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Disney Org Chart Report in 2024

The Walt Disney Company Logo







The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521
United States
Main Phone: (818) 560-1000
Website: https://www.thewaltdisneycompany.com
Industry Sector: Communications - Entertainment
Full Time Employees: 173,250
Annual Revenues: $88.9 Billion USD (2023)
Fiscal Year End: September 29, 2024
CEO: Bob Iger, CEO & Director
Fortune 500 Rank: #48 in 2023


What is a Disney Org Chart?

The Disney Org Chart is a highly detailed and comprehensive mapping system of the Disney organizational structure with the Disney executives who lead and manage the business units, groups, and teams. Amongst the leading Fortune 500 companies, Disney has a very complex organizational structure, which makes it very challenging to navigate and sell to. These Charts are not your typical hierarchical organizational structure. 


Where can I purchase the Disney Org Charts?

Yes, the databahn research team have compiled the Disney Org Charts into a report format in PowerPoint and PDF. The Disney Contact Information is available to download in an Excel spreadsheet immediately after purchase. Please visit the Disney Org Chart & Sales Intelligence product page to learn more and purchase the charts.

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How do I understand Disney's complex organizational structure?

Look at Disney's divisions, groups, business units, and teams from the top down. The Disney Org Charts offer a perspective from the Board of Directors to the Executive Leadership Team, and down to the key executives in the multiple divisions and business units.


What does the Disney Org Chart look like in 2024?

The company has a complicated organizational structure, with different divisions and subsidiaries. The five main divisions are Media Networks; Parks, Experiences, and Products; Studio Entertainment; Consumer Products; and Interactive Media.

2023 Disney 5 Business Divisions
2023 Disney Business Division - Media Networks
2023 Disney Business Division - Parks, Experiences, & Products
2023 Disney Business Division - Studio Entertainment
2023 Disney Business Division - Consumer Products
2023 Disney Business Division - Interactive Media

Who is on Disney's Board of Directors in 2024?

The Disney Org Chart below highlights the key players at Disney on the Board of Directors and their affiliations with other organizations.

2023 Disney Board of Directors Org Chart

January 2024 Board of Directors Update

The Board of Directors at The Walt Disney Company has recently announced the appointment of two distinguished individuals to its board. James P. Gorman, the chairman and chief executive officer of Morgan Stanley, and Sir Jeremy Darroch, a seasoned media executive and former group chief executive of Sky, join as new directors. Sir Jeremy Darroch's appointment took effect on January 9, 2024, while James P. Gorman's appointment became effective on February 5, 2024.

The decision to welcome Gorman and Darroch stems from an extensive and thorough search initiated in April 2023. Gorman brings with him a wealth of experience from his esteemed tenure at one of the world's leading global financial institutions. Meanwhile, Darroch's expertise as a successful chief executive and financial leader, particularly within the international media and consumer products sectors, further strengthens the board's composition.

Gorman and Darroch are slated to be featured as part of the director nominees in The Walt Disney Company's proxy statement for the forthcoming 2024 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Concurrently, Francis A. deSouza, a current board member, has opted not to seek reelection at the upcoming annual meeting. This decision arises from his pursuit of new opportunities within the technology sector, necessitating his undivided focus.


Who are the members of the Disney Executive Leadership Team in 2024?

The Disney Org Chart below highlights the members of the Executive Leadership team.

2023 Disney Executive Leadership Org Chart 1
2023 Disney Executive Leadership Org Chart 2



What is Disney's Fortune 500 ranking?

Ranked 48 on the 2023 Fortune 500 list, Disney is a company that is well known for creating compelling, family-friendly cartoons and movies. Disney also ranks high on Fortune's List on "World's Most Admired Companies".

How many employees does Disney have?

Disney employed approximately 220,000 people as of October 1, 2022, of which approximately 166,000 were employed in the U.S. and approximately 54,000 were employed internationally. Disney's global workforce is comprised of approximately 78% full time and 15% part time employees, with another 7% being seasonal employees. A significant number of employees in various parts of their businesses, including employees of their theme parks, and writers, directors, actors and production personnel for their productions are covered by collective bargaining agreements. In addition, some of Disney's employees outside the U.S. are represented by works councils, trade unions or other employee associations.

What were Disney's 2023 annual revenues?

