet of Things plenty of times in this column. Maybe it’s time for a different IoT: the Internet of Tomatoes.

“About 88 percent of farms around the U.S. are small and medium size, and of those, nearly 100 percent have no instrumentation. “What we’re trying to do is not break the system, but show that by proper measurement, a new way to look at a crop and judge its quality ... farms can benefit.” - Erick Olsen, Agriculture Manager for Analog Devices

Analog Devices is testing wireless in-field sensors in Peterborough, one of 19 sites in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with the goal of growing better-tasting tomatoes and other fruits or vegetables.

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Internet of Things That’s old hat. How about an Internet of Tomatoes