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We have delivered company intelligence to companies like Adobe, IBM, HP, Level 3, Microsoft, Dell EMC, and hundreds of others looking for the most accurate, up-to-date, & in-depth company intelligence available in the marketplace.

databahn builds customized Fortune 1000 company profile reports based on the unique needs and requirements of our clients’ account teams. The reports will generally include these sections:
  • Comprehensive Business Description
  • Highlights from the latest Earnings Call & Annual Report (10-K)
  • Accurate & Validated Contact Info
  • Detailed Org Charts on Executive Leadership, Human Resources, Legal, Procurement/Purchasing, Marketing, Technology (IT), Data Center, Telecommunications, Call Center, etc.
  • Identification of Competitors and Partners
  • Hand curated content from selected articles, interviews, case studies, and success stories
  • Insights to existing IT & Telecom systems, projects, initiatives, and internal code names for applications, systems, and IT business units
  • Insights gleaned from technology related job descriptions and resumes
  • SWOT analysis

Some of the reasons our clients purchase Fortune 1000 deep dive reports:

  • Create a better RFP Responses
  • Brief your senior execs before a sales meeting
  • Eliminate the time it takes to create a strategic account plan
  • Develop more effective account based marketing (ABM) programs
  • Discover sales opportunities you're not aware of
  • Understand the competitive landscape in the account
  • Ramp up new sales reps faster in new accounts
  • Save time with accurate contact info & org charts
  • Sell more effectively with insights into IT projects & initiatives
  • Expand footprint in existing large enterprise accounts

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