eBay Company Profile Report: Key Insights and Overview

eBay Company Profile Report: Key Insights and Overview

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January 2, 2024

eBay Company Profile Report

eBay Inc.
Ticker Symbol - (NASDAQ: EBAY)
2025 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125
United States
Main Phone: (408) 376-7108
Website: https://www.ebayinc.com
Industry Sector: Consumer - Internet Retail
Full Time Employees: 11,600
Annual Revenue: $10.06 Billion
Fortune Rank: #393 in 2023
Forbes Rank: #1019 on the Global 2000
CEO: Jamie J. Iannone, CEO, President & Director


eBay Company Overview

eBay Inc., a prominent global commerce leader founded in 1995, connects millions of buyers and sellers across 190+ markets. Renowned for online shopping and auctions, eBay's diverse platform spans electronics, collectibles, fashion, and home goods.

Business Segments

  • Marketplace: The core platform for direct buyer-seller transactions.
  • Payments: Operating PayPal, a global secure transaction facilitator.
  • Advertising: Providing targeted solutions for effective seller-buyer connections.

Financials Snapshot (2022)

Revenue: $10.3 billion; Net Income: $1.9 billion; Employees: 13,000+ globally.


  • Global Reach: Operating in 190+ markets, eBay accesses a vast global customer base.
  • Diverse Products: Offering a broad range of products, meeting diverse interests.
  • Brand Recognition: A well-established brand with a loyal customer base.
  • Innovative Technology: Continuous investment in technology for platform and service enhancement.


  • Competition: Intense rivalry with e-commerce giants like Amazon and Alibaba.
  • Regulatory Landscape: Impact of evolving regulations on global operations.
  • Technological Disruptions: Adapting to opportunities and challenges in a rapidly changing tech environment.

Future Outlook

eBay aims to uphold its status as a premier global commerce platform through innovation, expanded product offerings, and enhanced user experiences. Exploring opportunities in artificial intelligence and augmented reality, the company is poised for continued growth.


Who is the current eBay CEO?

Executive Bio: Jamie J. Iannone, CEO of eBay Inc.
Jamie J. Iannone CEO of eBay
Professional Background:
Jamie J. Iannone, a seasoned executive and visionary leader, currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of eBay Inc., a global commerce and technology company. With a track record of driving innovation and growth in the e-commerce industry, Iannone brings a wealth of experience to his role.

Leadership Journey:
Jamie Iannone joined eBay in April 2020 as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and was appointed as CEO in April 2020. His ascent to the helm of eBay reflects a deep understanding of the company's dynamics and a commitment to steering it towards continued success.

Strategic Vision:
As CEO, Iannone is at the forefront of shaping eBay's strategic vision, focusing on driving sustainable growth, enhancing the customer experience, and ensuring the company's relevance in an ever-evolving marketplace. His leadership is characterized by a forward-thinking approach and a dedication to leveraging technology for positive business outcomes.

E-Commerce Pioneer:
Before joining eBay, Jamie Iannone held key leadership positions at major companies within the e-commerce and technology sectors. His tenure as Chief Digital Officer at Walmart and previous roles at Barnes & Noble and Digital Products at TheStreet.com underscore his extensive experience in navigating the digital landscape.

Innovation and Customer-Centric Approach:
Iannone is recognized for championing innovation and adopting a customer-centric approach in the development of digital products and e-commerce strategies. Under his leadership, eBay continues to explore cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality to stay ahead in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Jamie J. Iannone holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Rutgers University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Villanova University.

Industry Recognition:
His contributions to the industry have earned him recognition as a thought leader in the e-commerce and technology space. Iannone's commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and customer empowerment has positioned eBay as a global leader in online commerce.

Community Engagement:
Beyond his professional achievements, Iannone is actively engaged in philanthropy and community initiatives. He believes in the power of businesses to create positive social impact and actively supports initiatives that align with eBay's commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Jamie J. Iannone's leadership at eBay reflects a strategic and customer-focused approach, positioning the company for continued success in the dynamic world of e-commerce. His vision, experience, and commitment to innovation underscore his role as a driving force behind eBay's evolution and growth.