As the largest entertainment company in the world, Disney reported a revenue of $88.9 billion in fiscal year 2023an increase of 7.47% from the previous fiscal year. As Disney embarks into its second century this year, the company expects that its "best days still lie ahead."

Who is the CEO of Disney?

The CEO of Disney is Bob Iger, who returned to the organization in November 2022. In 2020 following a 15-year run in his seat, Iger stepped down and hand-selected his successor Bob Chapeck. Iger's retirement was short lived though, as he was brought back by Disney's board to navigate "an increasingly complex period of industry transformation." His contract was recently extended in July 2023, keeping him in the role until 2026.

Disney CEO Robert A. Iger

Do the Disney Org Charts include contact information?

Yes, the report includes an Excel spreadsheet with Names, Titles, Direct Dial Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, and links to social media profile pages. The Disney email addresses are nearly impossible to decipher without our contact sheet.

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Who sits on the Disney Board of Directors in 2024?

Mark G. Parker Chairman Of The Board Chairman Since 2023 The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Maria Elena Lagomasino Board Member Director Since 2015 The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Mary T. Barra Board Member Director Since 2017 The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Safra A. Catz Board Member Director Since 2018 The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Francis A. Desouza Board Member Director Since 2018 The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Michael B.G. Froman Board Member Director Since 2018 The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Derica W. Rice Board Member Director Since 2019 The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Amy L. Chang Board Member Director Since 2021 The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Calvin R. Mcdonald Board Member Director Since 2021 The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Carolyn N. Everson Board Member Director Since 2022 The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Robert A. Iger Board Member Director Since 2022 The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Jeremy Darroch Board Member Director Since 2024 The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com


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Who is on the Disney Executive Leadership Team in 2024?

Josh D’Amaro Chairman, Disney Experiences The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
James Pitaro Chairman, Espn, The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Asad Ayaz Chief Brand Officer, The Walt Disney Company And President, Marketing, The Walt Disney Studios And Disney+ The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Robert A. Iger Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Alan Bergman Co-Chairman, Disney Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Dana Walden Co-Chairman, Disney Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Brent Woodford Executive Vice President, Controllership, Financial Planning And Tax, The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Carlos A. Gómez Executive Vice President, Corporate Finance & Treasurer, The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Alexia S. Quadrani Executive Vice President, Investor Relations, The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Hugh Johnston Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Kristina Schake Senior Executive Vice President And Chief Communications Officer, The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Sonia Coleman Senior Executive Vice President And Chief Human Resources Officer, The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Horacio Gutierrez Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Legal And Compliance Officer, The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Tinisha Agramonte Senior Vice President And Chief Diversity Officer, The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
David L. Bowdich Senior Vice President And Chief Security Officer, The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com
Jolene Negre Associate General Counsel And Secretary, The Walt Disney Company The Walt Disney Company (818) 560-1000 {first}.{last}@disney.com

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I’ve never sold to Disney before, where do I start?

You start by learning how the complex organization is structured and understand who holds the important positions. The phone numbers and email addresses could be delivered instantly to you through a purchase in the databahn store. With the purchase of the Disney Org Charts, you will receive a PowerPoint file with 50+ slides and the Excel spreadsheet with hundreds of contact names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

What can I expect to see in the Disney Contact Info spreadsheet?

While Disney has 220,000 employees worldwide, we have identified the most important Chief level, VP level, and Director level executives to sell to across the major Disney divisions, business units, and teams. There are 500+ Disney decision makers, influencers, and recommenders in the Excel Contact Spreadsheet. Save dozens of hours in research time by purchasing the Disney Org Chart, which includes a Contact Information spreadsheet. 


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What is Disney's most profitable business segment in 2023?

Disney's most profitable business segment in 2023, based on revenue, was its Media and Entertainment Distribution segment. This segment brought in over 40 billion USD, representing more than 45% of the company's total revenue.

Here's a breakdown of why the Media and Entertainment Distribution segment was Disney's most profitable in 2023:

  • Variety of revenue streams: This segment encompasses several revenue-generating sources, including:
    • Linear networks: These include popular channels like ABC, ESPN, and Disney Channel, which generate income through advertising and programming fees.
    • Direct-to-consumer (DTC) services: Streaming platforms like Disney+, Disney+ Hotstar, and Hulu saw significant growth in 2023, with Disney+ alone reaching over 164 million subscribers globally.
    • Content sales and licensing: This includes revenue from selling films and TV shows to other platforms, as well as licensing Disney characters and intellectual property for merchandise and other uses.
  • Strong performance of streaming services: Disney+ continued its impressive growth trajectory in 2023, adding millions of new subscribers and bringing in more than 5 billion USD in revenue in the last quarter of the year alone.
  • Successful film releases: While the box office wasn't quite back to pre-pandemic levels, Disney still had several successful film releases in 2023, including Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and The Little Mermaid, which contributed to the segment's profitability.

