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The Kraft Heinz Company
One PPG Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
United States
Main Phone: (412) 456 5700
Industry: Packaged Foods
Sector: Consumer Defensive
Full Time Employees: 37,000
Annual Revenues: $26.93 Billion USD
Fiscal Year End: December 31, 2023
CEO: Miguel Patricio, Chairman & CEO

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Kraft Heinz Business Description

Kraft Heinz, a prominent global food and beverage company, possesses an extensive collection of renowned brands, including Heinz, Kraft, Oscar Mayer, and Velveeta. Formed in 2015 as a result of the merger between Kraft Foods and Heinz, the company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and maintains a formidable presence in North America, Europe, and Latin America. With products sold across more than 200 countries and territories, Kraft Heinz derives a substantial portion of its revenue from the sale of packaged foods, encompassing popular items like ketchup, cheese, and macaroni and cheese. Additionally, the company offers an assortment of beverages, including coffee, tea, and juice.

In recent years, Kraft Heinz has confronted a series of challenges. Criticisms have been directed at the company's pricing strategies and its utilization of artificial ingredients. Moreover, Kraft Heinz has encountered difficulties in competing with private label brands and smaller, more inventive food enterprises.

Nonetheless, despite these obstacles, Kraft Heinz remains a significant participant within the global food and beverage industry. Bolstered by a robust brand portfolio, expansive global reach, and a steadfast commitment to innovation, the company is well-equipped to navigate prevailing challenges and continue to flourish in the foreseeable future.

Kraft Heinz Org Chart - Corporate Structure

Kraft Heinz org chart - Corporate Structure

Key challenges facing Kraft Heinz encompass the following:

  1. Competition from private label brands: Rising popularity among consumers, private label brands pose a competitive threat by offering more cost-effective alternatives to Kraft Heinz products.
  2. Competition from smaller, more innovative food companies: Nimbler and inventive food companies challenge Kraft Heinz's market share by introducing novel and distinctive products.
  3. Consumer concerns regarding food safety and quality: Heightened consumer awareness regarding food safety and quality standards necessitates Kraft Heinz to enhance its food safety practices.

Notwithstanding these challenges, Kraft Heinz benefits from several strengths:

  1. Strong brand portfolio: Kraft Heinz boasts a robust collection of globally recognized brands, including Heinz, Kraft, Oscar Mayer, and Velveeta. These brands enjoy substantial consumer appeal worldwide.
  2. Extensive global reach: Operating in over 200 countries and territories, Kraft Heinz possesses a broad international presence, providing a solid foundation for future expansion and growth.
  3. Commitment to innovation: Demonstrating a steadfast dedication to innovation, Kraft Heinz allocates significant investments toward research and development endeavors, continuously striving to introduce new products and innovative marketing approaches.

Kraft Heinz stands as a resilient enterprise with a promising future. Despite prevailing challenges, the company possesses key strengths that bolster its position within the industry. By fostering innovation and fortifying its brand investments, Kraft Heinz is poised to uphold its status as a leading player in the global food and beverage domain.


Kraft Heinz Financial Snapshot

Kraft Heinz performance

Fiscal Year Ends December 31, 2022
Most Recent Quarter  March 31, 2023
Profit Margin 9.00%
Operating Margin  18.88%
Management Effectiveness  
Return on Assets  3.44%
Return on Equity  4.89%
Income Statement  
Revenue  $26.93 Billion (USD)
Revenue Per Share  21.96
Quarterly Revenue Growth  7.30%
Gross Profit  8.23B
Net Income Avi to Common  2.42B
Diluted EPS 1.96
Quarterly Earnings Growth  7.70%
Balance Sheet  
Total Cash  826 Million (USD)
Total Cash Per Share  0.67
Total Debt  20.18B
Total Debt/Equity  40.89
Current Ratio  0.92
Book Value Per Share  40.06
Cash Flow Statement  
Operating Cash Flow  2.47B
Levered Free Cash Flow  1.6B


