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Walmart Inc.
702 South West 8th Street
Bentonville, AR 72716
United States
Main Phone: (479) 273-4000
Industry Sector: Consumer Discount Stores
Full Time Employees: 2,100,000
Annual Revenues: $630.79 Billion USD
CEO: Doug McMillon, President, CEO, & Director
Fortune 500 Rank: #1 in 2023


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Business Description

Walmart Inc. is a global retail powerhouse with a diverse portfolio of operations spanning the retail and wholesale sectors worldwide. Organized into three key segments, namely Walmart U.S., Walmart International, and Sam's Club, the company operates an extensive range of retail formats, including supercenters, supermarkets, hypermarkets, warehouse clubs, cash and carry stores, and discount stores under the well-recognized Walmart and Walmart Neighborhood Market banners. Additionally, Walmart boasts membership-only warehouse clubs and a strong online presence through e-commerce platforms such as,,,, and, as well as mobile commerce applications.

Walmart's comprehensive product offerings encompass grocery and consumables, featuring dry grocery items, snacks, dairy products, meats, fresh produce, bakery and deli goods, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, floral arrangements, confectionery, and various other grocery essentials. Furthermore, the company provides an extensive range of dry, chilled, and frozen packaged foods, along with health and beauty products, paper goods, laundry and home care supplies, baby care items, pet supplies, and other consumable goods.

The company extends its services to include gasoline station operations, tobacco sales, and health and wellness offerings, encompassing pharmacy services, optical and hearing care, as well as a comprehensive selection of over-the-counter drugs and various medical products. Beyond this, Walmart offers a diverse array of merchandise, including home improvement products, outdoor living essentials, gardening supplies, furniture, apparel, jewelry, tools and power equipment, housewares, toys, seasonal items, mattresses, and tire and battery centers. Customers can also find a wide array of consumer electronics and accessories, software, video games, office supplies, appliances, and third-party gift cards.

In the digital realm, Walmart operates digital payment platforms and delivers financial services and associated products, such as money transfers, bill payments, money orders, check cashing, prepaid access, co-branded credit cards, installment lending, and earned wage access. The company, originally known as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., underwent a name change to Walmart Inc. in February 2018. Established in 1945, Walmart Inc. is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, and remains at the forefront of global retail innovation.

What do the Walmart Org Charts look like?


Walmart org chart divisional structure
Walmart Org Chart Board of Directors
Walmart Org Chart executive leadership

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Who is on the Walmart executive leadership team?

Dan Bartlett Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Walmart Inc. Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Donna Morris Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer, Walmart Inc. Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Doug McMillon President and CEO, Walmart Inc. Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
John David Rainey Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Walmart Inc. Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
John Furner President and CEO, Walmart U.S. Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Judith McKenna President and CEO, Walmart International Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Kathryn McLay President and CEO, Sam’s Club Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Rachel Brand Executive Vice President of Global Governance, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary, Walmart Inc. Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Suresh Kumar Executive Vice President, Global Chief Technology Officer and Chief Development Officer, Walmart Inc. Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]

Who serves on Walmart’s Board of Directors?

Sarah Friar CEO of Nextdoor Holdings, Inc. (Nextdoor) Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Cesar Conde Chairman of NBCUniversal News Group Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Gregory B. Penner Chairman of the Walmart Inc. Board of Directors, General Partner of Madrone Capital Partners, CEO and an Owner of the Denver Broncos Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Marissa A. Mayer Co-founder and CEO of Sunshine Products, Inc. (formerly Lumi Labs, Inc.), and Former President and CEO of Yahoo!, Inc. Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Steuart Walton Founder and Chairman, RZC Investments, LLC Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Tom Horton Lead Independent Director, Walmart; Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners, and Retired Chairman and CEO of American Airlines Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Doug McMillon President and CEO, Walmart Inc. Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Timothy P. Flynn Retired Chairman and CEO of KPMG International Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
S. Robson ‘Rob’ Walton Retired Chairman of the Board of Directors of Walmart Inc. Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Randall Stephenson Retired Executive Chairman and CEO of AT&T Inc. Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]
Carla A. Harris Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley Walmart, Inc. [first].[last]


Walmart SWOT Analysis

Walmart SWOT Analysis 

Walmart Strengths:

Global Retail Leadership: As the world's largest revenue-generating retailer operating across 24 nations, Walmart possesses unparalleled market influence, supplier bargaining power, and brand recognition.
Price Leadership: Walmart's renowned affordability attracts a diverse customer base. Its economy of scale and advantageous supplier negotiations enable consistently low prices.
Streamlined Operations: Leveraging a nimble supply chain and distribution network, Walmart efficiently serves customers with prompt and cost-effective product delivery.
Esteemed Brand: With a universally trusted identity, Walmart's brand strength provides a competitive edge against smaller counterparts.
Innovation Commitment: Continuous technology investments empower Walmart to remain a pioneer in business practices.

