Marriott Org Chart in 2023

Marriott Org Chart in 2023

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How is Marriott International organized by brand?

Marriott Brands Corporate Structure

How is Marriott organized by geography?

Marriott International has a complex organizational structure that is designed to balance the need for global uniformity with the need for local responsiveness. The company’s top-level executives are organized into four geographic regions: Americas, EMEA, APAC, and Greater China. Each region is led by a president who reports to the CEO. The presidents are responsible for the overall performance of their region, including the development and growth of the company’s brands, hotels, and resorts.

In addition to the geographic regions, Marriott also has a number of functional departments, such as Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, and Technology. These departments are responsible for providing support to the company’s hotels and resorts around the world. Marriott’s hotel brands are organized into four tiers: 1) Luxury 2) Premium 3) Select Service and 4) Extended Stay


What Marriott brands are part of the luxury division?

The Luxury tier includes brands such as The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, and W Hotels. The Premium tier includes brands such as Marriott Hotels, Sheraton, and Westin. The Select Service tier includes brands such as Courtyard by Marriott, Residence Inn, and Fairfield Inn & Suites. The Extended Stay tier includes brands such as TownePlace Suites and Marriott Executive Apartments.

Marriott’s organizational structure allows the company to provide a consistent level of service to its guests around the world, while also adapting to the needs of local markets. The company’s top-level executives are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the company, while the functional departments provide support to the hotels and resorts. The hotel brands offer a variety of options to meet the needs of different travelers.


What are some of Marriott's top brands?

Some of Marriott’s top brands of hotels include The Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, W Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Sheraton, Westin, Courtyard by Marriott, Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn & Suites, TownePlace Suites, and Marriott Executive Apartments.


Who is the CIO at Marriott International?

Marriot Org Chart Jim Scholefield

Jim Scholefield boasts an extensive 32-year track record in technology leadership, having made significant contributions across various industries at some of the world's most renowned brands.

In February 2020, Jim assumed the role of Chief Information + Digital Officer at Marriott International. In this capacity, he oversees the entirety of the company's information technology and digital strategies. His responsibilities encompass spearheading the company's technology modernization endeavors, which are crucial for facilitating future growth within both our core lodging business and new ventures.

Before his tenure at Marriott, Jim served as the Chief Information and Digital Officer at Merck & Co., a leading global pharmaceutical company. At Merck, he led a sizable international team dedicated to implementing innovative technologies and digital capabilities, which significantly enhanced Merck's infrastructure, accelerated speed-to-market initiatives, and bolstered consumer-centric experiences. Prior to his role at Merck, Jim held the position of Chief Information Officer at Nike, where he directed a comprehensive enterprise technology transformation and established a new IT architecture that facilitated critical infrastructure upgrades and state-of-the-art cybersecurity measures. Additionally, he served as the Chief Technology Officer at The Coca-Cola Company for five years, spearheading the company's transition to cloud technology. Jim also held leadership positions at The Northern Trust Company and Ford Motor Company.

Jim initiated his career journey at Procter & Gamble following the completion of his Bachelor of Science in Management from Florida State University and his Master of Science in Management/MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Who is the Chief Financial Officer of Marriott International?

Marriott Org Chart Leeny Oberg

Kathleen Oberg, often referred to as "Leeny," assumed the role of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer on January 1, 2016. In February 2023, she was additionally appointed as Executive Vice President, Development, entrusted with the strategic expansion of the company's lodging brands.

Prior to this, Ms. Oberg served as the Chief Financial Officer for The Ritz-Carlton from 2013 onwards, where her contributions significantly bolstered the brand's performance, growth trajectory, and overall organizational efficiency. Her journey with Marriott began in 1999 when she joined the Investor Relations group. Over the years, she progressed through various financial leadership roles within the company, including Senior Vice President, Corporate and Development Finance, and Senior Vice President, International Project Finance and Asset Management for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Before her time at Marriott, Ms. Oberg held diverse financial leadership positions at organizations such as Sodexo (formerly known as Sodexo Marriott Services), Sallie Mae, Goldman Sachs, and Chase Manhattan Bank. She remains an active member of the American Hotel and Lodging Association's IREFAC Council and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Adobe Inc.