Kraft Heinz Org Chart - Board of Directors

Kraft Heinz org chart - Board of Directors

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Kraft Heinz Board of Directors Contact Info 

Alicia Knapp,  Board Member President and CEO BHE Renewables, LLC Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Diane Gherson, Board Member Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Elio Leoni Sceti,  Board Member Co-Founder, Chief Crafter, and Chairman of The Craftory, Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Gregory Abel,  Board Member Vice Chair Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Humberto P. Alfonso,  Board Member EVP & CFO Information Services Group, Inc. Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
James Park, Board Member Vice President and General Manager, Fitbit at Google LLC Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
John C. Pope,  Board Member Chairman of PFI Group LLC Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
John T. Cahill,  Vice Chair Former CEO of Kraft Foods Group, Inc Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Lori Dickerson Fouché,  Board Member SEVP of TIAA, CEO Prudential Group Insurance Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Miguel Patricio, Chief Executive Officer & Board Chair Kraft Heinz Company Chief Executive Officer. Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Susan Mulder,  Board Member Global Brand President at Timberland Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Timothy Kenesey,  Board Member President and CEO of MedPro Group Inc Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700


Kraft Heinz Org Chart - Executive Leadership 

Kraft Heinz org chart - Executive Leadership

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Kraft Heinz Executive Leadership Contact Info 

Andre Maciel EVP and Global Chief Financial Officer Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Carlos Abrams-Rivera EVP and President  North America Zone Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Flavio Torres EVP and Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Kathy Krenger SVP and Global Chief Communications Officer Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Marcos Eloi Lima Chief Procurement Officer Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Melissa Werneck EVP and Global Chief People Officer Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Miguel Patricio Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board of Directors Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Rafael Oliveira EVP and President  International Markets Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Rashida La Lande EVP  Global General Counsel,  and Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700
Yang Xu SVP Global Head of Corporate Development; Global Treasurer Kraft Heinz Company (412) 456-5700


What are the Kraft Heinz growth strategies?

The Kraft Heinz Company is committed to growing its iconic and emerging food and beverage brands on a global scale. One of their growth strategies is expanding their brand presence and market share worldwide.

Additionally, Kraft Heinz emphasizes leveraging its scale and agility to unleash the full power of the company across a portfolio of six consumer-driven product platforms . There is a focus on product innovation and development to meet the evolving needs and preferences of consumers.


Where is Kraft Heinz investing in innovation?


The Kraft Heinz Company is committed to driving innovation across its portfolio of six consumer-driven product platforms. The company is focused on leveraging its scale and agility to unleash the full power of Kraft Heinz, with a goal of meeting the evolving needs and preferences of consumers.

In addition, the company has a dedicated innovation center called the "Innovation Zone" that is focused on developing new products and packaging solutions. The Innovation Zone is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources to support the development of new products and packaging formats.

Furthermore, The Kraft Heinz Company has a program called "Ownerversity" that provides learning and development opportunities to employees, including training on innovation and design thinking. This program is designed to help employees execute with excellence in their roles, accelerate their learning curves, and grow great careers through continuous learning.

Overall, The Kraft Heinz Company appears to be focused on driving innovation across its product portfolio and investing in resources and programs to support innovation and development.


Kraft Heinz references double-digit investments in marketing, technology, and R&D in its latest earnings call.

"So we feel very good that part of the investments that Miguel has said about the $150 million, which is going across market R&D technology and in some cases sales headcount, but in the case of the Emerging Markets, we are accelerating the go-to-market expansion...we are using positive incremental investments to step in marketing levels and [Indecipherable] in some cases where innovation agenda is so goods because that allows us to build – continues to build the future growth of the company." - Carlos Abrams-Rivera, EVP & President, North America Zone


Where is Kraft Heinz investing in technology and software in 2023?
Kraft Heinz Technographic Profile
Kraft Heinz is investing in technology and software in a number of areas in 2023.

Some of the areas include:

Data analytics: Kraft Heinz is investing in data analytics to improve its understanding of consumer behavior and to develop more targeted marketing campaigns.

