Meet Bextmachine: IoT and AI to For Coffee

Meet Bextmachine: IoT and AI to For Coffee

The "agtech" startup bext360, a company that combines blockchain, AI and IoT to make supply chains in emerging economies transparent to consumers, has unveiled its first product for the coffee supply chain, the bextmachine, at TechCrunch's Sessions: Robotics at MIT in Boston on 17 July.

The startup, which came out of the bushes in April, uses public, open blockchain technology from to bring more transparency to the coffee supply chain and more equity to coffee farmers.

"The current coffee supply chain is antiquated. Our technology applies machine learning and AI to analyse coffee cherries and beans based on the quality of the goods. Coffee farmers access a mobile app to review the results, and's blockchain platform allows immediate payment and immutable traceability." - Daniel Jones, Founder


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