What are eBay's growth strategies for Internet Retail in 2023?

eBay's growth strategies in 2023 focus on expanding its reach, enhancing its platform, and empowering its sellers. Here are some of the key initiatives the company is pursuing:

  1. Expanding Global Reach: eBay is expanding its presence in emerging markets, such Latin America and Southeast Asia, to tap into new customer segments and drive growth.
  2. Enhancing Platform Experience: eBay is investing in improving its mobile app, enhancing search functionality, and introducing new features to make the shopping experience more seamless and personalized.
  3. Empowering Sellers: eBay is providing sellers with more tools and resources to help them manage their businesses, reach more buyers, and increase their sales.
  4. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence: eBay is incorporating artificial intelligence into its platform to personalize recommendations, detect fraud, and optimize pricing strategies.
  5. Investing in Logistics and Payments: eBay is investing in its logistics and payments infrastructure to improve delivery times, reduce costs, and offer more convenient payment options for buyers.
  6. Expanding into New Product Categories: eBay is expanding its product offerings to include new categories such as collectibles, luxury goods, and automotive parts.
  7. Building Strategic Partnerships: eBay is forming partnerships with other companies to expand its reach and offer new services to its users.
  8. Embracing Live Commerce: eBay is incorporating live commerce features into its platform to create more engaging and interactive shopping experiences.
  9. Utilizing Augmented Reality: eBay is exploring the use of augmented reality technology to allow buyers to virtually experience products before making a purchase.
  10. Emphasizing Sustainability: eBay is promoting sustainable practices among its sellers and buyers and reducing its own environmental impact.

These growth strategies are designed to help eBay maintain its position as a leading e-commerce platform and continue to attract buyers and sellers worldwide. The company's focus on innovation, customer experience, and seller empowerment including its suite of mobile apps will be crucial in achieving its growth objectives in the years to come, especially in the highly competitive market of auto parts. As the world of commerce continues to evolve, eBay is constantly adapting and shaping the future of ecommerce. Download the eBay Company Profile Report in PowerPoint format.


Are Amazon and Facebook top eBay competitors in 2023?

eBay faces stiff competition from a range of e-commerce giants and niche platforms that cater to specific products or categories. Here are some of eBay's key competitors:

General E-commerce Marketplaces:

  1. Amazon: The world's largest online retailer, Amazon offers a vast selection of products, competitive prices, and efficient delivery services.
  2. AliExpress: A leading e-commerce platform in China, AliExpress is known for its low-cost products and direct-from-manufacturer sourcing options.
  3. Walmart: With a strong brick-and-mortar presence and a growing online marketplace, Walmart offers a diverse range of products at competitive prices.
  4. Target: Known for its curated selection of products and focus on fashion, home goods, and electronics, Target provides a more focused shopping experience.
  5. Etsy: A specialized marketplace for handmade, vintage, and creative goods, Etsy caters to a niche market of buyers seeking unique and artisanal products.

Niche Product Marketplaces:

  1. Newegg: A leading retailer of electronics and computer components, Newegg offers a wide range of tech products to tech-savvy consumers.
  2. Poshmark: A social marketplace for buying and selling secondhand clothing, fashion accessories, and home décor, Poshmark targets style-conscious shoppers.
  3. Bonanza: A marketplace for unique and hard-to-find items, Bonanza appeals to collectors, enthusiasts, and bargain hunters.
  4. eBid: A smaller auction-based marketplace, eBid offers a more traditional auction experience for a variety of products.
  5. Groupon: Known for its deals and discounts, Groupon attracts bargain seekers looking for local services, travel deals, and product promotions.

