SAP Introduces The Leonardo IoT Bridge

SAP Introduces The Leonardo IoT Bridge

SAP announced a new tool today called the Leonardo IoT Bridge designed to help bridge the gap between data coming from sensors in the field and business systems operating inside a firm.

The manufacturing sector is in the middle of a massive shift where machines are being equipped with sensors that transmit torrents of data about their health, and the environment around them, over the internet.

SAP, the German company mostly known for developing large, complex ERP systems and databases wants to apply what it’s learned processing large volumes of business data to connected sensors and the underlying systems.

“A key feature of SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge is the ability to identify unexpected and unplanned events from IoT applications, present it contextually to the Operations users and provide them with decision support, including information on trade-offs against service level agreements, cost and other relevant factors,”- Nils Herzberg, SVP of Internet of Things.

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