Microsoft and AWS Collaborate on Machine Learning

Microsoft and AWS Collaborate on Machine Learning

Microsoft and AWS have recently announced a new collaboration aimed at democratizing deep learning and artificial intelligence. Gluon is a joint effort between Microsoft Research and Amazon AI and is intended to make developing solutions using machine learning easier and quicker.

Gluon is an open-source deep learning and neural network solution that is exposed through a Python-based API. It comes with prebuilt neural network components that can be created on the fly and used to train algorithms making it easier to define, debug, iterate and reuse components.

"We think the Gluon interface will be an important addition to our machine learning toolkit because it makes it easy to prototype machine learning models. The efficiency and flexibility this interface provides will enable our teams to be more agile and experiment in ways that would have required a prohibitive time investment in the past." - Takero Ibuki, Senior Research Engineer 

Gluons brings support for programming techniques not found in other frameworks, such as dynamic graphs and has deep support for sparse data which is often found in natural language processing.

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