International Marketplaces:

  1. Lazada: A leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, Lazada offers a wide range of products to consumers in the region.
  2. MercadoLibre: A leading e-commerce platform in Latin America, MercadoLibre provides a digital marketplace for buyers and sellers in the region.
  3. Rakuten: A major e-commerce platform in Japan, Rakuten offers a variety of products and services to Japanese consumers.
  4. JD.com: A leading e-commerce platform in China, JD.com competes with AliExpress for dominance in the Chinese e-commerce market.
  5. Flipkart: A leading e-commerce platform in India, Flipkart is known for its affordability and reach in the Indian market.

These competitors pose significant challenges to eBay, forcing the company to continuously innovate, enhance its platform, and provide a differentiated shopping experience to attract and retain buyers and sellers. As a leading e-commerce company, eBay faces competition from other major players such as Amazon and Alibaba, as well as emerging platforms such as online auction sites like Bonanza and eBid. eBay's success will depend on its ability to adapt to the evolving e-commerce landscape and maintain its competitive edge in a dynamic and ever-changing market, offering a wide variety of goods and services to customers worldwide.


What does the eBay organizational structure look like in 2023?

As of 2023, eBay adopts a conventional hierarchical organizational framework, led by President and CEO Jamie Iannone. Eight Senior Vice Presidents (SVPs) supervise key functions:

  • People: Manages HR, talent, and engagement.
  • Product: Overseeing product development and innovation.
  • Legal: Provides legal counsel and ensures compliance.
  • Business and Strategy: Develops business strategies, expansion, and partnerships.
  • Growth: Focuses on revenue through marketing, sales, and customer acquisition.
  • Finance: Manages financial operations, budgeting, and investments.
  • Technology: Oversees IT infrastructure, software development, and data.
  • Global Markets: Manages operations across regions and countries.

Despite recent efforts to flatten the structure and empower employees, eBay maintains a predominantly hierarchical setup, fostering clear accountability but risking communication silos and slow decision-making. The company also integrates agile methodologies in specific areas to enhance collaboration and iteration speed.


What does the eBay Org Chart look like for the Board of Directors?


eBay Org Chart for the Board of Directors


Who was elected to the Board of Directors in 2023?

Aparna Chennapragada Board Member eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Logan D. Green Board Member eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Jamie Iannone Board Member eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Shripriya Mahesh Board Member eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Mohak Shroff Board Member eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
E. Carol Hayles Chair of Audit Committee eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Adriane M. Brown Chair of Compensation and Human Capital Committee eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Perry M. Traquina Chair of Risk Committee eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Paul S. Pressler Chair of the Board and Chair of Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com

 eBay Board of Directors

What does the eBay Org Chart look like for the Executive Leadership team?

eBay Org Chart for the Executive Leadership Team

Who are the executive decision makers?

Jamie Iannone President and Chief Executive Officer eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Mazen Rawashdeh SVP & Chief Technology Officer eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Stefanie Jay SVP, Chief Business and Strategy Officer eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Steve Priest SVP, Chief Financial Officer eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Julie Loeger SVP, Chief Growth Officer eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Marie Oh Huber SVP, Chief Legal Officer, General Counsel & Secretary eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Cornelius Boone SVP, Chief People Officer eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Eddie Garcia SVP, Chief Product Officer eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
Jordan Sweetnam SVP, Global Markets eBay Inc. (408) 376-7108 {f}{last}@ebay.com
  eBay Executive Leadership Team

Have their been any executive changes at eBay in 2023?

Anne Marie Trevelyan
In January 2023, eBay declared Anne Marie Trevelyan as its new Chief Product Officer, formerly the Chief Operating Officer at Trulia, a real estate marketplace.


Steve Priest
Steve Priest, previously eBay's Chief Accounting Officer, assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer in March 2023.

These appointments are part of eBay's broader initiative to reshape its leadership amid rising competition from giants like Amazon and Alibaba, aiming for sustained growth.

eBay has not only revamped its executive team but also implemented organizational changes in 2023.