Walmart Weaknesses:

Narrow Profit Margins: Emphasizing affordability results in limited profit margins, making Walmart susceptible to market fluctuations and economic downturns.
US Market Reliance: While dominant in the US, Walmart's revenue dependence on this single market heightens vulnerability to local economic shifts.
Public Perception Concerns: Criticism surrounding labor practices, environmental responsibility, and tax practices could negatively impact reputation and sales.
Rising Competition: Intensified competition from rivals like Amazon and Target, offering comparable pricing and diverse product ranges, poses a challenge.

Walmart Opportunities:

E-commerce Expansion: By enhancing its online presence, Walmart can reach fresh customer segments and engage in direct competition with Amazon.
Global Market Growth: International expansion initiatives will elevate revenue streams and market share for Walmart.
Innovative Product Line: Ongoing investments in novel products equip Walmart to stay ahead and cater to evolving consumer preferences.
Sustainability Initiatives: Walmart's focus on sustainability could attract environmentally conscious consumers and bolster its image.

Walmart Threats:

Economic Instability: Economic downturns can adversely affect sales as consumer spending contracts.
Technological Disruption: Emerging technologies such as self-checkout could disrupt Walmart's conventional operational model.
Regulatory Challenges: Evolving regulations might escalate operational costs, mandating improvements in labor practices and environmental standards.
Supply Chain Risks: Potential disruptions from natural disasters or political instability could impede operations and cause shortages.

In summary, while boasting numerous strengths, Walmart also faces challenges like tight profit margins and public perception issues. Addressing these obstacles is essential for the company's enduring competitive advantage.

Where is Walmart investing in their business?

Walmart CEO 'excited about what’s possible' with AI
Aug 2023


Walmart is developing its own artificial intelligence language models to improve supply chain efficiency and better connect with customers, CEO Doug McMillon said Thursday during the company’s second quarter earnings call. The retail giant is currently developing its own generative AI language models and utilizing those developed by the broader tech community, McMillon said, according to a transcript from financial services site Sentieo. “As it relates to technology, our approach to new tools like generative AI is to focus on making shopping easier and more convenient for our customers and members, and helping our associates enjoy more satisfying and productive work,” McMillon said. “Ultimately, the power of generative AI or any technology is only as good as the data that powers it. Our data assets are unique, and we're excited about the potential to leverage them in new and impactful ways.” The language models Walmart is developing will “unlock value for shareholders through the combination of our physical automation work with our data and increasingly intelligent software,” McMillon added.

Walmart Invests in Tech To Stay Ahead of the Competition
Jul 2023


Retail giant Walmart is constantly investing in new technology to stay ahead of the competition. In the last few years, the company has rolled out a number of new initiatives, including drones to help with quick and effective deliveries. Partnered with companies like DroneUp, Walmart has expanded its delivery operations in an exciting way. Drone deliveries are currently available in seven states: Texas, Florida, Virginia, Arizona, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Utah. This technology, which companies like Amazon have also taken advantage of, has allowed customers to get items delivered to their doorsteps in as little as 30 minutes. They can even use the InHome service, “where they can get those orders placed right into their refrigerators,” according to David Guggina, senior vice president of innovation and automation at Walmart.
Drones aren’t the only tech that Walmart has introduced in recent years in order to improve its e-commerce business. Thanks in part to the pandemic, the retail industry has had to embrace technology like never before to keep up with customers’ growing desire for online service, and Walmart is fighting to keep its hat in the ring. Beyond the tech conveniences for customers, Walmart has also implemented supply-chain automation to improve efficiency in its warehouses. Robot pickers have taken over some of the monotonous tasks from human workers, and this automation has led to fewer mistakes and improved inventory control. The bots retrieve products and deliver them to workstations, where Walmart employees scan and bag them. This new technology is helping Walmart keep up with companies like Amazon that are using robots in their warehouses.