Artificial intelligence: Kraft Heinz is investing in artificial intelligence to automate tasks, such as customer service and product development.
Robotics: Kraft Heinz is investing in robotics to improve efficiency in its manufacturing plants.
Cloud computing: Kraft Heinz is investing in cloud computing to improve the scalability and security of its IT infrastructure.
Cybersecurity: Kraft Heinz is investing in cybersecurity to protect its data from cyberattacks.

These investments are part of Kraft Heinz's broader strategy to become a more data-driven and technology-enabled company. The company believes that these investments will help it to improve its efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Here are some of the benefits that Kraft Heinz expects to achieve from its investments in technology and software:

Improved customer insights: Kraft Heinz expects to gain a better understanding of customer behavior by analyzing data from its marketing campaigns, social media platforms, and point-of-sale systems. This will help the company to develop more targeted marketing campaigns and to improve the customer experience.
Increased efficiency: Kraft Heinz expects to improve the efficiency of its operations by automating tasks, such as customer service and product development. This will free up employees to focus on more strategic initiatives.
Reduced costs: Kraft Heinz expects to reduce costs by investing in cloud computing and by automating tasks. This will help the company to improve its bottom line.
Improved decision-making: Kraft Heinz expects to improve its decision-making by having access to real-time data and insights. This will help the company to make better decisions about product development, marketing, and supply chain management.

Overall, Kraft Heinz believes that its investments in technology and software will help the company to become a more agile, efficient, and profitable company.


How is Kraft Heinz transforming its business in 2023?

Kraft Heinz has implemented transformation efforts to become a more focused and efficient organization. They outline risks associated with the company's transformation efforts, including the potential for disruption to the business and the need to invest significant resources. Kraft Heinz discusses the company's transformation initiatives, including efforts to optimize its portfolio, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. There are significant efforts to transform its internal control over financial reporting.

The Kraft Heinz Company has undertaken transformation initiatives to become a more focused, efficient, and optimized organization. The company has identified risks associated with these efforts and is taking steps to transform its internal control over financial reporting.


Kraft Heinz SWOT Analysis
Heinz Kraft SWOT Analysis
Strong Brand Portfolio: Kraft Heinz possesses a diverse range of well-established and globally recognized brands, providing a competitive advantage in the food and beverage industry.
Global Presence: The company has a strong international footprint, allowing it to tap into various markets and benefit from economies of scale.
Product Innovation: Kraft Heinz focuses on innovation, constantly developing new products and adapting to changing consumer preferences.
Strong Distribution Network: The company has an extensive distribution network, ensuring its products reach a wide customer base efficiently.
Cost Efficiency: Kraft Heinz leverages its size and scale to achieve cost efficiencies in procurement, manufacturing, and distribution.

Dependence on Few Brands: Despite having a strong brand portfolio, Kraft Heinz relies heavily on a few key brands for its revenue, making it vulnerable to market fluctuations and consumer trends.
Limited Product Diversification: The company's product offerings are primarily focused on packaged foods, which may limit growth opportunities in emerging segments.
Reputation Challenges: In recent years, Kraft Heinz faced reputational issues related to product recalls and accounting practices, which may impact consumer trust and brand perception.

Growing Demand for Healthy and Organic Foods: With increasing consumer awareness of health and wellness, Kraft Heinz can capitalize on the trend by expanding its portfolio of healthy and organic food options.
Emerging Markets: The company has opportunities to enter and expand in emerging markets where there is a rising middle class and growing disposable income.
E-commerce Growth: The growing popularity of e-commerce presents opportunities for Kraft Heinz to expand its online presence and reach consumers directly.
Strategic Partnerships and Acquisitions: Kraft Heinz can explore partnerships and acquisitions to expand its product offerings and gain access to new markets.

