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Visa Org Chart and Sales Intelligence Blog

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Visa Inc.
One Market Plaza, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94105
United States
Main Phone: (650) 432-3200
Sector: Financial Services
Industry Sector: Financial Services - Credit 
Full Time Employees: 26,500
Ticker Symbol: (NYSE: V)
Annual Revenues: $30.98 Billion
Fiscal Year End: September 30, 2023
CEO: Ryan M. McInerney, President, CEO & Director


Visa Org Chart & Sales Intelligence blog

Visa Business Description

Visa is a global financial technology company that operates as a payment network, facilitating electronic funds transfers throughout the world. Established in 1958, Visa has evolved into one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the financial services industry.

As a leading provider of digital payment solutions, Visa enables secure, convenient, and efficient transactions for individuals, businesses, and governments. The company's core product is the Visa-branded credit and debit cards, which are widely accepted by millions of merchants and ATMs worldwide.

Visa's business model revolves around its network infrastructure, which connects financial institutions, merchants, and cardholders. Through this network, Visa processes and settles billions of transactions each year, ensuring the smooth flow of funds between parties involved. The company's advanced technology and robust security measures safeguard transactions, protecting cardholders and merchants against fraudulent activities.

In addition to its payment network, Visa offers a range of innovative products and services tailored to meet the evolving needs of its customers. This includes contactless payments, mobile wallets, online payment gateways, and other digital solutions designed to enhance the convenience and security of transactions.

Collaboration is at the heart of Visa's success. The company partners with financial institutions, merchants, technology companies, and other stakeholders to drive the adoption of electronic payments and expand its reach globally. By fostering these partnerships, Visa aims to create a seamless payment experience for consumers and businesses alike, unlocking economic opportunities and driving financial inclusion.

Visa's commitment to innovation is evident in its ongoing investment in research and development, as well as strategic acquisitions of emerging fintech companies. The company embraces emerging technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and biometrics, to explore new possibilities in the payments landscape and deliver cutting-edge solutions to its customers.

With a strong global presence spanning over 200 countries and territories, Visa plays a vital role in the global economy. Its extensive network, coupled with a focus on security, reliability, and innovation, positions Visa as a trusted partner for financial institutions, merchants, and consumers worldwide, empowering them to transact and prosper in the digital age.

 Visa Strategy in 2023

Visa Strategy in 2023


Visa Org Chart of the Corporate Organizational Structure

Visa organizational structure


Visa Core Business


Visa core business



Visa Financial Snapshot

Fiscal Year

Fiscal Year Ends 30-Sep-22
Most Recent Quarter  31-Mar-23


Profit Margin 50.95%
Operating Margin  66.94%

Management Effectiveness

Return on Assets  15.38%
Return on Equity  42.35%

Income Statement

Revenue  $30.98 Billion
Revenue Per Share  14.99
Quarterly Revenue Growth  11.10%
Gross Profit  28.57B
Net Income Avi to Common  15.48B
Diluted EPS  7.49
Quarterly Earnings Growth  16.70%

Balance Sheet

Total Cash  16.59B
Total Cash Per Share  8.09
Total Debt  20.61B
Total Debt/Equity  53.43
Current Ratio  1.5
Book Value Per Share  17.89

Cash Flow Statement

Operating Cash Flow  19.16B
Levered Free Cash Flow  15.67B



Visa Key Statistics 2022

Visa key statistics 2022

Visa Technographic Profile

Visa Technographic Profile

Visa Org Chart for the Board of Directors

Visa Board of directors

Alfred F. Kelly, Jr. Executive Chairman Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Denise M. Morrison Founder of Denise Morrison & Associates, LLC Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Francisco Javier Fernández-Carbajal Director General, Servicios Administrativos Contry SA de CV Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
John F. Lundgren (Lead Independent Director) Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Kermit R. Crawford Former President and Chief Operating Officer, Rite Aid Corporation Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Linda J. Rendle Chief Executive Officer, The Clorox Company Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Lloyd A. Carney Founder and Chief Acquisition Officer, Carney Technology Acquisition Corp II Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Maynard G. Webb Jr. Founder, Webb Investment Network Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Pamela Murphy Chief Executive Officer, Imperva, Inc. Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Ramon Laguarta Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PepsiCo, Inc. Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Ryan McInerney Chief Executive Officer of Visa Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Teri L. List Former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Gap Inc. Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}


Visa Org Chart for the Executive Leadership Team

Visa executive leadership

Ryan McInerney Chief Executive Officer Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Antony Cahill Global Head of Value Added Services Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Charlotte Hogg Chief Executive Officer, Europe Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Christopher T. Newkirk Global Head of New Flows – Commercial & Money Movement Solutions Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Frank Cooper III Chief Marketing Officer Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Jack Forestell Chief Product and Strategy Officer Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Julie B. Rottenberg General Counsel Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Kelly Mahon Tullier Vice Chair, Chief People and Corporate Affairs Officer Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Michelle Gethers Chief Diversity Officer and Head of Corporate Responsibility Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Oliver Jenkyn Group President, Global Markets Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Paul D. Fabara Chief Risk Officer Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Rajat Taneja President, Technology Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}
Vasant Prabhu Vice Chair, Chief Financial Officer Visa Inc. (650) 432-3200 {f}{last}


Visa SWOT Analysis


Global Presence: Visa operates in over 200 countries and territories, establishing a strong global network and brand recognition.