Walmart Outlines Growth Strategy, Unveils Next Generation Supply Chain at 2023 Investment Community Meeting
Apr 2023

Growth Strategy

Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) is kicking off its two-day 2023 Investment Community meeting, where leadership will highlight how the company is investing to strengthen its business through its people and an unparalleled, next generation supply chain network of stores, clubs, and fulfillment centers and driving future global growth opportunities across its omnichannel ecosystem and high value initiatives. The company is also reiterating its first quarter and full-year guidance for fiscal year 2024. “We are in a unique position to serve our customers and members however they want to shop, which will fuel continued growth,” said Doug McMillon, Walmart president and chief executive officer. “As we grow, we will improve our operating margin through productivity advancements and our category and business mix, and drive returns through operating margin expansion and capital prioritization.”
A People-Led, Tech-Powered Omnichannel Retailer
As part of the meeting, the company is highlighting its purpose, unique culture and the importance of its associates and unveiling its plan for a new more connected and automated supply chain which will improve the experience for its customers and associates and simultaneously increase productivity. Through its extensive work, Walmart is reengineering its supply chain to fulfill customer needs with a more intelligent and connected omnichannel network that is enabled by greater use of data, more intelligent software and automation. The outcome improves in-stock, inventory accuracy and flow whether customers shop in stores, pickup, or have a delivery.

Walmart’s Suresh Kumar details how AI and data can create 'delightful' customer experiences
Oct 2022
Walmart Chief Technology Officer
Walmart Global Chief Technology Officer and Chief Development Officer Suresh Kumar joins Yahoo Finance's All Markets Summit to discuss leveraging technology to enhance the shopping experience.

Walmart to close three U.S. tech hubs, relocate staff
Feb 2023

Relocate staff

Walmart Inc (WMT.N) will close three of its U.S. technology hubs, asking hundreds of workers to relocate to keep their jobs, a company spokesperson told Reuters on Monday. Nearly all technology employees across the company would be expected to work in their offices for at least two days a week, added Robert Munroe, Walmart's director of global communications. The big-box retailer would close offices that housed technology staff in Austin, Texas, in Carlsbad, California and in Portland, Oregon, Munroe said. The operations would move to hubs including one in San Bruno, California or the company's headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, he said, citing a memo sent last week by Walmart's global technology head, Suresh Kumar. "We have decided, looking at our location strategy, that we will exit those three hubs," he said, adding that the combined employment at the three offices was in the hundreds. "Everything is variable; there is no set date that (this transfer) must be completed," he added. The company currently has 11 tech hubs in the U.S. and six abroad, according to its website.


CIO Talk | Rohit Chatter, Chief Software Architect, Walmart

August 2022


What are Walmart executives saying about business performance?

Walmart (WMT) Q2 2024 Earnings Call Highlights

August 17, 2023

Executives in Attendance
Steph Wissink -- Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
Doug McMillon -- Chief Executive Officer
John David Rainey -- Chief Financial Officer

Comments from Doug McMillon -- Chief Executive Officer:

Doug McMillion

“For the quarter, comp sales for Walmart U.S. were ahead of where we thought they'd be at 6.4%. Sam's Club U.S. was 5.5%, and sales for international were up 11%, led by double-digit growth at Walmex and China.”

“Flipkart's GMV was also strong. The team is driving results in the short term and building for the future. We're a people-led, tech-powered omnichannel retailer dedicated to helping people save money and live better. We like who we are, and we like who are becoming.”

“We're positioned for growth. We can serve people how they want to be served, whether that's in a store or club, picking up an order curbside or having it delivered. We continue to grow some of our newer businesses, which shape the overall model in a positive way, helping to enable us to grow profit faster than sales. We're setting the right capital priorities.”

“And you can expect us to continue investing in the areas we've talked about, like technology, including automation, store and club remodels, and with new stores and clubs in select markets. As it relates to technology, our approach to new tools like generative AI is to focus on making shopping easier and more convenient for our customers and members and helping our associates enjoy more satisfying and productive work. Ultimately, the power of generative AI or e-technology is only as good as the data that powers it. Our data assets are unique, and we're excited about the potential to leverage them in new and impactful ways.”


Walmart Q2 2024 Earnings

What do the Walmart financials look like?

Fiscal Year

Fiscal Year Ends January 31, 2024
Most Recent Quarter  July 31, 2023


Profit Margin 2.23%
Operating Margin  4.11%

Management Effectiveness

Return on Assets  6.45%
Return on Equity  16.33%

Income Statement

Revenue  630.79B
Revenue Per Share  233.76
Quarterly Revenue Growth  5.70%
Gross Profit  147.57B
Net Income Avi to Common  14.04B
Diluted EPS  5.2
Quarterly Earnings Growth  53.30%

Balance Sheet

Total Cash  13.89B
Total Cash Per Share  5.16
Total Debt  64.8B
Total Debt/Equity  75.74%
Current Ratio  0.83
Book Value Per Share  29.54

Cash Flow Statement

Operating Cash Flow  37.8B
Levered Free Cash Flow  18.74B


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