The introduction of the Global Markets division, overseeing eBay's worldwide operations, and the establishment of the Growth division, focused on revenue through marketing and sales, are notable adjustments.

These structural shifts aim to enhance eBay's agility and responsiveness in the evolving market landscape.

Simultaneously, the company invests in cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality to maintain a competitive edge.


What other Org Charts are available in the eBay Company Profile Report?

eBay's organizational structure is characterized by a traditional hierarchical framework with defined lines of authority and accountability. The structure comprises several key elements:

CEO and President

At the apex of the organizational hierarchy is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President. As of the latest information, Jamie Iannone held this position.
Senior Vice Presidents (SVPs):

Reporting directly to the CEO are several Senior Vice Presidents, each overseeing a key functional area:

  • People: Responsible for human resources, talent management, and employee engagement.
  • Product: Oversees product development, design, and innovation.
  • Legal: Provides legal counsel and ensures compliance.
  • Business and Strategy: Develops and executes business strategies, including market expansion and partnerships.
  • Growth: Drives revenue growth through marketing, sales, and customer acquisition initiatives.
  • Finance: Manages financial operations, including budgeting, forecasting, and investment decisions.
  • Technology: Oversees IT infrastructure, software development, and data management.
  • Global Markets: Manages eBay's operations in various regions and countries worldwide.

Are there Functional Teams at eBay?
Within each functional area, there are layers of management, including senior directors, directors, and managers, overseeing specific teams and projects.
Despite their efforts to empower lower-level employees and introduce agile methodologies in some areas for faster iteration and collaboration, the overall organizational structure remains predominantly hierarchical. This structure provides clarity in authority but may pose challenges such as communication silos and slower decision-making.

In addition to the traditional structure, they have made strategic organizational changes, such as the creation of the Global Markets division (responsible for worldwide operations) and the Growth division (focused on revenue through marketing, sales, and customer acquisition initiatives). These changes aim to enhance their adaptability and responsiveness to the evolving market landscape, with a sole divisional unit now known as Marketplace division. This unit encompasses eBay.com and its various international auction sites, including those in Central and Southern Europe, making it their most profitable operation.


What Tech Platforms have eBay deployed in 2023?

eBay Technographic Profile

eBay relies on a diverse range of technology platforms to power its global e-commerce marketplace and support its business operations. These platforms span various categories, including:


Amazon Web Services (AWS): eBay utilizes AWS's cloud infrastructure for a significant portion of its hosting needs, leveraging its scalability, reliability, and wide range of services.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP): eBay has also adopted GCP for specific workloads, taking advantage of its advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.


Docker: eBay employs Docker containers to package and deploy applications, ensuring consistent and portable environments across different deployment stages.

Kubernetes: eBay utilizes Kubernetes, an open-source container orchestration platform, to manage, scale, and automate container deployment and operation.


MongoDB: eBay utilizes MongoDB, a NoSQL database, for storing and managing its vast volume of product and user data.

Apache Kafka: eBay employs Apache Kafka, a distributed streaming platform, to handle real-time data ingestion and processing.


TensorFlow: eBay leverages TensorFlow, an open-source machine learning framework, for developing and deploying AI models for tasks like image recognition and recommendation systems.

PyTorch: eBay also utilizes PyTorch, another open-source machine learning framework, for specific AI applications.


Spring Boot: eBay utilizes Spring Boot, a Java framework, for developing and deploying microservices-based applications.

React: eBay employs React, a JavaScript library, for building user interfaces and front-end components.


PayPal: eBay's own payment platform, PayPal, is used to facilitate secure and convenient online transactions for both eBay and non-eBay purchases.
This list provides a snapshot of the diverse technology platforms eBay has deployed to support its operations and deliver a seamless e-commerce experience for its users. The company continuously evaluates and adopts new technologies to enhance its platform's performance, efficiency, and user experience.