Does Disney have a global presence?

Disney is one of the world's largest media and entertainment companies, with a global presence spanning across multiple industries, including theme parks, film and television production, consumer products, and more. The company's reach extends to virtually every corner of the globe, with a strong presence in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Disney's theme parks are among its most recognizable assets, with world-renowned locations such as Disneyland and Disney World in the United States, Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland in Asia, and Disneyland Paris in Europe. These parks attract millions of visitors each year and are major drivers of tourism in their respective regions.

Disney Global Presence



Where can I find a Disney SWOT Analysis?

Disney SWOT Analysis

Here is a SWOT Analysis on The Walt Disney Company


• Strong Brand Recognition: Disney is one of the world's most recognizable and beloved brands, with a vast portfolio of iconic characters, movies, and theme parks that have captured the hearts of audiences for generations.

 Diversified Entertainment Portfolio: Disney's diversified entertainment assets span movies, television, theme parks, merchandise, and streaming services. This diversification minimizes risks associated with fluctuations in any single segment.

 Streaming Dominance: Disney+, Disney's streaming platform, has rapidly gained subscribers and is a key player in the streaming industry, competing with giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

 Content Creation: Disney's ability to create compelling and family-friendly content sets it apart. It owns some of the world's most valuable franchises, including Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar.


 Dependence on Traditional Media: Disney still relies on traditional media like cable television, which is facing a decline due to cord-cutting. This dependence has posed challenges for its media networks segment.

 High Debt Levels: Acquisitions like 21st Century Fox and investments in streaming services have resulted in increased debt levels, impacting Disney's financial flexibility.

 Theme Park Vulnerability: Disney's theme park operations are highly dependent on tourism, making them vulnerable to economic downturns and global events like the COVID-19 pandemic.


 Global Expansion: Disney has opportunities to expand its presence in international markets, especially in emerging economies where entertainment demand is growing.

 Original Content Production: Disney can continue to produce original content for its streaming platforms, attracting a wider audience and increasing subscriber numbers.

 Merchandising and Licensing: The company can further leverage its popular franchises through merchandise and licensing deals, generating additional revenue.

 Sustainability Initiatives: Disney can invest in sustainable practices and eco-friendly initiatives to align with growing consumer demand for environmentally responsible businesses.


 Competition: Disney faces fierce competition from other entertainment conglomerates, streaming services, and digital content providers.

 Economic Uncertainty: Economic downturns and financial crises can impact consumer spending on entertainment, affecting Disney's revenue.

 Regulatory Challenges: Increasing scrutiny and regulations in the media and tech industries could pose challenges for Disney's operations.

 Pandemics and Natural Disasters: Events like pandemics, natural disasters, or unforeseen crises can disrupt theme park operations and media production.

The Walt Disney Company's strong brand, diversified portfolio, and streaming dominance position it well in the entertainment industry. However, it faces challenges related to changing media consumption patterns and financial leverage. By capitalizing on its strengths and addressing weaknesses, Disney can continue to thrive in a rapidly evolving entertainment landscape.


    What are Disney's strategic growth plans in 2024?

    Disney's Strategic Growth Plans for 2024: Emphasis on Streaming, Parks, and Profitability

    As we step into 2024, Disney is poised for ambitious growth, underpinned by a set of pivotal strategies:

    1) Streaming Supremacy:

    • Enhanced Content Investment: Disney is set to bolster its content investment, with a focus on Disney+ and Hulu, earmarking $60 billion over the next decade. This encompasses a rich slate of movie sequels, fresh Star Wars and Marvel series, and original content catering to diverse viewers.
    • Bundling Potential: Speculation surrounds a potential bundled streaming offering comprising Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+, potentially challenging traditional cable TV with an all-encompassing entertainment package.
    • Global Reach: Disney+ continues its global expansion, targeting key markets such as India and Southeast Asia with region-specific content and strategic partnerships.
    2) Enchanting Theme Parks:
    • Investing in Experiential Magic: A $60 billion investment spanning a decade is allocated for expanding theme parks, resorts, and cruise lines. Anticipate thrilling new themed lands, immersive encounters, and technological innovations like augmented reality.
    • Personalized Adventures: Disney harnesses data and technology to personalize guest experiences, offering tailored recommendations and optimizing wait times, elevating the overall park visit.
    • Sustainability Commitment: Environmental consciousness takes center stage, with initiatives aimed at reducing the carbon footprint and integrating eco-friendly practices into park operations.

