Inside Starbuck's push to brew technology reinvention

Inside Starbuck's push to brew technology reinvention

Starbucks is known for its hand-crafted and cleverly named beverages, but it is also has a vast supply chain to manage, with technology involved in almost every aspect of the organization.

Maintaining continuity, communication and overall flow is no small feat considering Starbucks has 26,000 stores worldwide, operating in 75 different countries, each independent from one another with a staff of about 20-30 employees. The company earns more than $21 billion in revenues through transactions bringing in roughly $5 at a time.

Starbucks breaks its technology portfolio into four different business segments:

  1. Retail technology, which includes all the technology inside stores.

  2. Corporate technology, which focuses on business technology.

  3. Consumer or customer technology, which works on externally facing technology.

  4. Business of the technology, which takes a look at the foundational technology components and investments everything else rides on.

Key Contact: Gerri Martin-Flickinger, executive vice president and chief technology officer at Starbucks

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Starbucks Technology Reinvention