What is the eBay Mission Statement and Business Philosophy?

eBay's Mission Statement and Business Philosophy is centered on connecting people and building communities to create economic opportunity for all. This core philosophy is reflected in the company's mission statement: "We connect people and build communities to create economic opportunity for all."

eBay's business philosophy is guided by several key principles:

  • Empowerment: eBay believes in empowering individuals and businesses to thrive through its platform.
  • Community: eBay fosters a sense of community among its users, creating a space for interaction and shared interests.
  • Economic Opportunity: eBay strives to create economic opportunities for its sellers and buyers worldwide.
  • Global Reach: eBay operates in over 190 markets, connecting people and businesses across the globe.
  • Innovation: eBay continuously invests in innovation to enhance its platform and services.
  • Customer Focus: eBay prioritizes customer satisfaction and strives to deliver a positive user experience.

These principles shape eBay's approach to business and inform its decision-making across various aspects of its operations. eBay's commitment to its business philosophy has contributed to its success as a global e-commerce leader.

Here are some examples of how eBay embodies its business philosophy:

  • Providing a platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs: eBay's low-barrier-to-entry platform has enabled countless individuals and small businesses to start and grow their online ventures.
  • Creating a global marketplace: eBay's global reach brings together buyers and sellers from diverse backgrounds and locations, fostering cross-border trade and cultural exchange.
  • Leveraging technology for economic empowerment: eBay's technological advancements, such as its mobile app and payment processing solutions, have made it easier than ever for people to participate in the digital economy.
  • Promoting sustainability practices: eBay has implemented initiatives to reduce its environmental impact and encourage sustainable practices among its sellers and buyers.

eBay's business philosophy continues to evolve as the company adapts to the changing digital landscape. However, the core principles of empowerment, community, economic opportunity, global reach, innovation, and customer focus remain at the heart of eBay's mission and drive its success as a leading e-commerce platform.


eBay SWOT Analysis 


• Brand recognition: eBay is a well-established brand with a global reputation.

• Large and diverse customer base: eBay has over 185 million active buyers worldwide.

• Wide range of products: eBay offers a vast selection of products, ranging from electronics and collectibles to fashion and home goods.

• Strong global presence: eBay is present in over 190 markets worldwide, including emerging markets such as Latin America and Southeast Asia.

• Innovative technology: eBay continuously invests in technology to enhance its platform and services, including the incorporation of artificial intelligence.


• Expansion into emerging markets: eBay has significant growth potential in emerging markets, such as Latin America and Southeast Asia.

• Enhancement of mobile platforms: eBay can further optimize its mobile app and website to improve the user experience and drive mobile commerce growth.

• Development of new product categories: eBay can expand its product offerings to include new categories such as collectibles, luxury goods, and automotive parts.

• Incorporation of artificial intelligence: eBay can leverage artificial intelligence to personalize recommendations, detect fraud, and optimize pricing strategies.

• Building strategic partnerships: eBay can form partnerships with other companies to expand its reach and offer new services to its users.

• eBay's innovative technology and global presence create waves of change in the e-commerce industry, providing opportunities for growth and expansion into emerging markets.


• Reliance on consumer discretionary spending: eBay's business is susceptible to economic downturns that can lead to reduced consumer spending.

• Competition from other e-commerce giants: eBay faces stiff competition from Amazon, Alibaba, and other e-commerce giants.

• Imitable business model: eBay's business model is relatively easy to replicate, making it vulnerable to new entrants.

• Complex fee structure: eBay's fee structure can be complex and confusing for some sellers.

• Slow decision-making: eBay's hierarchical organizational structure can lead to slow decision-making.

• Economic downturns: Economic downturns can negatively impact consumer spending and reduce demand for eBay's products.

• Changes in consumer behavior: Shifts in consumer preferences and shopping habits can pose challenges for eBay.

• Regulatory changes: Evolving regulations in various markets can impact eBay's operations.

• Competition from new technologies: New technologies such as social commerce and live shopping can disrupt the e-commerce landscape.

• Increased focus on sustainability: Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, which could impact eBay's business if it does not adapt to sustainable practices.




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