Intense Competition: The food and beverage industry is highly competitive, with numerous global and regional players vying for market share.
Changing Consumer Preferences: Shifting consumer preferences towards healthier, organic, and locally sourced foods pose a threat to traditional packaged food companies like Kraft Heinz.
Supply Chain Disruptions: Disruptions in the supply chain, including raw material shortages or price fluctuations, natural disasters, or political instability, can impact production and distribution.
Regulatory and Compliance Challenges: Compliance with food safety regulations, labeling requirements, and changing government policies can pose challenges for Kraft Heinz's operations.


Kraft Heinz PESTLE Analysis
Heinz Kraft PESTLE Analysis
Government Regulations: Compliance with food safety, labeling, and advertising regulations in different countries.
Trade Policies: Changes in trade policies, tariffs, and barriers to international trade can impact the company's global operations.

Consumer Spending: Economic downturns or fluctuations in consumer spending patterns can affect the demand for Kraft Heinz products.
Exchange Rates: Currency fluctuations can impact the company's profitability, especially in international markets.

Health and Wellness Trends: Shifting consumer preferences towards healthier and more nutritious food options may require Kraft Heinz to adapt its product offerings.
Demographic Changes: Changing demographics, such as an aging population or increasing urbanization, can influence consumer preferences and consumption patterns.

Digitalization and E-commerce: The growth of e-commerce and technological advancements present opportunities for Kraft Heinz to enhance its online presence and engage with consumers digitally.
Manufacturing Efficiency: Adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies and automation to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Legal factors encompass regulations related to intellectual property, consumer protection, and labor laws. Compliance with food safety and labeling regulations is crucial for Kraft Heinz. Changes in these regulations can impact production processes, packaging, and labeling requirements.

Sustainability and Climate Change: Increasing consumer demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products may require Kraft Heinz to invest in sustainable practices and reduce its environmental footprint.
Supply Chain Resilience: Climate change-related disruptions, sourcing sustainable ingredients, and adopting eco-friendly practices to align with consumer preferences and regulatory requirements.


Selected Sales Trigger Events

The following Sales Trigger Events section provides an insight into news, press, articles, case studies, success stories, executive interviews and videos at Kraft Heinz Company from the past 24 to 36 months. This section captures events like new executives joining the organization, executives retiring, new site openings, investments in technologies, partnerships & alliances, partners & competitors, and other findings that will help you ask more informed questions and develop more insightful value propositions.

HEINZ Unveils First Global Creative Brand Platform in Over 150 Years: HEINZ announces its first new global platform in its 150-year history “It Has to be HEINZ,” inspired by real-life stories of fans’ undeniable love of HEINZ
Jun 2023

KRAFT HEINZ Unveils First Global Creative Brand Platform

HEINZ announces, “It Has to be HEINZ,” a new global platform marking the first time in its 150-year history where the brand is unified under one creative strategy. The campaign pays homage to the brand by celebrating the irrational love people have for HEINZ – from real fans’ personal love affairs with the brand, to the love and care its products are made with. “This irrational love is also driving a larger transformation at Kraft HEINZ, where we’re moving at the speed of culture to surprise and delight our consumers with insight-led innovations and authentic brand experiences.” - Cristina Kenz, Chief Growth Officer, International Zone at The Kraft HEINZ Company.

The Kraft Heinz Company (KHC) Presents at Bernstein's 39th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference 2023
Jun 2023
Company Participants

KRAFT HEINZ Miguel Patricio - Chief Executive Officer

Miguel Patricio - Chief Executive Officer

Conference Call Participants
Alexia Howard - Bernstein

"We are embarking on a very different moment today on innovation. We announced that we have an ambition to bring $2 billion of incremental net sales in the next five years from innovation. It's something that we still have to prove to you and to ourselves that we can do because we haven't done it yet. There's a big change in innovation as well. And brands, I mean, we've been renovating our brands and investing more and better in our brands. But that's a big change. Big, big, big change...We are rewiring the company."