Her academic achievements include a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, with concentrations in Finance and Management Information Systems, from the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce. She also holds a Master of Business Administration from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.


What are some of Marriott's recent acquisitions?

Marriott Officially Acquires 31st Brand, City Express

Marriott Org Chart city express

On Monday, Marriott International successfully concluded its acquisition of the City Express brand portfolio from Hoteles City Express, a significant move involving an investment of $100 million. The company has initiated the process of introducing its 31st brand, now known as City Express by Marriott.

Marriott's plan includes making these newly acquired hotels available for booking through its website and mobile app by August 3. Additionally, the company is actively working on transitioning the City Express loyalty program's points into Marriott Bonvoy points.

In the interim, travelers conducting searches on Marriott's website and app for destinations where City Express properties are located will encounter targeted advertisements directing them to the City Express reservation system alongside other search results. Marriott intends to introduce a points-transfer technology as a temporary solution until the full integration of the loyalty programs is completed.

Marriott emphasizes that the inclusion of City Hotels properties significantly enhances its regional presence, effectively doubling its room count in "the Caribbean and Latin America." This accomplishment positions Marriott as the leader in terms of room count in this region, surpassing Accor. However, it's worth noting that Marriott still maintains only around 480 properties in the region, highlighting the sector's fragmentation and the immense growth potential it holds.


Where can I find a Marriott Technographic profile?

Marriott Org Chart technology vendors 


What are Marriott International's technology initiatives?

Marriott Org Chart technology

Marriott International, known for its prominent position in the industry, has consistently led the way in digital technology and continues to do so with the recent establishment of a cutting-edge innovation lab.

This innovative endeavor began when an employee inadvertently found themselves locked in the basement of Marriott's Maryland headquarters. To their surprise, they uncovered a previously unused 10,000 square foot space, now known as The Underground. This sprawling labyrinth of makeshift hotel rooms serves as a testing ground for new technologies and experiences, embodying a philosophy of exploring unconventional ideas without limitation.

According to Aliya Khan, Marriott International's Vice President for Global Design Strategies, "The innovation lab is instrumental in refining the products offered at our brands. It serves as a platform for ideation and experimentation, ensuring that our concepts are thoroughly tested before they reach the market. This proactive approach allows us to gather essential feedback prior to the official launch. From exploring various flooring options to experimenting with drone-delivered cocktails and optimizing public spaces, our creative boundaries are boundless. We are committed to delivering guest-centric solutions that remain relevant today and in the future."

The Underground's scope extends beyond technology, encompassing considerations like interior design and furniture arrangement. The space even plays a role in assessing the ease of cleaning rooms with different furniture layouts and identifying any challenging-to-reach areas.

What are some examples of Marriott's dedication to technology innovation?

Loyalty Program Integration: After the acquisition of Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Marriott seamlessly integrated three distinct loyalty programs — Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest — allowing members to link their accounts and enjoy matched status. This achievement represented a remarkable feat in terms of technological and data integration.

Mobile Convenience: Marriott has introduced features like mobile check-in, mobile requests, and mobile keys, empowering guests to use their smartphones for seamless access to hotel services, making their stay more convenient and stress-free.

AI Chatbots: Marriott offers artificial intelligence chatbots on platforms like Facebook Messenger and Slack, with integration into WeChat and Google Assistant planned. Additionally, Marriott was an early adopter of Amazon's Alexa for Hospitality room assistant technology, paving the way for voice-controlled functionalities in every room.

Marriott's commitment to innovation in both technology and guest experience underscores its dedication to remaining at the forefront of the hospitality industry.



What does the Marriott org chart corporate structure look like?

Marriott Org Chart corporate structure


Who are the top executives in the Marriott org chart?

Marriott Org Chart executive leadership

Marriott Org Chart executive leadership


What does the Marriott org chart look like for the Board of Directors?


Marriott Org Chart Board of Directors


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