How to Research Target Accounts for ABM Programs

How to Research Target Accounts for ABM Programs

1) Research the company by looking at their financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, & Cash Flow), Market Cap, 12 month stock performance, and merger & acquisition history. How is the company structured from a divisional, subsidiary, or business unit perspective?

ABM Company Research Stock Performance Chart

2) Research the executive leadership team and management teams, their culture, values, attitudes, preferences, and biases. How long has the individual been in their position? Are they new (willing to change)? Or have they been in their role for a long time (stuck in their ways)? If you're marketing to specific executives, do you know where they went to university? Their favorite sports teams? Their general interests? And what conferences they've attended and which ones they'll be attending in the future?

ABM Research Company Leadership Team

3) Research the target company's business model, their strategies for growth, strategies for operational efficiency, recent successes, failures, or gaps. The annual report and the latest earnings call are great resources.

ABM Research Annual Report

4) Research the target company's market conditions. Identify their top competitors and measure your target account's performance against the competitive landscape. Are their favorable market conditions, are there any federal or state laws or regulations affecting how the company does business?

ABM Research Competitive Landscape

5) Research your connections to key executives within your target account. Are there any relationships between current employees at your company and key contacts at your target account? Are there any board level or senior executive relationships between your execs and your target company's execs? Does anyone belong to the same groups or associations?

ABM Research Executive Connections

6) Research the internal communications history with the account. Have their been any past emails, letters, discussions, meetings, proposals, or contracts?

ABM Research Past Communications

7) What does the technology landscape look like? Are any of your competitors currently doing business with the target company? To what extent? When does their current contract expire? Research the technologies in use and know where your competitors and partners are doing business. Are there any opportunities to work with technology partners in the account?

ABM Research Installed Technologies

8) Download databahn's Guide to Researching Target Accounts for ABM Programs for more ideas.