What 10 Enterprise Apps Will Own The Future?

shared by Ryan Murray, CEO & Co-founder of databahn

It's no secret that the enterprise app landscape is changing. Here are 10 apps that are poised to lead the future of work.

As the needs of the enterprise continue to shift, legacy software vendors are finding themselves competing with a host of potential upstarts. Changes in the way we get work done mean that more small solutions have an opportunity to fill a niche or meet a specific need.

This isn't to say that incumbent providers are going anywhere anytime soon, as many are building out their product offerings to meet the expanding needs of enterprise users. But as the cloud moves towards enterprise ubiquity and buzzwords like big data become canon, the list of top tools for getting work done is changing.

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Here are 10 apps that are next in line for enterprise dominance.

1. Microsoft Office 365

Perhaps the best-known software vendor in the world, Microsoft made a strong move when it took its popular Office productivity suite to the cloud with Office 365. In fact, the service topped Okta's recent survey of the most popular cloud apps used at work. Of course, the ability of Office 365 to maintain dominance depends on Microsoft itself retaining its strong base of support in the enterprise.

2. Google Apps

According to its website, Google Apps for Work has more than five million businesses in its customer base. With a plethora of administrator capabilities, and a combination of both storage and collaboration tools, the future of office productivity will likely be a two-horse race between Google and Microsoft.

3. Salesforce

Stuck in the middle between the legacy systems it disrupted and the startups fighting for its crown, Salesforce continues to innovate in a way that keeps it ahead of the curve with its CRM solution. Because it was developed native for the web, Salesforce didn't have as much legacy infrastructure to contend with in pursuit of mobility and responsive design. The Salesforce1 app and new Lightning redesign show that the company understands where the enterprise is headed.

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