Charles Schwab Org Chart in 2023

Charles Schwab Org Chart in 2023

Charles Schwab logo

The Charles Schwab Corporation
3000 Schwab Way
Westlake, TX 76262
United States
Main Phone: (817) 859-5000
Sector(s): Financial Services
Industry Sector: Financial Services - Capital Markets
Full Time Employees: 35,300
Annual Revenue: $19.88 Billion USD
Fiscal Year End: December 31, 2023
Fortune 500 Rank: #175 in 2023

Who is the CEO of Charles Schwab?
Walt Bettinger is the Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Who are the decision makers on the Charles Schwab Org Chart?

Charles Schwab Org Chart Executive Council 


Who sits on the Charles Schwab Org Chart for the Board of Directors?

Charles Schwab Org Chart Board of Directors



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