Kraft Heinz Focuses On Its Core Customers And Iconic Brands
Jan 2023

KRAFT HEINZ Carlos Abrams-Rivera, Executive Vice President and President, North America Zone

Kraft Heinz has a clear vision for 2023. The company is focused on revitalizing its iconic brands, creating value for its consumers, and working with its retail partners to make sure products are available to shoppers.
The company achieved many of its objectives due to the commitment of its employees. “Our team has completely transformed the organization, breaking down silos, innovating from the inside out, and shifting to a growth mindset across the business,” explained Abrams-Rivera. Kraft Heinz North America now has the highest employee engagement scores in years.
North American sales (85% of Kraft Heinz’s total global business) were up 15.3% for the third quarter, capping ten consecutive quarters of growth. The results since the pandemic have demonstrated the success of the turnaround strategy and the brand's resilience. The ability to quickly pivot to meet changing consumer demands by working creatively with suppliers in the supply chain has positively impacted the company's growth. “The way our collaboration has impacted our two-way relationship with retailers is incredible,“ stated Abrams-Rivera. “We are working closely with our customers to ingest real-time shelf data to better and more accurately understand the inventory levels in specific stores.” The data enables the Kraft Heinz team to anticipate and help prevent out-of-stock situations. “Initial calculations since our collaboration with one specific retailer resulted in a 40% reduction in out-of-stock in just eight weeks,” - Carlos Abrams-Rivera, Executive Vice President and President, North America Zone

Kraft Heinz & Microsoft partner to accelerate supply chain innovation as part of broader digital transformation
Apr 2022

Kraft Heinz & Microsoft partner

Kraft Heinz Company and Microsoft Corp announced they are joining forces to develop solutions designed to accelerate the consumer goods giant’s transformation and enable a more resilient supply chain. The initiative is one of Kraft Heinz’s largest technology investments to date and a key driver of the company’s ambitious AGILE@SCALE approach. With Microsoft Azure as its preferred cloud platform, Kraft Heinz will migrate the majority of its global datacenter assets to Azure and its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to SAP on Azure. Through this transformation, Kraft Heinz expects to reimagine its day-to-day operations, create a more collaborative supply chain, and enhance consumer experiences by using real-time predictive analytics to improve inventory transparency and anticipate consumer and channel demand.
“As part of our AGILE@SCALE transformation, we are building a leading tech ecosystem to benefit the entire value chain,” said Carlos Abrams-Rivera, executive vice president and president, North America, Kraft Heinz. “Our collaboration with Microsoft is a critical piece of our transformation strategy, providing us with the machine learning and advanced analytics to drive innovation and efficiencies across the supply chain so we can get products into the market faster, better serve our customers and, ultimately, deliver on the sustained and growing consumer demand our iconic brands continue to experience.”

Kraft Heinz Partners with Google to Accelerate and Scale Ambitious Digital Transformation and Sustainable Innovation Agenda
Feb 2022

Kraft Heinz Partners with Google

The Kraft Heinz Company and Google today announced a new, multi-year strategic partnership to strengthen Kraft Heinz's hyper-focus on understanding its consumers and offering them the products, experiences, and news they want most. From leveraging data and analytics technologies provided by Google Cloud, to enhancing the food giant's full-funnel marketing strategy with Google Ads, this partnership will scale Kraft Heinz's digital transformation as consumer behavior increasingly shifts online. In the last year, Kraft Heinz has made sizable investments in building in-house digital capabilities. In partnership with leading tech companies like Google, the packaged foods leader is focused on building a proprietary tech ecosystem of in-house tools that help synthesize data across its entire organization, helping Kraft Heinz deliver personalization at scale and better serve millions of American consumers. Today, Kraft Heinz's transformation is at a pivotal moment, and the company is implementing Agile methodologies and digital solutions across its entire value chain to accelerate growth. Through the use of Google technology, Kraft Heinz expects to significantly strengthen consumer relationships and engagement by delivering personalized content at scale. The consumer packaged goods company will also use insights from its new data platform, named Kraft-O-Matic, to inform future innovation, product development, and business operations.

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