  • Extensive Partner Network: Visa has built strategic partnerships with numerous financial institutions, merchants, and technology companies, expanding its reach and facilitating widespread acceptance of its payment solutions.
  • Robust Infrastructure: Visa's payment network infrastructure is highly advanced and reliable, capable of processing billions of transactions securely and efficiently.
  • Trust and Security: Visa is widely regarded as a trusted and secure payment platform, employing state-of-the-art security measures to protect cardholders and merchants against fraud and unauthorized transactions.
  • Innovation and Technology: The company invests heavily in research and development, embracing emerging technologies like blockchain, AI, and biometrics to enhance its products and services.


  • Dependency on Financial Institutions: Visa's business relies heavily on its partnerships with financial institutions for the issuance of Visa-branded cards, making it susceptible to changes in the banking industry and regulations.
  • Transaction Fees: Visa charges transaction fees to financial institutions, which can sometimes be perceived as high by merchants, potentially leading to dissatisfaction or exploration of alternative payment methods.
  • Competition: The financial technology sector is highly competitive, with rival payment networks and emerging fintech startups vying for market share, posing a challenge to Visa's market dominance.
  • Regulatory Environment: Visa operates in a complex regulatory landscape, subject to various regulations and compliance requirements, which can impact its operations and expansion plans.


  • Growing Digital Payments Market: As the world increasingly adopts digital payment methods, Visa has the opportunity to capture a larger market share and tap into the growing demand for secure and convenient payment solutions.
  • Emerging Markets: Many emerging economies are transitioning to electronic payments, presenting significant growth opportunities for Visa to expand its network and services in these regions.
  • Partnerships with Fintech Startups: Visa can collaborate with innovative fintech startups to develop new solutions, tap into niche markets, and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Contactless and Mobile Payments: The increasing adoption of contactless and mobile payment technologies provides Visa with an opportunity to offer innovative solutions and capture a larger market share in these areas.


  • Regulatory Changes: Changes in regulations, such as data protection and privacy laws, can impact Visa's operations and increase compliance costs.
  • Alternative Payment Methods: The rise of alternative payment methods, including digital wallets and cryptocurrencies, presents a threat to traditional card-based payments, potentially reducing Visa's market share.
  • Cybersecurity Risks: As digital transactions grow, the risk of cybersecurity breaches and data theft increases, posing a threat to Visa's reputation and customer trust.
  • Economic Volatility: Economic downturns and currency fluctuations can impact consumer spending habits, potentially reducing transaction volumes and affecting Visa's revenues.


Visa Technology Budgets in 2023

Visa IT Budgets Millions USD
Annual Revenue  $19,980.0
IT budget in 2023 $2,561.8
IT budget in 2022 $2,538.8
External budget  $1,713.9
Cost to run existing systems and applications  $1,312.6
Total IT budget spend by IT department  $1,277.4
Expenses on new IT projects $1,249.2


What is Visa's relationship with cryptocurrencies?


Visa has been actively exploring the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Visa recognizes the growing interest in digital currencies and the evolving needs of its customers. The company has taken steps to collaborate with various cryptocurrency platforms and fintech companies to enable crypto-based payment solutions.

Visa has partnered with several cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, allowing users to convert and spend their digital assets at Visa-supported merchants. These partnerships enable Visa cardholders to make purchases using cryptocurrencies seamlessly, with the conversion happening behind the scenes. By integrating with these platforms, Visa aims to bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and the world of cryptocurrencies, offering increased flexibility and choice to its customers.

In addition, Visa has been investing in blockchain technology and exploring its potential applications beyond cryptocurrencies. The company has been actively researching and developing blockchain-based solutions for various use cases, including supply chain management, identity verification, and cross-border payments.


Visa Sales Triggers

Visa Plans New Global Technology and Product Hub in Poland to Support 24/7 Development Model for Innovation
May 2023


Visa Inc. (NYSE: V), a global leader in digital payments, today announced that it plans to open a new global Technology and Product Hub in Poland that will be the first of its kind for Visa in Central and Eastern Europe. The Hub will house as many as 1,500 new tech and product hires over the next few years, as Visa invests worldwide to support its 24/7 development model for innovation and drives continued rapid growth in digital commerce and payments.

“Poland’s highly skilled workforce and vibrant IT sector make it an ideal location for us to recruit and collaborate with partners and businesses to develop new payment solutions,” said Rajat Taneja, President, Technology, Visa. “The next wave of our product and innovation roadmap is even more exciting as we focus on the next generation of AI, cybersecurity and the resilience and availability of our network for all who depend on it.”

