Tech Mahindra Takes Lead in GE Predix IoT Hackathon

“We are very pleased to host this hackathon leveraging one of the most robust IIoT platform, Predix, in collaboration with GE Digital,” said Arvind Malhotra, Global Head, Strategic Accounts & South America.  GE’s Predix will allow the Manufacturing sector to enhance the uptime of equipment and improve productivity, and this should help India enhance the objectives of Prime Minister Modi's of "Make in India,"

Use cases of Predix platform

Waste Management    

Detection of rubbish levels in containers to optimize the trash collection routes

Structural Health

Monitoring of vibrations and material conditions in buildings, bridges, and historical monuments

Noise Urban Maps

Sound monitoring in bar areas and centric zones in real time

Smart Roads                  

Intelligent highways with warning messages, diversions according to climate conditions

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Tech Mahindra GE Predix IoT Hackathon