    3) Profitability Pursuit:

    • Operational Efficiency: Streamlining operations across all sectors is pivotal in achieving profitability targets. Eliminating redundancies, enhancing efficiency, and judicious resource allocation are focal points.
    • Direct-to-Consumer Monetization: Disney strives to optimize its Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) platforms, exploring potential ad-supported tiers alongside subscription models to reach broader audiences and diversify revenue streams.
    • Strategic Collaborations: Partnerships with major media and tech entities open new avenues for content distribution, merchandising opportunities, and innovative experiences.

    Looking forward, Disney's growth plans for 2024 are audacious yet firmly rooted in its core competencies. By prioritizing compelling content, immersive encounters, and shrewd financial strategies, Disney aims to cement its stature as a global entertainment powerhouse while ensuring sustained profitability.

    Will Disney continue to captivate audiences and redefine the entertainment industry's landscape in 2024? Only time will tell.


      Is Disney planning to cut costs and eliminate jobs in 2024?

      Disney continually seeks ways to enhance efficiency and profitability, which may occasionally involve cost-saving initiatives, such as workforce reductions.

      Here's what we've discerned regarding Disney's prospective strategies for 2024:

      • Cost-Saving Objectives: Disney has publicly declared its intent to further reduce costs by an additional $2 billion in 2024, building upon the $5.5 billion trimmed in 2023.

      • Content Focus: A substantial portion of cost reductions is expected to originate from curbing content expenditures. This could encompass fewer high-budget films and TV series or resource consolidation within specific studios.

      • Potential Workforce Impact: While Disney hasn't officially confirmed widespread workforce reductions in 2024, experts speculate their likelihood, particularly in areas like content production and administrative functions.

      • Pixar Workforce Changes: Nevertheless, workforce reductions have already been confirmed at Pixar, an animation studio under Disney's ownership. Up to 20% of Pixar's workforce may face layoffs in the upcoming months.

      Predicting significant job cuts at Disney in 2024 remains uncertain. The company contends with various challenges, encompassing escalating costs, heightened competition in the streaming industry, and potential economic deceleration. However, Disney is actively addressing these challenges, and this could encompass workforce adjustments.

      Consider the following additional points:

      Disney operates as a sprawling and intricate conglomerate with diverse business segments. Any workforce reductions are likely to be directed at specific domains rather than being across-the-board.

      The company has a history of valuing and supporting its workforce, aiming to mitigate the impact of any workforce reductions to the best of its abilities.


      If I purchase the charts today, will I receive updates when you publish them?

      No. When you purchase them, it is a one-time purchase. You are purchasing a single snapshot of the Org Charts. You are welcome to come back in the future and purchase the updated org charts.

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      What format will the Org Charts be in?

      Charts are actively maintained in Google, PowerPoint format, and PDF. When you pay for and download the Disney Org Charts, you will immediately have access to the PDF and PPT files. If you would also like to see them in Google Slides, you will need to request them from the databahn customer support team. They can be reached by email info@databahn.com or by phone Call us at 844-328-2224


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      Can they be customized on request?

      Yes. databahn will build out org charts for additional Disney business units, teams, or lines of business for an additional fee. For example, if your Disney account team is pursuing the Disney Human Resources (HR) line of business or the Finance & Accounting line of business, then we will have a discussion about your focus, and add these to the existing Disney Org Charts.

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      What other type of Disney account research does databahn deliver to its clients?

      In addition to the Disney Org Charts, databahn conducts deep dive research into the Disney organization to identify key decision maker contacts, business & technology drivers, growth strategies, strategic plans & initiatives, budgets, active projects, competitive landscapes, and sales trigger events. databahn helps its clients eliminate costly research time and uncover new sales opportunities throughout the vast and complex Disney organization. 




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