Nordstrom tech execs departing, CTO plans reorg

Nordstrom tech execs departing, CTO plans reorg

A pair of Nordstrom technology executives are leaving the company, and the chief technology officer plans to reorganize the retailer’s digital division in the latest shakeup of the Seattle-based company’s tech initiatives.

Edmond Mesrobian - NordstromEdmond Mesrobian, who joined Nordstrom as CTO last year, sent out a memo to employees this week announcing plans to implement “structural changes that will create better alignment and centralization of talent around specific domains and align them against our biggest priorities.”

Mesrobian writes that Travis McElfresh and Magali Muratore, both senior vice presidents of technology, will leave the company.

Effective immediately, the following teams will move to new leadership structures:

  • Loyalty and Customer Authentication and My Account will move to Brian Toba to focus on customer engagement
  • Selling Tools (Rey Gereda) and the NordstromON team will be supported by John Xiao who will oversee all of in-store software platforms
  • Gift Cards will be joining the Payments team, supported by Matt Ward
  • Enterprise Authentication/Nordstrom Single Sign-On will move to be supported by Irwan Tjan to support our overall Security goals for privileged account management and system access
  • Asset Management will move to be supported by Irwan Tjan to facilitate a single view of technology (software and hardware) assets across our retail estate needed security patching and compliance efforts
  • Finance Tech Delivery led by Judy Latawiec will join the Credit team under Dylan Hulbert
  • Network Billing will move under Brenda Anderson
  • Productivity Product Management will move to be supported by Lauren Garbutt under JoAnne Kennedy to accelerate our efforts to Office 365 in the cloud
  • The Collaboration Engineering team will be supported by Kristin Mauck
  • BOPUS, OneFill, mFill will move to Supply Chain, led by Michael Mai, to combine our efforts to accelerate our omni-channel fulfillment goals
  • Service Desk, Conferencing, CTS and Depot will move to be supported by Colby Dean
  • Service Management (ServiceNow and Pager Duty) team will move to be supported by Mike Stalnaker
  • Business Process Automation (K2), APIM/Traffic Mesh team will move to be supported by Jeff Raffo
  • The ESB team will move to various parts of the Technology organization to accelerate the replacement of our current Tibco-based solution

Other Org Changes from Edmond Mesrobian:

  • Micah Samuels will move from his current role to Senior Principle Program Manager Tech.
  • Qin Zou, Matt Hornsby, Adam Yuret, Abel Muamar, Gil Colunga will directly report into me for now.
  • Paul McCallick and the team support by Paul working on MFill, OneFill, BOPUS will formally join Supply Chain Tech
  • I am opening up a Director, Program Management role, directly supported by myself. 
  • Welcome Hitomi Tanimoto into Supply Chain Tech as our EA

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