Poland will serve as Visa’s fifth major strategic global Technology and Product Hub. As a growing location for top technology talent, it builds on Visa’s commitment to innovation and investment in the European region, and in Poland, in particular. Visa will find new ways to harness emerging talent in the region, accelerate product development and innovate at scale to bring value to consumers, clients, buyers and sellers around the world.

“As a global company that does business in more than 200 countries and territories, it is important to us to invest in local talent, creating regional tech hubs that allow us to serve our global customer base better than ever before,” said Charlotte Hogg, CEO, Visa, Europe. “We are committed to diversity and inclusion and ensuring that as Visa grows, it reflects the wide range of perspectives that make up the communities where we live and work. In Poland, this will mean bringing on board a diverse talent pool and welcoming talent from Ukraine and other parts of the region.”




Nitra Joins Visa's Fintech Fast Track Program
Mar 2023

Nitra and Visa

Nitra, which provides smart spending management solutions and business support for private practice physicians, is joining Visa's Fintech Fast Track Program, gaining access to the company's global payment network, VisaNet.

The program allows Nitra to quickly implement cutting-edge financial tools, enabling faster and more secure transactions. Payments, transfers and virtual cards will all be streamlined and simplified. Nitra will also gain access to Visa's growing partner network, providing the company with world-class support and guidance.

"Nitra's role is to help doctors in private practice manage their business and save time for what matters most—their patients," said Jonathan Chen, founder and CEO of Nitra. "The tools and expertise provided by Visa will be instrumental in delivering more value to our customers, and will enable more opportunities to spend at merchants in more places around the world."

"At Visa, we understand a shift to digital has impacted how money moves and what businesses need." said Vanessa Colella, SVP and Global Head of Innovation and Digital Partnerships at Visa. "By joining Visa's Fintech Fast Track program, exciting Fintechs like Nitra gain unprecedented access to Visa experts, technology, and resources to efficiently scale and bring innovative solutions to market."


Mercedes pay+ turns the car into a payment device; Visa technology
Mar 2023

Visa and Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz customers in Germany are now able to authenticate payments via an in-car fingerprint sensor. With the new digital payment service Mercedes pay+, Mercedes-Benz introduces native in-car payments. With native in-car payments, the vehicle itself now enables biometric two-factor authentication in conjunction with the fingerprint sensor. It is no longer necessary to type in a PIN on the MBUX infotainment system or to use an additional mobile device such as a smartphone to verify a payment in the car. Instead, the car itself turns into a payment device.

The first Mercedes-Benz models available with fingerprint sensors are the EQS and EQE series, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and C-Class, and the new GLC.

Mercedes-Benz is the first car manufacturer worldwide to integrate Visa’s Delegated Authentication and Cloud Token Framework technology to enable native in-car payments. Visa Cloud Tokens provide an additional layer of security as they help to protect and encrypt sensitive payment information by converting data and storing it securely.

Customers can use native in-car payment to pay for digital services that allow a more convenient and entertaining driving experience. They can activate and subscribe to these digital services from the car’s MBUX infotainment system and authorise the payment transaction with their fingerprint. Examples of these digital services are connectivity apps that control comfort functions of the car, such as pre-air conditioning of the vehicle via a mobile device. Upgrades to the vehicle software can easily be activated and paid for via fingerprint, like, for example, advanced navigation services that provide information on the weather or available parking spaces at customer’s destination.


Visa Inc. Subleases Headquarters Location, Builds New Office in Mission Rock
May 5, 2023

Visa Inc., the global payments technology company, has subleased its 190,000-square-foot headquarters location at One Market Plaza in downtown San Francisco. The company will move into a new 300,000-square-foot office building at Mission Rock, a mixed-use development in the city's Mission Bay neighborhood.

Visa's decision to sublease its current headquarters is part of a larger plan to consolidate its Bay Area offices. The company currently has offices in Foster City, San Francisco, and Palo Alto. The new Mission Rock office will house all of Visa's San Francisco employees.

New Visa HQ office in Mission Rock San Francisco CA

The Mission Rock office is scheduled to open in 2024. The building was designed by the architecture firm NBBJ and will feature a number of sustainable design features. The office will also be home to a number of amenities, including a fitness center, a rooftop terrace, and a cafeteria.

Visa's decision to move to Mission Rock is a sign of the company's commitment to the Bay Area. The company has been headquartered in San Francisco since 1976 and employs more than 6,000 people in the Bay Area.

Visa's new headquarters in Mission Rock will offer a number of benefits for the company and its employees. The location is close to public transportation, which will make it easier for employees to commute. The building is also in a vibrant neighborhood with a number of restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions.

The new headquarters will also be more energy-efficient than Visa's current headquarters. The building will feature a number of sustainable design features, such as solar panels and a green roof. This will help Visa reduce its environmental impact.

Visa's decision to sublease its headquarters location and build a new office in Mission Rock is a positive move for the company. The new office will be more sustainable, more convenient for employees, and located in a vibrant neighborhood. This will help Visa attract and retain top talent and continue to grow its business.


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